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Le truc le plus bethesdesque dans le premier épisode de c'est pas le design moche des super armures ou le fait que les scénaristes n'aient qu'une compréhension très vague des motivations des différentes factions, c'est le dilemme moral du Superviseur qui n'a strictement aucune conséquence. 1/3

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j'ai regardé les 2 premiers épisodes. Je précise que je n'ai jamais joué à Fallout.

J'avoue que ce n'est pas super passionnant : c'est entre la caricature, le gore et on (j'ai) du mal à rester accroché. En plus l'histoire est découpée entre les histoires des différents protagonistes. Le fil principal est perdu.

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Visit The Delightful Moonglow Bay On PlayStation And Switch, Along With The Picture Perfect Update

For IG users: Link in Profile
More At:


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I’ve had this game for several years, but now that I’m looking at it carefully. I just finished Chapter I and I can say that it is a very engaging story. For those who are a fan of Batman Year One, this game is for you.

Despite the problems it went through, Telltale has always known how to make narrative games of exceptional quality. It’s no different here.


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...James Bond in Licence to Kill, but his likeness is used in the game, most notably the opening screens, thus making it Dalton's last appearance as Bond to date. 🍸
It was also the final Bond game to be released by Domark, who had released a series of Bond themed games beginning in 1985 with A View to a Kill. 🕵️

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

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Holy "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Batman❗

Had no idea this "turn-to-page" comic book existed for BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS.

Just catalogued into THE VIDEO GAME LIBRARY:


#Batman #Superhero #Comic #Comics #ComicBooks #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #VideoGame #VideoGames #Games #Game #Gaming #Gamer #BlackMask #BatmanArkhamOrigins #PS3 #WiiU #Xbox #Xbox360 #PlayStation

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So, there is this factually promotional short video of the game some turned-out security specialist has posted. I don't really wanna amplify, I'll just mention the concepts used.

In developing his #videogame, he employs Steam achievements... as a progress saving system. You've read this correctly. Imagine boasting about #DRM-based save "files". Can't save a blasting thing without an Internet connection! Just like many #AntiPiracy measures that rely on network, it hinders the #gaming experience, making up for flawed #UX.

Want to retract step back or two? Well, too bad - you reset everything. No Internet? You must be a speedrunner!

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An exploration of #VideoGame performances, this book merges #MediaTheory with performativity, revealing insights from Western art to digital storytelling.

Perfect for researchers intrigued by #Gaming, #Art, and nonlinear #Narrative.


#Ludology #Performance #GameStudies #Portal #DarkSouls #Destiny #Doom #FinalFantasy #GodHand #HalfLife #LifeIsStrange #MetalGear #Minecraft #Planescape #StarCraft #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #VideoGames #Gamer #Literature

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New ! 278 - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

This week we finish off the PS2 Tenkaichi trilogy with my personal favourite of the bunch. It's a game I spent literally hundreds of hours playing as a teen, and perhaps the most detailed, granular Dragon Ball simulation ever - Budokai Tenkaichi 3!


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This game is a special series in my collection. Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.

Shame this series has not continued on into modern consoles. Maybe we need some re-releases.

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom

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...future Nintendo systems since the Nintendo DS. 🎮

What's your favorite controller❓

I really like the PS3 controller because it still delivers all the functionalities a controller nowadays should have without being to complex or special.

#RetroTrivia #retrogaming #gaming #videogames #videogaming #videogame #PS3 #SNES

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Assembled from developer interviews, "EVERYBODY SHAKE!" has just been catalogued❗️

This book follows @hengineer on his journey from creating shareware on the Apple Macintosh and attaining senior positions at and to the inception of .



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Released as a pre-order bonus for Japanese copies of #ShadowsOfTheDamned, PLAYBOX is a promotional mag containing a series of interviews with the dev team.

#SUDA51, #ShinjiMikami, #AkiraYamaoka and more!!

👉 https://www.thevideogamelibrary.org/book/shadows-of-the-damned-playbox

#GrasshopperManufacture #Gaming #VideoGame #VideoGames #Gamer #Game #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Magazine #Interviews #Promo #Collector

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...by the limitations of the 8-bit NES, Nintendo chose to remake them for the 16-bit SNES. 🕹️
The developers based the updated designs on those from Super Mario World (1990) and strove to retain the feel of the original games. 👌

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

#RetroTrivia #retrogaming #gaming #videogames #videogaming #videogame #Mario #NES #SNES #Nintendo

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...of Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country was released, which resulted in its computer-generated graphics becoming the norm for contemporary SNES games. 🤩
It was too late for the graphic designers to incorporate such a style into Yoshi's Island; instead, they pushed the hand-drawn style further as a way to "fight back". 🖍️

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

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OK, I think I will make this version of the . I think it has a decent look without being too wacky. Thoughts?

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What happened after the Lightmass Bombing in and how did the Locust react to this devastating weapon❓

This 2009 graphic novel bridges the gap between the first and second installment in the franchise.



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...earlier survival horror games that focused on protagonists with combat training, the player character of Silent Hill is an "everyman". 👨

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"Penny Larceny is warm. It overflows with love, empathy, and hope. It won me over right away with the genuine affection and trust Penny has for The Voice and Gibson, even when things go wrong; they’re such a perfect team! Same goes for all of the relationship interests; despite the fast progression, their friendships or romances with Penny all felt right, and their depth and character growth meant I soon grew to care for them, too.

Not that it’s all fluff and sugar; there’s plenty of adventure, too! There may not be any real challenge here, nor any wrong choices. But there were still several moments when I felt concerned about Penny’s fate, and even more when I was impressed at her badassery. And when she couldn’t solve something on her own … well, let’s just say that I got to do some badassery of my own, too!

Like all Fiction Factory games, Penny Larceny does not pretend it is not political. The world Penny moves through is full of unfairness, discrimination, and exploitation, clearly mirroring the issues present in this reality. However, the story never feels heavy or overwhelming, since all that truth is balanced with plenty of hope for the future and just as much excellent humour. Oh, and being able to steal from all the bad guys and make a positive difference helps, too!"

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The Skeleton Party! ☠️💀


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I just saw MsCupcakes streaming on PC and I think it's the first I've seen with granular difficulty settings explicitly listed in the menus. You can apparently set difficulty in combat independently of difficulty in exploration. It also lets you change how aggressively it suggests hints/gives you the solutions to puzzles vs letting you struggle to figure it out on your own.

Is that normal for AAA games these days? Because that's really awesome and I absolutely wish that more games came with stuff like that instead of relying on the modding community to figure it out. There's also a bunch of convenience and settings which is also cool.

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Novo video no canal com o unboxing da primorosa Valis Collection da @limitedrungames para : https://youtu.be/vaPo_Lt52Yo?si=bsEn3MUYAzgvHGC-

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...most were designed for affordability and few were able to deliver the responsiveness or feel of a genuine arcade setup. 🕹️

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