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An Archaeologist demonstrates a pre-historic music 'Lithophone' :

Lithophone, originally a pre-historic musical instrument consisting of a rock or pieces of rock, granite, fossilized coral, petrified wood and other melodious stones, that are played by striking them. Sounding stones made of basalt, granite, marble and other minerals were used in many ancient cultures for ceremonial and religious purposes.

📽️ : Credit to the Owner

Archaeo - Histories


said my symptoms didn't sound ( Russian

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What are some decent speakers to pair with an iPhone or iPad on a modest budget?

Mostly for podcast and radio; some music. Don't want loud bass.

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From the archive…

3D intro illustration for our coder's music editor Syntrax (a.k.a. Jaytrax), published in the early 2000s as an unofficial Windows and Pocket PC sequel to our old music editors SIDmon and Digital Mugician.

You can listen to some Syntrax tracks here (my favorite is King Tut)…

[ Side note: I didn't design the Syntrax UI ]

Check the hashtag for more tunes.

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I need help. A couple days ago a mystery started coming from my kitchen and it's driving us all nuts. According to a spectrogram it's at 4,086 Hz. It hasn't stopped for days. It's clearly the kitchen because enough walls or distance block it. We've tried unplugging all the appliances we get to to no avail.

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I've got a CRAZY sci-fi idea about sound (archeology).

🎚️Imagine a futuristic tech that lets us extract the historical sounds from ancient buildings.

Picture this: listening to conversations and ambient sounds from 200 or even 1,000 years ago.

Think of old cathedrals or churches with isolated sounds (for more sound clarity).

💿It's like looking at the rings of a tree and zooming in on a specific year.

🔈How do you think this could change our understanding of the past?

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Alright, May Theme is Sound!

Doesn't sound or look so great yet, but the month is young! Here I try out different ... Scales?

Gotta find a "Music Theory for Dummies" or so in the School Library...


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Adding to the "to do" list: greasing the bearings on the dryer. Or, recording some kind of viral video playing music to the squeaks. 🤪

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Releasing this under Creative Commons ;-)

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I can finally say I’ve upgraded successfully to . It was not without hassle this time and it started with what seemed to be a system that did not even give me a prompt after , although the update process had seemed to go smoothly and quickly. Luckily, the virtual screens were working and so I could to a . Although didn’t seem to be working, was and so I was able to open a desktop session, but only in

mkwadee, avatar

Also, the issue was solved by removing the directory from ~/.local/state.

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In the news today is the UKs decision to send immigrants and asylum seekers to .

As for some reason Dutch NOS and BBC reporters sound giddy reporting on this I feel my baby can do a better job at being impartial.

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“The team found that a school of moving together in just the right way was stunningly effective at reduction: A school of seven fish sounded like a single fish.

“A predator, such as a , may perceive it as hearing a lone fish instead of a group,” Mittal said. “This could have significant implications for prey fish.”

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“The single biggest key to reduction, the team found, was the synchronization of the school’s tail flapping—or actually the lack thereof.

If moved in unison, flapping their tail fins at the same time, the sound added up and there was no reduction in total sound. But if they alternated tail flaps, the fish canceled out each other’s sound, the researchers found.”

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The Conversation at 50: Francis Ford Coppola’s paranoid and predictive masterpiece (

The 1974 suspense thriller smartly predicted the increasing importance of technology and lack of privacy in our lives......"Produced between The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, The Conversation was the only film that Coppola made in that peerless decade (which he ended with Apocalypse Now) that he scripted alone, without...

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This was my first ever project with suno. I simply told it to create a metal song about coffee. I didn't even write lyrics, just had GPT do it. Pretty cool. I love the sound of it.

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Fascinating look back at the audio gear used for The Woodstock “Aquarian Exposition” (aka music festival!) in 1969.

Well worth a read, whether you were there or not...

This story originally appeared in the September 2019 print issue of WifiHifi. Written by Frank Lenk.

#woodstock #audio #music #festival #wifi #sound #audioengineering #livesound #wifihifi #franklenk #1960s

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Si vous êtes dans le #son à #Nantes, je me suis fait voler dans ma cave à Rezé :

  • une console Behringer XR18 dans son sac avec quelques adaptateurs divers
  • un boîtier de scène Behringer S16 dans un petit flight case fun generation
  • une console vidéo ATEM Black Magic mini ISO dans un boîtier plastique renforcé noir

Le vol semble avoir été assez ciblé, donc si vous voyez passer ce genre de matériel…

#vol #matériel #hardware #sound #Rezé #Behringer #XR18 #S16 #BlackMagic #ATEM

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Latvijas Radio koris / Latvian Radio Choir: Gyorgy Ligeti "Lux aeterna"

great sound, spherical voices, overtones, a great choir, a great composicion

sauer_lauwarm, to random German

The Necks beim Donaufestival, gekauft. []

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Title track from the 1997 Windows game Moon Child, by our music composer Ramon Braumuller. 🎛️🎵

I co-designed the game and made all graphics. 👾🕹️

The game and more free downloads can be found here:

Check the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes.

#game #gaming #GameDev #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #retro #1990s #windows #moon #PixelArt #graphics #design #art #artwork #DigitalArt #music #synth #ElectronicMusic #soundtrack #MastoArt #FediArt

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In 1997, our 3-person dev team's Windows game Moon Child was released.

I initially planned a dark fairy-tale intro video for the game, and our musician Ramon Braumuller composed this soundtrack for it.

Download the Moon Child game and assets here:

Check this thread and the hashtag for more tunes and info.

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When I was a youngster in the late 1980s, I formed an Amiga game dev team with 2 friends.

Before making games, we started by trying to sell game music that used minimal RAM, made with our music editor SIDmon.

To promote our game music, this energetic music module was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller. The file, including tiny sampled sounds, is only 22 kilobytes.

Check the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes.

#chiptune #amiga #commodore #synth #music #GameDev #RetroComputing #RetroGaming

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In the late 1980s our small game dev team developed 2 Amiga music editors: SIDmon and Digital Mugician, both featuring synth sounds and sampled sounds.

Mugician was published by the British Thalamus game publisher in 1990, and was used for several Amiga games, including our own.

This is our composer Ramon Braumuller's 4-channel Mugician intro.

Check the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes.

#music #soundtrack #commodore #amiga #RetroComputing #retro #synth #chiptune #audio #sound #RetroTech #tech

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