MetalheadDana, to random avatar

New Dopethrone dropped!!!! Broke Sabbath. #StonerDoom #StonerMetal #DoomMetal out of Montreal, Quebec.

mgorny, to rust Polish avatar

Jest sobie zespół o nazwie Monolord, i ten zespół ma piosenkę (i album) pod tytułem "". Całkiem dobry kawałek muzyki. A do tego słowa "Jest tylko ból, nienawiść, chciwość i smutek" doskonale pasują do moich odczuć jako programisty (nieużywającego Mono, ani Rusta).

The_KamikaZEN, to random avatar

A very welcome surprise discovery last night (for me at least) was the opening act, Demons My Friends. Although they’re based in Austin, Texas, this stoner band is as Mexican as jalapeño chili and a real treat onstage.

Give them a listen and maybe get some new music for your playlist 😉

BTW, I’ve sent them an invite to join a certain Fediverse instance where they can directly interact with fellow metalheads, let’s see what happens 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻

#StonerMetal #ATXMetal #DoomRock

Demons My Friends onstage at Mexico City’s Pepsi Center
Demons My Friends onstage at Mexico City’s Pepsi Center
Demons My Friends onstage at Mexico City’s Pepsi Center

MetalheadDana, to random avatar

If you make a stoner metal album and you don't include a sample of a bong rip or of coughing, did you really make a stoner metal album?

MetalheadDana, to random avatar

Honestly one of my favourite songs ever.

I love this live version. I'm so damn impressed with how well the drummer keeps time given how fucking stoned he looks/must be.

TheMetalDog, to folkmetal avatar
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troberts, to Metal avatar

I know Green Lung got a lot of attention with their third album.

But far out the first two albums are so good. I'd argue better than the third album, cause they are more focussed on delivering great songs one after another.

One of the best active Metal bands going I say.

TheMetalDog, to japanese avatar
mgorny, to random Polish avatar

Właśnie odkryłem, że istnieje cover "Cocaine" w wykonaniu Kal-El. Całkiem fajny. Bardzo mocny, z solidnymi partiami klawiszowymi.

MFDOOMALLCAPS, to Metal avatar

Bokassa - All Out of Dreams 🎶 First listen to this!

TheMetalDog, to random avatar

The 1994 Stoner Metal Classic That Produced an Unlikely Radio Hit
Corrosion of Conformity spent years slowly merging from thrashy punks to southern metal kings, and it finally paid off commercially for them in 1994.

faberfedor, to random

And this is healing, right?



AqiDrago, avatar

@faberfedor @SimonLandmine

You should try some #SludgeMetal | #StonerMetal with your herbal medication.

I can recommend to check out #SlowSunday for some excellent fare of that.


Carex, to random German

For today's I chose the song 'Cactus' by the Swedish 🇸🇪 band Skraeckoedlan. This song is from their first album Äppelträdet (The Apple Tree) which I like most. It's such an extraordinary music that I can hardly put into a genre box. Mostly I love such kind of music! Also the lyrics (as far as I could translate them) are very special.

Enjoy and have a nice Sunday! 🤘

AqiDrago, to random avatar
Carex, to random German

for today will behold another and classic. It's Electric Wizard from the UK with my favourite song Funeralopolis. Musically, it's just a bombastic song. But also it's lyrics are very special to me and helped me a lot when I sometimes started hating people again.
Because the singing is so distorted and hence some folks might have difficulties with understanding it I added a link to the lyrics.

michaelharley, to random

I see people recommending () so I wanted to recommend some stuff I've been digging lately. I first stumbled across this genre as . I then discovered that and were either synonyms or kissing cousins.

Please enjoy Destination Ceres Station: Reefersleep by Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships. I hope it hits you right in the nipples like it does me.


This might actually be my #1 favorite / / song/band. When I think of the genre, this riff plays in my head. I've seen this band 4 times and I have lots of nostalgic memories that bubble up when this song comes on. Exit/In in Nashville TN. Amanda the stoner chick I was seeing during this time. The smell of marijuana. A hot sweaty circle pit. Good times.

Jason​.​.​.​The Dragon by Weedeater

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