#Gamer / #Engineer / #Dad

When I’m not writing code or being a Dad, I love collecting and playing video games.

Also have a huge interest in #Photonics and #Quantum Mechanics… because why not.


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DansNull, to LV426

For , I am playing some "Aliens Infestation" on the . This game went under the radar, and it's fantastic! Highly recommended!

DansNull, to retrogaming

Watching movies on an original … my mind is blown! https://youtu.be/GJVZgk9wwY8?si=ZPOBAinZ8l0u6n3X

djlink, to random
@djlink@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

I saw a couple short sections of some Vision Pro videos but this one is the most interesting one, using it outdoors for commute, trains etc. because I feel, eventually in the future a lot more people will be using these types of AR gadgets in day to day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvkgmyfMPks


@djlink there is a travel mode you can enable on the headset that lets you use it while in motion. https://support.apple.com/guide/apple-vision-pro/use-apple-vision-pro-on-an-airplane-tan90414fa7b/visionos

rileytestut, to random
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Boooooooo. I sent them feedback a couple weeks ago begging them to stop the shitty growth hacks and just focus on the reading experience…guess not :( https://daringfireball.net/linked/2024/01/12/artifact-becomes-an-artifact


@rileytestut I just went back to RSS feeds… Reeder on iOS/Mac is fantastic!

LeoSandbox, to gamedev

Who else remember this game? Did you finish it at the time? (I didn't)



@LeoSandbox game is extremely hard. Really like the SNES port of it, but still haven’t had the patience to finish it…

tailsy, to random

I'm legitimately surprised that there isn't a Neo Geo Pocket Color OpenFPGA core for the Analogue Pocket. Did we just forget about that one...?


@tailsy Agreed… I have contemplated learning FPGA core development so I could take a stab at it. There is already an open source core for Mister, it just hasn’t been ported to work on Analogue Pocket…

DansNull, to gameboy

The #Atari #Lynx handheld was such an underrated console… came out 2 months before the original #GameBoy, and it had a backlit color LCD screen. The game library was pretty solid too! Problem was it was kinda ugly, had short battery life and it was much more expensive than the Gameboy… Still a great console though! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_Lynx

DansNull, to Diablo

Finished playing on the original . Game is a surprisingly good PC to Console port from the late 1990s, and it supports 2 player couch co-op! I still think the first Diablo is the best of all the Diablo games. It’s very difficult and not forgiving. Newer Diablo games feel too easy to me...

DansNull, to gaming

So many great indy games. Here’s a few that stand out, but there’s plenty more I can’t fit in 1 post

  • Celeste: Platformer
  • Deaths Door: Zelda-like
  • Tunic: Zelda-like
  • Papers Please: Puzzle
  • Scorn: Shooter
  • Stray: Action-Adventure
  • Teardown: Puzzle/Physics Sim
  • Unpacking: Puzzle
  • Inscryption: Card Game
  • Frost Punk: Strategy
  • Machinarium: Point+click Adventure
  • Fez: Platformer
  • Vampire Survivors: 2D Shooter
  • Midnight Ghost Hunt: Online Coop Shooter

DansNull, to diy

This is awesome. Site dedicated to toy and game repair via . https://toy-rescue.com/

DansNull, to random

My : I am a Software Engineer with experience in Game Development, UI and UX design, Web Development, and some Hardware Development. I am a borderline obsessive Gamer, and I enjoy reading books, playing board games, being a Dad, doing art, and writing music.

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