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Did you ever get around to this one? I've dipped back again. Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet, and the excellent John Rhys-Davies.

A lot of history with this title and the RTS genre and even back on PS1 it was a classic. The original Dune would be the template for C&C, from the same Westwood Studios 💕


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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - DF Switch Review - Brilliant Visuals... At 30FPS


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Good morning and happy Wednesday folks!

Let's all discuss what our day has in store for us today or what we've already done for the day.

It's work as usual for me with a meeting at 2pm that shouldn't take too long. It's a Nova meeting, so should be interesting as well.

Beyond that, likely just some video games and TV to round out the day.

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Even though the game is not narrated, the background story is dark and deep. Gris is a journey, starting from losing your voice, getting suffocated and feeling shattered and ending with you finding your own voice, getting all the pieces together and loving yourself more. You are not the enemy.

thegamerstavern, to gaming
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This is a digital artwork of a stylized, geometric bat hanging upside down against a dark, starry background. The bat, colored in shades of pink and purple, is in front of a large, glowing moon that illuminates the scene. The image conveys an aura of mystery due to the combination of darkness and the glowing light behind the bat.
This image is a stylized depiction of a steep, red mountain slope with silhouetted figures climbing upwards. Rocks are tumbling down the slope, suggesting an avalanche or rockslide. The image uses a limited color palette primarily of red and white tones, creating a dramatic and intense mood. The background gradient from dark to light gives an impression of altitude and open sky above the climbers. The overall scene appears to be intense and dramatic.
The image depicts a character with blue hair standing alone on the edge of a broken, stone bridge amidst a dark, starry atmosphere. The setting has an ancient or abandoned feel with architectural elements like columns or ruins visible. The overall monochromatic color scheme, primarily black and white with a touch of blue, adds to the aura of solitude and mystery. No text is present in the image.
The image depicts a serene and contemplative scene. It features a silhouette of a small house with a person on the roof, set against a large, bright moon and a pink sky. The person appears to be gazing at the moon or sky. The image is an illustration with minimalistic design elements. The overall mood conveyed by the image is peaceful and reflective.
This is an artistic illustration dominated by a deep red tone. It features silhouetted figures, a small white cat, and architectural elements like columns and arches. One figure appears to be sitting on steps with their face covered by their hands, while another seems to be wrapped in a flowing material. Light rays from the top right corner illuminate parts of the scene, creating a contrast with the shadows. The overall mood of the image is quite dramatic and evocative.
The image is an illustration featuring two large, fragmented hands reaching towards each other against a backdrop of soft red and pink clouds. The hands appear mechanical or artificial, with outlined segments and joints. Small fragments float around the hands, suggesting they might be breaking apart or assembling. The image conveys a sense of motion and an ethereal atmosphere.
This image is an artistic rendering of a statue situated in the center of an archway, surrounded by architectural elements and plants. The statue, depicting a figure standing upright with their hands clasped together, is illuminated by a red glow. The surrounding area features two tall, narrow windows on either side of the alcove, debris scattered at the base of the statue, and two potted plants. The overall color scheme includes muted tones with pops of red from the glowing light source.

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She was, and still is, incredible. One of the best. Such a simple game, but Vib Ribbon stole my heart.

#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers #RetroGaming #retro

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In case you were wondering (and because Hooded Horse had the audacity to ask on Twitter) Llamedos village is growing well!

The view from Herwere's Hill just manages to get it all in. Three-ways Farm is doing well, the market is bustling, and we're looking to expand into Millfield!


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Is there any server for ?

ColdEmber, to VideoGames
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Finally! The steam page about my cute dice deckbuilder dungeon crawler is up ! It's a huge milestone for me. Please wishlist and share it!



Gwendolyn, to gaming
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Recently picked up Phasmophobia. Honestly, it's kind of a perfect game for me. I love the premise, the game loop, the mystery. The match based setup makes it so freaking replayable.

