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Louvre v2.0.0 Release


Yesterday we released Louvre v2.0.0 (C++ library for building Wayland compositors) .

Main New Features:

  • Screencasting: Compatible with PipeWire via xdg-desktop-portal-wlr.
  • Session Lock Protocol: For locking the user session and displaying login windows.
  • Layer Shell Protocol: For wallpapers, panels, notifications, etc.
  • New Input Events API: Enhanced with support for touch events, pointer gestures, and pointer constraints.

Release Details.

bonk, to archlinux German avatar

Out if curiosity I installed #ArchLinux in Parallels on my M1 Mac mini. I installed sddm and the KDE Plasma desktop. How can I configure the keyboard layout for sddm?

#keyboard #sddm #wayland

linuxiac, to fedora avatar

A proposal has been made for the upcoming Fedora 41, the Anaconda installer, to become a native Wayland app, dropping X11 dependencies.

#fedora #wayland #X11 #anaconda #installer

pojntfx, to android avatar

A few new breakthroughs with the #GTK and #Wayland on #Android experiments - I got a super low-latency (not noticable even with touch input) hardware-accelerated #GStreamer pipeline to work that can pipe out the X server capture and Wayland/Pipewire XDG Screen Cast Portal FIFO from proot (Debian - non-rooted and w/o virtualization) to a GStreamer pipeline that's running on native Android! It's super fast, and even allows stuff like teeing the actual display outputs, and it runs at >60 FPS 👀


seachdamh, to rant Polish avatar

Raaany serio?
Tyle lat, a ty nawet nie potrafisz grać prawidłowo w obsługę profili kolorów oraz tabletów graficznych...

I to nie to, że nie dowiozłeś nowych funkcjonalności, ale w porównaniu z X11 cofnąłeś się o dekadę...
O ile fakt, że do dzisiaj nie ma portu widgetów pełnego mogę zrozumieć, to nie wina devów od środowiska graficznego tylko Oracle czy też teamu od openjdk to fakt, że w fimie muszę ludzi pracujących na linuxach przymusowo trzymać na x11 bo tak podstawowych rzeczy nie ma to trochę słabo.

Tak wiem. Kiedyś będzie ten rok linxa. Ta.... :troll_face:

qlp, (edited ) to random avatar

Ignoring the reverse hot dog, but I think the new Wayland logo has dropped 😂

#Food #Meme #Wayland

techviator, to privacy avatar

Since Microsoft seems to not care about the #Privacy impact that the #Copilot+ #Recall feature has, I am going back to #Linux as my daily driver. All my #Homelab servers run on Debian or its derivatives, work servers run RedHat or Windows, but I have not used a Desktop Linux for quite a while as a daily driver. I've been playing with Debian 12 with Gnome for the past few days, and next I'll be playing with Fedora, which I have not used since the early 2000's. We'll see how fast I can catch up.

techviator, avatar

BTW, since I work mostly in #VR using #Immersed, that is one of the first things I tested, and I got to say, their work to support multiple virtual monitors with #Wayland+#Gnome has really paid off, it works flawlessly in Debian! I need to test it in Fedora in the next few days. Can't wait for my #Visor to arrive. #WorkInVR #Immersenary

skerit, to linux avatar

After making my #framework laptop my daily driver, I still had to fix all the #electron applications looking like crap under #wayland (when using fractional scaling).

So another good reason to make a blog post, I guess? :ablobcathappypaws:

Slack, Discord, Spotify, Obsidian, VS-Code, ... now they all look good using 1.25x scaling.

#linux #gnome #gnomeshell #scaling

loptimist, to ubuntu French avatar

Alors, il y a un truc qui me dépasse avec #Ubuntu #Wayland et #libinput : Parfois, quand je boot et que je me log dans ma session, tout est nickel, le touchpad de mon Thinkpad fonctionne nickel : le touch to click, to select et to drag, Jean Passe (force à lui) et des meilleurs... Et... Parfois non, il n'enregistre plus tous les inputs, le drag et le select ne fonctionne juste plus (bref, tout ce qui est à base de double tap en somme). Incompréhensible.

governa, to random avatar

#Wayland 1.23 Released With #OpenBSD Support :wayland: :openbsd:

linuxiac, to random avatar

Wayland 1.23 display server protocol released, featuring improved debugging aids, new enum-header modes, and OpenBSD support.

