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5km in 41:05 #running

At least I finished?

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5km in 34:02

Define improvement over last week. Hopefully I can match it tomorrow.

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Morning stroll.

Ran with the Collie (12k, concrete road, some track) and then returned to take my mums elderly terrier for her 2k walk. Clearly the pair of them have had a disagreement overnight. They still are not talking after breakfast.

#collie #running #cumbria #westy #DogsOfMastodon

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148 seconds of plank
7.6 km of #running (15°C)
19.1 km of #cycling

Run was surprisingly fast, as I was dying in the 100% humidity. It did rain for a handful of minutes at the start, but not enough to do anything.

My schedule is about to start getting nutty, as I switch over to #FestivalLife, and wanted to take my bike in to Fosters for a tune-up. No dice.

1) Western side of Rideau Falls with trees on either side. 2) Recreational path on the left, Ottawa river on the right, with trees over the path. 3) Rideau River, seen from the eastern shore, with trees on the right, and across the river the trees of Strathcona park are visible under a cloudy grey sky. 4) Closeup of a snail climbing up a tree with some lichen on it.

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📝🧐🏃🏽 12h race reflections | Worked

Here are some of the things I think worked well at my 12 hour race last weekend:

-Feet anti shafing cream worked: no blisters😎🦶🏼
-Chest plasters worked: no irritation
-Mental handling 12h by breakdown
-Multiple acceptable outcomes: no DNF reason
-Run to pain, walked when feeling injury ish

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129 seconds of plank
8.2km of #running (21°C, a Humidex of 28°C)
20 minutes of HIIT
30 minutes of strength
11 minutes of yoga for runners

Today's workout was the definition of workout suffering. High humidex, offset a bit by some light rain that didn't seem to help. My last full KM was 5:48/km, as I really wanted to get out of being outside.

Did spot my first snapping turtle about to lay eggs.

I'm pretty sure Kim (and Bakari) are trying to kill me in HITT. 🤣

#AppleFitness #Ottawa

Grid of photos 1) Recreational path curving off to the right with trees and grass 2) Close up of an animal-resistant garbage can with some graffiti on it, including “F*ck cars”. 3) Eastern shore of the Rideau River, with smoothed rocks, a tree angling out over the river, and some larger rocks on the shore. 4) Close up of snapping turtle in the process of digging a hole to lay eggs. 5) Recreational path with trees growing up over it.

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Finished “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami. Heavily recommend by my friends in #Running & justifiably so because it’s absolutely brilliant.

For me, Murakami’s writing on the mental aspects of running surfaced so many latent thoughts I had but hadn’t yet been able to articulate.

It’s also a treatise on aging and decline, as he copes with his diminishing performances. 5/5 stars


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Awful run. Humid ++ and none of my body parts wanted to work together. Dead legs, lungs that couldn’t keep up with such a slow pace, and profuse sweating that couldn’t evaporate. Had to walk often to keep my HR down.

It’s fine. I’m not happy about it, but the next one will be better. Mentally crumple this one up and throw it away. Big fat whatever…

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A sunny but nippy morning #running

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to the cyclist who rode down my dog and me in a crosswalk this week, knocking me sideways to the ground, and to the driver of the giant pickup truck who pushed me into an ankle-deep puddle this morning as I ran against traffic in a no-sidewalk industrial zone: women runners over 50 are still here, we’re strong, and we aren’t going away, no matter how much you want us to disappear. I’m not even putting a content warning on my old lady selfie! Happy Global Running Day!

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Looking for people who are into to fill out a research survey -

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Here’s how my “global day” 5K jogging will play out:

First minute and a half:
Wow, I feel great, I bet I can run a 10K!This is going to be FUN! 🤪

Immediately followed by:
Jesus, how long has it been? 🥵

At 2K:
Ok! Nearly halfway. You can do it.

At 3.8K:
Why am I doing this to myself? 😩

The last kilometer:
checks distance every 200 meters or so

At 5K:
Finally! acquired! Take that, reformed couch potato! 💪

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84 seconds of plank,
Walked @TAV and Sprocket to the dock in the park
7.54km of (20°C, with a Humidex of 24°C)
11 minutes Yoga for runners
20 minutes of HIIT
20 minutes Strength training
10 minutes Mindful Cooldown

Changed the order today as it's already oppressively hot out for me. I’m wrecked by the end of the workouts. Starting with the running really burns me out.

This week trying two days running, one cycling (tomorrow), and two more running. 🤞🏻

iOS screenshots: 1) Apple Fitness Strong Core Yoga for runners, 11 minutes 2) Apple Fitness 7-Workout Week award 3) Apple Fitness HIIT with Kim, 20 minutes 4) Apple Fitness Strength with Kyle, 20 minutes 5) Apple Fitness Mindful Cooldown with Gregg, 10 minutes

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I have 1 rule when it comes to weather. You can only "hate" 1 season. If you hate 2 seasons or more, then you probably should consider relocating.

I really hate summer. Hot, sweaty, sun burning off your skin. Even in the morning, that morning run... not enough white reflective layers in the world.

On the plus side, it did inspire the song "Chasing Shadows"!

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Ok, who recognizes themselves as a "lung-gom-pa"? 😃 .
Let me start. I have been there for many years. Training was an easy way to sedate myself.
How about you?

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151 seconds of plank
11 minutes of yoga for runners,
30 minutes of HIIT,
20 minutes of strength training,
6.1 km of #running (22°C with a humidex of 25°C)

I think I will have to flip around the running and workouts because I'm not enjoying running with Humidexes

The catch is when I finish a run, I'm not really wanting to do anything else. 🤔

Bad enough I have to bike out to Woodroofe area right after lunch (and back a few hours later).

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Afternoon run

Needing to get out and lose the troubles for a couple of hours we ran past Harestanes and up to the Waterloo memorial, road and tracks, woods and open road, 18.5k and warm.

BUT, with St Mary's dairy on the way home, we paused to grab one of their freshly made and superlative honeycomb ice creams.

I thought of you @Lee6 as we ate them 🍨🤣

Panorama stitched at home, but left as generated.

Photo: a collie catches his breath (it is hot) with the memorial in the background
Photo: a panorama stitched from multiple photos and drastically reduced in size shown the landscape around the memorial with the Eildons to the left and the English Border to the right

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52 Weeks, 52 Half Marathons
Map updated with stage 20

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Advice for someone just starting #running ?

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5km in 39:36 #running

Worse than yesterday, because my thighs started sore, I think.

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