gcluley, to Cybersecurity
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Hit by LockBit? The FBI is waiting to help you with over 7,000 decryption keys.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire blog: https://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/hit-lockbit-fbi-waiting-help-you-over-7000-decryption-keys

viennawriter, to random German
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Für ein Uni-Projekt gibt es eine Umfrage zu . Genauer geht es um effiziente Reaktion auf IT-Sicherheitsvorfälle in transnationalen Lieferketten.

Seid doch mal so lieb und helft mit. Insbesondere, wenn Ihr IT--Menschen oder Management-Menschen in eurem Unternehmen seid. (Sonst darf man aber auch "Anderes" anhakeln. ;) )


RT welcome!

br00t4c, to random
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realhackhistory, to hacking
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One of the first articles about #ransomware in the sense we think about it now, drive by exploitation of Internet Explorer leading to infection by 'pgpcoder', $200 ransom payable via bank transfer, contact with the people behind the attacks via yahoo! email. We've come a long way since.
#hacking #hacker #history

rvps2001, to london
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🇷🇺 🇬🇧 A Russian group of cyber criminals is behind the #ransomware attack affecting major #London hospitals, the former chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre has said.


#britain #russia #hacking #cybersecurity

br00t4c, to random
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London hospitals declare emergency following ransomware attack


br00t4c, to random
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London hospitals declare critical incident after service partner ransomware attack


ErikJonker, to Cybersecurity Dutch
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Critical incident declared as ransomware attack disrupts multiple London hospitals.
#cybersecurity #ransomware #hospitals #london

informapirata, to privacypride Italian
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La sanità deve fare a meno dei dati personali

Christian Bernieri analizza le complicazioni della sanità nella gestione dei dati degli utenti: tra utopie e #ransomware

Un caso immaginario, ma non troppo
Tanti casi reali che superano l’immaginazione
La dura verità
Criminali dal cuore d’oro
La grande abbuffata



br00t4c, to random
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HonkHase, to random German
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Ach guck an, keine Festnahmen in Russland, keine nötig gewesen:

BKA: Bisher größter Schlag gegen weltweite Cyberkriminalität


gcluley, to Cybersecurity
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Going going gone! Ransomware attack grabs Christie's client data for a steal.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender blog: https://www.bitdefender.com/blog/hotforsecurity/going-going-gone-ransomware-attack-grabs-christies-client-data-for-a-steal/

estherschindler, to random
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Christie’s Auction House Hacked Sensitive Data from 500,000 Customers Stolen

A hacker group claims to have stolen sensitive data from at least 500,000 Christie's customers and is now threatening to publish it.


CandaceRobbAuthor, to books
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The Seattle Public Library was hit with a ransomware attack. A library that has offered youth across the country access to its digital holdings with a special library card. Curious. Sickening. It's still open for physical books, using paper forms for borrowing. Bring your library cards or at least the number!
Support libraries--they are places of wonder and lifelines for the community.


br00t4c, to random
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salixlucida, to Seattle
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yo_bj, to infosec
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It looks like Seattle Public Library gets to be added to the list of libraries affected by ransomware - https://westseattleblog.com/2024/05/followup-seattle-public-library-says-ransomware-event-keeping-its-online-services-offline/

br00t4c, to DaftPunk
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br00t4c, to random
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percepticon, to Cybersecurity
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This week’s international hotchpotch: the extreme high costs of the hack, the rise of sabotage, stealthy APT, 11 security nightmares, reshuffles, doge and Metallica content (yeah!) https://tinyurl.com/yhdz82pz?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

BenjaminHCCarr, to Cybersecurity
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's 'egregious negligence' led to infection
'I'm blown away by the fact that they weren't using MFA'
The practices that led up to the stunning Change Healthcare ransomware infection indicate "egregious negligence" on the part of parent company UnitedHealth, according to Tom Kellermann, SVP of cyber strategy at Contrast Security.

br00t4c, to random
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Newly discovered ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt victim data


sebsauvage, to random French
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C'est beau : Ce ransomware chiffre le disque local avec le système de chiffrement de disque intégré à Windows (BitLocker), envoie la clé aux escrocs, puis efface la clé locale.

gcluley, to Cybersecurity
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UK Government ponders major changes to ransomware response – what you need to know.

Find out in my article on the Exponential-e blog: https://www.exponential-e.com/blog/uk-government-ponders-major-changes-to-ransomware-response-what-you-need-to-know

gtbarry, to Canada
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LockBit says they stole data in London Drugs ransomware attack

the LockBit ransomware gang claimed they were behind the April cyberattack on Canadian pharmacy chain London Drugs and is now threatening to publish stolen data online after allegedly failed negotiations

#LondonDrugs #canada #databreach #LockBit #ransomware #malware #security #cybersecurity #infosec #hackers #hacking #hacked


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