Gotta say though... The scariest thing in that game is the economy. Even without dying I just find the cash flow is so freaking slow.

I see people with their fully decked out trailers and I can't help but cringe at the thought of them dying. They'd lose so much freaking money.

#Phasmophobia #Gaming #VideoGames

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I've dipped back into some PS1 classics tonight. Do you see anything you'd like to play again?


beanjbunny, to gamedev
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I am gonna giggle myself to death at the 1989 Dodge from Vaporwave Battler looking at me from this file folder. Clearly he's waiting. Is he gonna hit me?

PixelBandits, to VideoGames
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With thanks to Hooded Horse I've been taking a look at Manor Lords' early access release. It's a work in progress but one you should DEFINITELY check out if you like a city builder and resource management.

Video and extended written review up now at https://www.pixelbandits.org/2024/05/manor-lords-early-access-review/

huuishuu, to gaming
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In my Steam review for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, I mentioned that the game holds up well & still gets a recommendation, but felt bitter having to re-purchase the game for a second time with no discount or anything, excluding sales.

Log into Steam right now, the developers of Consortium gave all owners of the original game their new remaster free of charge.

Now that's exemplary behavior! Wasn't expecting it but was a pleasant surprise to log into. :blobmiou:

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It's time for me to chill the best way I know how...

Steam Deck on the TV playing Balatro and Spotify in the background as a "game" 😎

maxim, to gamedev
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Sci-Fi adventure game devlog📌

Today my dealing with the Unreal Engine 5 - a prototype of an ultrasonic energy weapon with control of the power of a directed energy beam. I'm not an effects master, so it doesn't matter at this stage. The stronger the impact of the projectile, the more energy it needs

#gamedev #scifi #UnrealEngine5 #gaming #videogames #indiedev #indiegame #vfx #gamedesign


minybolito, to VideoGames
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hello ! je suis désesperement à la recherche d'un jeu qui avalera mon âme
plutôt chill / cozy, avec des mécaniques de gestion de jardin style stardew, construction de base, etc

si jamais vous avez ça sous la main je suis prenneur hehehe ​:boost_requested:​

indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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Un nouveau trailer pour Kingmakers, un titre toujours aussi ... spécial mais quand même sacrément bien bourrin !

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #amedev #videogames


TreseBrothers, to hacking
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While we're still working on an in-game tutorial for Matrix hacking, here's a quick YouTube guide we put together: https://youtube.com/watch?v=HXn6OSRzvIQ

Learn to hack to drop the alarm level, control security devices, get valuable paydata, and complete CPU spike missions.

EphemeralEnigmas, to Blog

New blog post time!

This week's game is Gaia's Moon, a pre-Flappy Bird DSiWare game about flying for as long as you can in order to save the day. If you remember that flash game with the little green helicopter, this is pretty much that but with a bit more going on:


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...Mystic Quest in Europe. Sword of Mana was the fifth release in the series. 🏹
The gameplay of Sword of Mana is an expanded and modified version of the original gameplay with elements added from later games in the Mana series. ⚔️

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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🎆 Devenez le nouveau responsable dans Firework Syndrome, un titre cozy dans lequel vous devrez répondre aux attentes des habitants en matière de feux d'artifice (et vous pourrez même créer les vôtres !)

📢 Annonce
🎮 Steam
🌍 Jarden Studio


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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📢 Synergy est désormais disponible sur Steam et GOG !
Un city-builder où il vous faudra évoluer, mais tout en respectant l'écosystème d'une planète hostile.


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Good morning and happy Tuesday to the around us.

Let's discuss what we each have planned for the day today or what we've already accomplished for the day.

For me, it's work stuff with 3 meetings from 12pm - 3pm today. So busy day obviously.

After that, hoping to get some video game time in with Diablo IV and/or Ghost of Tsushima. Not much else planned for this evening but to relax.

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This is the only bit of clickbait I have ever put out... but I do believe that it was for a good and worthy cause.


#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers

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