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Spirit City - Lofi Sessions is has released on Steam

One of my favorite finds from the past Next Fest. This is a cute little time management helper "game" and background lo-fi music companion, where you customize your lo-fi experience both in looks, pets, and room. You can unlock new companions and customize them a bit as well. Highly recommend!

Just look at my strawberry goo-thing! It ate the stapler, some paper clips and an eraser.


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I can finally share a photo of my basement without being too embarrassed by the mess…

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OMG these are great! I ended up getting this "Kids Camera" that does thermal prints...


#camera #photo #photography #lofi #ShittyCameraChallenge

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Radicle has reached v1.0. It's a "distributed code collaboration stack" – local first nodes that connect p2p and stores everything in git, identities are DID-based Ed25519 keys.
#git #p2p #dweb #LoFi #codeforge #DID

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Avec des copains on a un nouveau truc c'est de s'envoyer les noms de DJ rigolos sur lesquels on tombe.

Et aujourd'hui sort l'album de dj poolboi (🫶) dont un titre en featuring avec : DJ Cinéma Quartier Latin

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If at some point everything becomes too much... sit down, make yourself a coffe and listen to some 😎

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Still trying to figure out the best way to handle the sanity drain in these situations..or maybe with this high fever I have I just should go to bed and rest even if it's ?


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: City Girl – Chroma Velocity

My favorite City Girl album is out and now in my collection. :char_celebrate:


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Thank you so much to all who have listened to and shared this beautiful new single by @lehto today!

I'm grateful to have had the honour of adding my voice to this song. 🙏

Here's the Bandcamp link in case you'd like to give it a listen. My friend said it is enchanting ♥️

PS: I love how so far everyone who has supported the release is from Mastodon 😍

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Beck released the masterpiece Mellow Gold 30 years ago today (March 1) in 1994. I was 14. It's still one of my favorite albums. Mellow Gold is actually Beck's third album, but the one most folks are familiar with because of Loser. TONS of great songs on this one. My favorite might be Beercan, which I know well because I used to cover it. 🤣🔥

Cool playlist on YouTube with the lyrics as it plays:

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"Stumbleweed" is my favorite track on this mostly unloved short album of digital weirdness.

Free for download on my or at, or for a modest fee at

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Yo where the fuck did she go? 😂 Been sitting there for ten years... maybe she graduated?

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Est-ce que quelqu'un⋅e aurait un lecteur de cassette type ghettoblaster ou boombox qui serait en état de fonctionnement et qui traînerait dans un grenier ou un carton, et qui voudrait le donner pour une bonne cause ? :blobcatgooglytrash:

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Hello everyone,

there's a new remix out for my track Hawa by Norwegian producer Tater Andersson.
He took my track more into the club corner and if you like some growling basslines
and lo-fi beats it's maybe something for you. He produced the remix entirely on his MPC:

# Luebeck #

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So I am checking out a whole lot of stuff on the Next Fest.

(check out my later, we'll look into for example the )

I find this little thing quite endearing:

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Hi, today is and so I gotta do a bit of self promotion.
I'm not making new music at the moment but I'm making a game right now, so any penny still goes towards me creating something new.

Loki_Laufeyiarson, to music avatar

Because 1 month from now, I'll be releasing my EP, I can show you the artwork.
@electronicmusic @hiphop


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