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In the Seattle area for the week, so we used our Sunday for a day trip to Vancouver, BC.

Stumbled across Mount Vernon, WA on our return, which is apparently where a lot of tulips are grown to harvest the bulbs.

The sheer volume was astounding.

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By chance (a friend mentioning it yesterday night and we drunkenly agreeing to join her and her partner today morning), we've made it to the 2024 today.

Just look at the lovely silliness of it! Yes, they are all made of flowers!

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Spring 🤩

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Colors of spring. The edition.

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He pretends to ignore those two tulips but I know he looks forward to them every year.

#pnw #shabby #gardening #tulips

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Thank you for this day. 🌷

“When you show up as your authentic self, whatever that may be, you allow others to do the same, creating the world we all deserve.” — Shanna Katz Kattari (they/them)

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In the side yard, more . I love these Baroque petals.

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De mini-Tulpentocht van Drenthe met de AssenLiggers @hembrow @jhembrow


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@twilwel @hembrow more photos from our "Tulpentocht" today. 62km in total. #regel17 #velomobilequest #velomobiles #tulpen #tulips

Velomobiles and tulips in Rolde.

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This little parrot tulip caught my eye today.

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Tulip blossom.
(April 2024)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
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