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A great overview of FM synthesis with lots of examples:

"How to use FM synthesis to design sounds you'll actually use in your music: "Shift your thinking from a subtractive mindset to an FM one and its potential for unique sound design will open up"

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Felt slightly refreshed after the now customary (and currently unavoidable) afternoon nap, so spent an hour this evening working on another Cliff Friend composition. A jaunty little number, with the added bonus of some mild digs at the main figures of the 1928 United States presidential election, for those of you who enjoy topical comedy… Here's Cliff Edwards performing it:

Ukulele songsheet for "It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody)". Chord diagrams and lyrics, unfortunately too much for alt-text.

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Music theory opinion:

Diminished chords are under-rated, but augmented chords are majorly over-rated.

See what I did there? (Despite the pun, this is a minor opinion I legit do have.)

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From the 2012 Album A Different Ship, Here We Go Magics cut:
How Do I Know?

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immersive sonic magick with a flowing 1-hour set by setting on last night's frow show, like an appalachian version of the necks (as someone else put it), plus many other strains of wonderment, via the @WFMU archive.

Room full of gear, including keyboards, drums, harmonium
harmonium and synth set up
keyboard with cassette deck on top

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This song goes so hard:

#KnockedLoose and #Poppy on the same song with a #reggaeton rhythm in the breakdown and a nasty #grindcore snare

What more can you ask for 🤷‍♂️

#metal #hardcore #music #metalcore

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A random artwork from my gallery:

"Felt Mountain 06: Felt Mountain" — 2011

Drawings inspired by Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain. Track No 6, Felt Mountain. For Felt Mountain's Felt Mountain, I have drawn a felt mountain, which symbolises a felt mountain.

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Erin Hannon and I wrote a short commentary on Nori Jacoby et al.'s fantastic paper on people's rhythmic reproduction tendencies in a bunch of different parts of the world and sub-populations in those places.

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Kraftwerk - The Mix
1991 DEU Kling Klang / EMI


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Piske vous zavez nété sages, ça sera...

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