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I'm Velvet Blue. I'm a retired Porn Star that came to Bitcoin because of my bank. This Profile is 🔞+ Only, NSFW, Hide your Prude Eyes!👀 I'm a Fansly Cam girl and ARTIST and used to be a Twitter Bitcoin advocate for Sex Workers ~ I Specialize in digital watercolor and other digital painting styles. I love to design continuous clothing patterns and specialize in Damask and Toiley patterns for Apparel. I have my own line of Bitcoin Clothing. I'm here to share my nudes and my art. I'm here to take commissions for custom art and make some Zaps for my imagery. Be Kind Please: the world needs 80% more kindness at least. I also block/mute-blast 💩 Coiners. CK me out on Fansly https://fansly.com/VelvetBluehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/VelvetBluesArtTips: BTCsexWorkers@Stacker.newsCommunity: https://nostrudel.ninja/#/c/NOSTRAdultsOnlyParlor/9303ab260a6c7653fc8ea3b041d533c2c678c1e3c4772a05e9f53b8be99869c7For an Intimate ⚡experience with me, please bring your ⚡wallet here👇 https://lightning.video/velvetblue⚡velvetblue@getalby.com

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Best Nudes on Nostr! 💋
Make it tasteful and be sure to put a NSFW tag on it.

Yep, the judge. Winner's chicken Dinner is 2000 Sats.

Get to boosting this and share this for reach. 🏆🏆🏆

My images do not count.
Now take some clothes off, NOSTR!

2k Sats for the winner.

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