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Statements from Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, and Queens Public Library — April 24, 2024

#NYPL #PublicLibraries #NYC

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The Public Library Routines Project (PLRP) aims to uncover problematic routines in public libraries and learn their impacts, what staff do to work around them, and how successful are those workarounds


#PublicLibraries #LibraryWorkers #LibraryLabor

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#Abortion is on the ballot
#LGBTQI are on the ballot
#HealthCare is on the ballot
#PublicLibraries are on the ballot
#PublicSchools are on the ballot
#Genocide HERE & ABROAD is on the ballot

do not trust "moderates" or "centrists". look at what happened in elections in Texas, Arizona, North Carolina. Democrats turning against their voters; Sinema being the worst case.

review their voting records. make them say they're against fascism.

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Public library staff in an Alabama town have locked up the library and walked off their jobs after the library's director was fired. The director had refused to remove 113 books with LGBTQ+ content from circulation after being ordered to do so by a library board dominated by right-wing Christian fundamentalists.

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To the dad in front of me in the line at the checkout desk at the public library yesterday, getting cards sorted out for his four kids and who kept looking at me like he wanted to apologize for taking so long:

It's all good. I'm happy to see people getting library cards. I'm even happier to see kids excited about getting library cards. Public libraries are super important and four more enthusiastic clients can only be a good thing.

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i went to the library, opened the reviews section of several music magazines, added the albums that looked interesting to Apple Music.

Online music reviews are not very fun anymore

West Virginia, USA Legislature: Removing bona fide schools, public libraries, and museums from the list of exemptions from criminal liability relating to distribution and display to minor of obscene matter (

Bill status tracking link:

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Holy moly, Oslo has a fantastic public library. Beautiful building inside, lots of places to sit and read or work and a huge music collection as well as games
Going to sit and appreciate the miracle that is now.
Guess you get a lot for your taxes here huh...

Abstract angles in the ceiling and stairways and elevators in muted tones of beige and grey 2 large windows also have random angles, the sky is grey behind.
Looking down on a large floor chess board and a smaller one on a table where 2 peopl are playing to the right a pile of cushions on a stage

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Ran about with errands and picked up a book from the public library for The Lodger. This golden ticket was in it! He said since I braved the cold, the prize is mine!

#PublicLibraries #WaterlooRegion

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When you live far north, it's nice when the local public library has light therapy lamps available for checkout.

#PublicLibraries #BellinghamWA

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I love . I walked to (one of) mine to pick up held books, of course I

wandered into their book sale & picked up a few more
& then ALSO went up in the stacks and grabbed a couple of other things
& as I'm checking out I'm commenting to the staff person how I wish I had brought a bigger backpack (I'd just brought a mini shoulder bag)
& she says "oh, well you can check out a tote bag! They're right behind you." ❤️

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This Wed at San Francisco library's main branch, there's a workshop for teens to learn how to make food from the Native cookbook, "Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations"


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San Francisco public library has a digital lab where you can use their equipment to digitize videotapes, cassettes, super 8 video, photos and other things for your personal archives

#PublicLibraries #Libraries #SFPL #SanFrancisco

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i think it should be a bigger story that #NYC’s #publicLibraries are now being forced to close on Sundays due to budget cuts while the #NYPD spends 95% of the #Library system’s total budget to get new encrypted radios that prevent people from knowing when the #cops kill people

> The NYPD is spending $390 million on a new, encrypted radio system

#acab #DefundThePolice #blackLivesMatter #fuck12 #eatTheCops

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After being fired for opposing book censorship, three librarians have filed workplace discrimination claims with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


#LibraryWorkers #ProtectLibraryWorkers #Librarians #EEOC #LGBTQ #PublicLibraries #DefendLibraries #NoBookBans #FreedomToRead #ReadBannedBooks

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The Salt Lake City Public Library began unionization efforts earlier this year, in hopes of receiving higher pay, better benefits and more transparency


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The fact that the main SF library is walking distance from my home is such a huge life upgrade. Almost any book, dvd, CD, even vinyl record I’d like? Put it in my library cart. Check out and hold. I collect them on my way back from work (or to / from the train, or from the farmers market which is kinda all the same thing). It has such a vast collection. I just borrowed a ‘Kodak Basic Developing, Printing, Enlarging in Color’ from 1977. Didn’t even need eBay

#SanFrancisco #PublicLibraries #SFPL

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Ottawa peeps!

The Ottawa Public Library system has a survey for you, so they can better meet your needs. If you can, please fill it out.

Because public libraries are awesome

#Ottawa #PublicLibraries #Libraries #Canada

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A library is more than just a home for books.

For some families, those who don’t have a lot of cash, it’s still the only place they can go to get connected to the internet, to watch a movie, to listen to music.

Growing up, my library was my second home.

I didn’t have much. But I had that.

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Hey whoever made the decision to close our central public library branch in Garden Pl at 5:30pm on weekdays - and 5pm on weekends - you might want to keep in mind that...

> For some families, those who don’t have a lot of cash, it’s still the only place they can go to get connected to the internet, to watch a movie, to listen to music. Growing up, my library was my second home.

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The Shocking Truth

Tom Gauld on the shocking truth about what’s happening in public libraries, as seen in The Guardian


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