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Sunrise over Casares.

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: is a type of hydrogen produced through water electrolysis powered by nuclear energy. It's also known as purple or red hydrogen.

One of the most promising of the past decade was hydrogen power. Many consider Hydrogen to be a Game-Changing Technology.

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I’m getting there with my 24/7 color matching

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We're going back this summer for another pop music event, this time it's Kylie.

arkadiusz, (edited ) to art

Spring has begun and magnolias have bloomed beautifully. I just mounted an old $20 Soviet lens to my Sony camera and took some photos. Check out the spring dreamy look! 🌸 Thank you for being there!

• Sony α6400
• Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2 (KMZ, 1967)
• L39 to Sony E-Mount Adapter

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La musicienne …
Partitions anciennes pliées et papier japonais .

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Not as much of a colour difference as one might expect, given the very different names.
There's an orangier tone to the Diamine ink, and the Jinhao is perhaps slightly less saturated. Or maybe that's due to the different nib.

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Never seen that before 😮, one of the most unusual Cepaea 🐌shells I have seen. On my walk to work.

The snail has switched off pink pigmentation mid way through development, presumably due to environmental cue?

Will the colour return? We'll see - 🐌 now in lab.

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Wollte euch meine neue Uhr nicht vorenthalten. Für mehr #Pink und #Lila im Leben. 💜👌

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Office selfie

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Mein herzliches Dankeschön an einen Kunstliebhaber aus Oldenburg für den Kauf eines Leinwanddruckes meines handgemalten Acrylgemäldes 'Pinkfarbene Katze und oranger Vogel'. Möge das Bild viele Jahre viel Freude bereiten.

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Bunny-like creature needs a name, suggestions?

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This is what our hallway looks like. 😁

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After weeks of waiting I finally have a decent color again!

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