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Regarding the Research mechanic: it's a timeline of Industrial Revolution inventions. They happen in the outside world independently.

You use Research Points to unlock or invest in them (to make them available earlier, as if your scientists were participating in the global scientific community).

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Friendly advice:

As you build out your Steam library, be sure not to die

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Mortadelo y Filemón: Una aventura de cine - Edición original got a store page

"Extended version of the merging of 'Dos vaqueros chapuceros' and 'Terror, Espanto y Pavor,' with additional and alternative content."

#steam #gaming #videoGames #steamStorePage

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Si vous mourrez, Steam refuse que vous léguiez votre compte à vos proches (officiellement, bien sûr).
Vous imaginez les centaines, voir milliers d'euros qui partent ainsi en fumée ???
Raison de plus pour pirater tous les jeux.

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I find some of the “sales” on Steam insulting. 20% off on a 30 dollar game ? Do you really think if I wasn’t compelled to buy at 29.99 ? I will be at 23.99 ? Oh wow!! its 6 dollars cheaper ! Want my or many others spontaneous buy? 10 dollar games can be quite enticing…

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Feeling any software-related FOMO leave my body as Adobe threatens to sue users for using old versions of their programs, more triple-A games add kernel-level spyware for their games, and Windows continues to bog down the entire system with ads and anti-consumer lock-in.

There's nothing on Windows that I want on Linux anymore :meowdab:​ FOSS all the way, baby.

(Except I still wish Steam VR wasn't trash in Linux :meowpout:​ )

#Linux #Windows #FOSS #OpenSource #SteamVR #Steam #Valve

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Tras mucho #videojuego con muchos mandos, la experiencia de jugar con los DualShock 3 y 4 de #Sony y finalmente el #Steam Controller, no acepto mandos que no traigan sensores de movimiento y de hecho preferiría que también contasen con trackpads en lugar de joysticks (desgaste y drifting nulo) y botones traseros adicionales.
Empecé a jugar Overwatch con controles táctiles, giroscopio y macros usando el mando de Steam y cualquier mando que ofrezca menos se me hace muy básico por muy caro que sea.

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When you receive an email from IARC Content Rating (global age ratings) - it will mean stress again. The rating has been increased in the game. And this means that it is necessary to make patches for consoles, because the game has meta rating data. How I love all this...


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what I like about Steam is that between creating a patch for a game and its appearance on the platform, it takes 10 minutes, not 10 days, and no one but the players checks what you decided to fix there


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Spiele auf kannst Du nicht vererben. Man kauft sie. Aber sie gehören einem nicht.

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Where can I read about why indie game devs not adding their games to Epic Games Store?

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*Looking at my Steam library consisting of 300+ games *

"I don't have anything to play..."

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Happy ! 🥕🧟‍♂️ These pesky zombie carrots have learned to climb my roof, thanks to some foul "pathfinding" magic. 😱

Wishlist Carrot Survivors on :


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How it started: video games are for kids
How it's going: "After you die, your games will be stuck in legal limbo"

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: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, das Remake des Klassikers aus dem Jahr 1980, ist jetzt regulär auf veröffentlicht

Ich trau mich nicht ran - ich hab so viele gute Erinnerungen an das Original und fürchte das Remake kann dem niemals gerecht werden. Hat's jemand von euch getestet?

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Jak się macie, polscy gracze? 🫶

Wybaczcie opóźnienie, ale z przyjemnością informujemy, że dołączamy do walki o uczciwą wymianę walut 🫡

Ceny naszych gier w PLN są teraz znacznie lepsze 💪🏻🇵🇱

#PolishOurPrices #KursNaSteam #FairPricesForPoland #Giereczkowo #PolskiGamedev #Polska #Giercownia #Gry #Steam #Polska

Polish: Ekran osiągnięć wewnątrz gry Yet Another Zombie Survivors, z osiągnięciem "Niższe ceny na Steam - Dołącz do akcji o lepsze ceny!".

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New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients, including Cyberpulse and Seablip - 2024-05-22 Edition:

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