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🎋 Artist: #Cadumen / #ClaudioMendonça in City: #VilaMadalena /536, Rua Alfredo Piragibe/ #SãoPaulo #Brazil 🇧🇷03/2024 - Title: "Sloth" - #Art #Streetart #Mural #UrbanArt #Artist #Sloth #Relax #Weekend #GoodMorning !☕🥐

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I send thanks to the buyer from Canada who purchased a framed print of

Shore Leave --

May the artwork take you to a break in the day, a time of quiet and peace in which you can think, imagine, create, rest, and rejuvenate.

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'relax' is more than 40 years old. i'll be here in my rocker

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Bon dia a tots!

Que acabeu de passar un bon diumenge

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Xing Xing the rescue kitty ❤️ boxes and tissue paper!

Hope this photo brings a smile to your day! 😸

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I send thanks to the buyer from South Carolina who purchased a greeting card of

Tea by the Sea --

May the artwork bring to both you and the person to whom you send the card a moment of calmness and peace, a celebration of tranquility that we enjoy when we take time out to enjoy the many treasures in our lives.

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Tip of the day: No matter how much you may enjoy your work, sometimes it’s just stressful underneath the surface. One option for relieving a little stress from your day that works for us are relaxing background sounds. Here are some options to explore. #devonthink #macos #pkm #productivity #relax #tipoftheday

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Leute, Leute, ich mache schon wieder zu viel. Gestern 7am aus dem Haus und durchgerockt bis abends, Punkt 21h dann Zoom aus und ins Bett gefallen. Heute wird's ähnlich au au au... Semester geht los! Gucken was abends so los ist... 🤪

Brauche super schönes Erholungswochenende irgendwo irgendwas & freue mich SEHR über Empfehlungen! ☀️

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it's time for a calm afternoon track, suitable for automation service programming and occasional daydreaming...

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Where were you when:

Frankie went to Hollywood?

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I feel like crap (nothing serious, I think just something I ate) and I think I'm just going to take the day off and do...


And it's amazing how HARD it is for me to feel like that's okay. Yeesh.

#nothing #slowDown #relax

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"So, what are your plans for today?" they asked her.

"I'll be quite busy," she replied. "I have a major project that I'm sure will take me all afternoon to work on, maybe into the evening. But I know I most certainly won't be available for anything else."

Time. It's a gift that we rarely allow ourselves to use for ourselves.

Recumbent canvas print --

KarenKasparArt, to snails

While watering the flowers, I discovered slimy trails on the ground leading to a flower pot. This inspired me to paint this abstract acrylic painting of a colorful snail taking a break in the garden.

Pausing - see more here:

#snail #relax #pause #fun #MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediGiftShop #artist #arte #InteriorDesign #MastodonArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #TraditionalArt #kunst #ArtForSale #colorful #abstract #abstractart #abstractpainting #nature #handmade

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💺 Kurz ...
💺 Short ...
Artist: .Colmenares
Colombia 🇨🇴
Title: "Ahh Yeah...!" ! 🛋️

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Ok, enough with the haiku. It's Friday, the weekend calls for relaxation and a bit of self-care (which I've neglected in these past weeks) and some good time here on social media.
I wish you, reading this, a fantastic weekend filled with the things you most enjoy doing!
#Weekend #FridayVibes #Relax #SelfCare

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