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Aujourd'hui je tente du 9h-13h puis 15h-20h en développement sur le jeu vidéo en live sur .

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Nous finirons par un raid chez See_U_Old qui accueille Loinduciel chez lui pour un à 2 à partir de 20 heures.

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It's been almost a decade since I've done a live coding stream. This will be fun!

Today I'll be migrating my website from React to Lit, which is a lightweight framework built around web components. I have the scaffolding set up mostly, so now it's time to get this done.

Come watch. Ask questions in chat! You don't need to create an account, just a username is needed to participate.

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Gaming for food security – Charity Stream 20.05.2024

We're looking to raise some funds for the German food bank "Die Tafel" and will be doing it during an 8 hour long stream on 20.05.2024 starting 12:00 GMT+2 (Berlin).

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Today in Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, were gonna stream the setting up of some tree and obsidian farms.

My next goal is to get a cheap and easy supply of wood going for my fort. Wandering outside is too risky due to the smelly goo threatening to send my fortress into a tantrum spiral. So we're heading underground to set up a tree farm. It's a real pain to set this up but it will be worth it.

#DwarfFortress #Stream #Streaming #PeerTube

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Ausnahmsweise auch mal auf Deutsch:

Am Montag gibt's nen 8 Stunden Spenden-Stream

ab 12:00 (GMT+2 Berlin) bei

Wir spielen verschiedene und jede Spende zieht eine "Aktivität", die ich bzw. wir dann machen.

Die sind für "Die Tafel", die in den letzten Jahren zunehmend belastet wurden. Infos gibt's hier:

Kommt gerne vorbei! Achtung: Stream ist in Englisch

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We're doing an 8 hour charity stream on twitch for food security on Monday!

Starting at 12:00 (GMT+2 Berlin) over on

we'll be playing a variety of #games each donation draws an action card, leading us and me to do a variety of things together.

The #charity is "Die Tafel", the main food bank in #Germany come help contribute to our goal and have some fun while doing it!

Read up on them here:


#twitch #streaming #stream #charitystream

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This is it folks, the big one. To celebrate last Thursday's #GAAD, the fact we broke 400 followers on #twitch AND my #streamerversary we're doing a 12-hour #stream. #Hades, #SeaOfThieves, #jackBox, #hackMud, all about #gaming #accessibility and so much more Come join the madness in just over an hour at #selfPromo #goingLive

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, my citizens has a sad! 😢

I keep sending them outside to build the outside fort and they are getting fed up. But not to worry, I finished the roof so now they con complete their work in a smelly goo-free environment. Or, at least until I decide to build the fishing hut.


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Getting ready for Evening Playtime on the Family's 1.20.4 Server

finishing up the glass map art platform, then maybe getting started on some cool graffiti if there's time

feel free to stop on by and say "hi!"

Now with bonus Platywilla Costreaming!

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A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

This is a game about accidentally summoning "Dave" instead of a "Demon".
You are "Dave".

Join the chaos tonight @ 6:30 pm PST/9:30 pm EST:

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, we hit magma! We're producing green glass and are working towards kicking off our steel industry. Just in time, too, because we're now a County and the Count wants fancy rooms! I hope he likes steel walls.

We're upgrading our fortress defenses and will be building an above-ground fort pretty soon, provided the smelly goo doesn't drive everyone mad!

#PeerTube #DwarfFortress #Stream #Streaming

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: the Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth: we found magma! And also we have a Hillocks? Our Baron is nice and settled in and I'm making room for the eventual monarch and the unceasing waves of migrants. Lots going on in this world of smelly goo!

We're kind of ignoring petitions for now so no guild halls or specialized temples until we get our furnaces up and running.

Let's play!

#DwarfFortress #PeerTube #Stream #Streaming

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plan of Myth, we captured our first goblin invasion force of child snatchers. We'll be sure to melt their armor before tossing them into the magma pits. But fist, we need to build the magma pits.

A Dwarven caravan is on its way and the migrants are arriving en mass. We need to get our magma industry going soon and let the steel flow!

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"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees"
~ Henry David Thoreau

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🔍 🌿
🌿 ⌨️ emoji

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My schedule for streaming is going to be weird for the next few weeks as I am taking CISSP classes. So for the time being I will be streaming on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays as I am able to for the time being.

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Today, in our sinister start of Dwarf Fortress, the search for more iron ore continues. We found it, but it's locked away in a light aquifer! But no worries, we just need to provide some adequate drainage and we should be fine. What's the worst that could happen?

wHaT's ThE wOrSt ThAt CaN hApPeN?

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Ihr habt den neusten Kinofilm kostenlos online gefunden und schaut gleich rein? Stopp! Mit illegalem macht ihr euch strafbar! Im Video erfahrt ihr, von welchen Streaming-Angeboten ihr besser die Finger lasst.


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Our embark on sinister soil has had a bit of a slow start, so I hope we have enough items for our trading caravan to supply us with food and other assorted items for the next year.

We are constantly getting covered in malodorous goo and it's making our dwarves cranky. But outside of that it's not too bad, as long as our goblin neighbors don't invite themselves to our fort too soon. We need to set up cage traps first. 😁

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»YouTube: Sperren gegen Werbeblocker nun global«

Auch deswegen nutze ich YouTube nicht direkt, sondern Links über @invidious* oder nutze es mobil via @newpipe*, um Videos zu sehen und so weit frei vom Tracking zu sein. Leider sind noch nicht sehr viele anregende Videoproduktionen im Fediverse zB auf @peertube vertreten.


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🧵 …die #Video-Alternative diesbezüglich ist @peertube und @owncast im #Fediverse und so weit besser, da es ua werbefrei ist (weitete #Alternative'n siehe oben).

»Skandal um Anni The Duck Die #Influencer-Branche hat ein Problem mit #Mobbing und Machtmissbrauch:
Anni The Duck wird vorgeworfen, sich jenseits der Kamera toxisch verhalten zu haben – die #Stream'erin antwortet. Der Fall wirft ein Schlaglicht auf ein größeres Problem in der Welt von #YouTube und #Twitch


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