#wayland #openbsd

stefano, to random avatar

Wayland 1.23 Released With OpenBSD Support

#OpenBSD #Wayland

RL_Dane, to random avatar
RL_Dane, avatar


Well, Dane, if you're so stuck in the past and unwilling to accept change, you're the reason we can't have nice things. /s :blobfoxlaugh:

The kind of attitude I see from the "we just invented this half-butted solution last week without asking a single person what they actually need and if you don't all switch to it right away you're losers" crowd is really something. XD

I want to like #Wayland, but good grief.

davidrevoy, to linux avatar

Here is my new GNU/Linux distribution guide about Debian KDE 12, the right GNU/Linux distribution for professional digital painting in 2024! Also about three major problems with GNU/Linux distros that will drive away all professional artists, IMO, and how I got kicked out of the Fedora KDE ecosystem with F40, which imposed Plasma6 and Wayland. I hope it helps other artists here!

Blog post:

rriemann, avatar

@davidrevoy If #Krita had enough sponsors, I am sure they could pay someone to speed up the feature-complete port to plasma6/#wayland.

Don't you think you could use your reach to organise a special fundraising project to fix said issues?

sjosjo, to random avatar

Just wasted a couple of hours getting #sunshine to work with a #wayland compositor only to find out virtual screens are not supported by #kmsgrab at all.


#wlroots does not support faking the ‘connected’ state of an output.

Back to my nvidia twinview #xorg #nvfbc setup

I know nvfbc is dying, but it seems like there are no good performant alternatives atm. If you know any, though, do tell! 🥳

Simulating a ‘connected’ virtual screen should be something on the wayland roadmap, right?

brokenix, to random avatar

X plays an unavoidable central role in the chain. Nowadays, most components of the architecture (udev, evdev, the compositor) have become self-sufficient in accomplishing their individual tasks and therefore do not need X for nothing else than as a dumb data relay. The proponents of #Wayland realised this and decided it would make more sense to replace X altogether with the compositor, thus making the display server and the composite manager become the same thing.

crft, to linux avatar

Is there a way to manage Bluetooth devices and Wifi with or ?

thomholwerda, to linux avatar

Attention all #Linux, #Wayland, Intel graphics driver, and #Fedora experts - if you have any free time, please take a look at this issue we're facing:

Loading the edid should've worked in enabling 90Hz, but it did not. Any help or insight would be so, so appreciated.

9to5linux, (edited ) to KDE avatar

#KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta Released with Explicit Sync Support on #Wayland, Triple Buffering, and More

@kde #Linux #OpenSource

thelinuxcast, to linux avatar

We'll be streaming the LUG, if you want to watch live! #Linux #Wayland #LUG

9to5linux, (edited ) to linux avatar
larsmb, to linux avatar

Oh you're good with Linux on the desktop? Then show me that your hardware video acceleration is working

#Linux #Wayland #X11

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Modern Linux reminds me of when I started using Linux ca. 2 decades ago.

The graphics server randomly crashing without any usable error message, all applications have different font scaling and style. Screen recording not working (let alone individual windows recording), having to re-login for gaming, desktop menu has no proper icons support etc.

My last thing is starting log-running terminal tasks in a #tmux session because I know that at some point the GUI just stops working and drops me to the login prompt.

#ModernLinuxProblems #Nvidia #labwc #Wayland

Edent, to random avatar

Woo! Just put down a deposit on a @frameworkcomputer

Looking forward to running @pop_os_official on it and, hopefully, building some expansion cards 🙂


Edent, avatar

The fingerprint sensor of the Framework works perfectly in Pop OS.

I think this is the first time I've owned a Linux laptop where the biometrics worked.

Biggest challenge so far has been setting the right scaling for text. 's fractional 1.5 seems to work best, but I've also manually boosted some font sizes.

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