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What are these "bass" and "treble" that I see in an equalizer ?

I am not an audio person, so do not have much idea about technical terms - but I hear the words “bass” and “treble” almost everywhere now, especially in the equalizer app that came with a new bluetooth earbuds that I bought (yes, I am still very much a wired-earbud guy, just dipping my toes in the wireless earbud ocean)....

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Am torn between Daniel Stern and Jerry Seinfeld.

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It says that Piped is affected as well. This is probably a dumb question from me, but I use NewPipe in my phone to access YT - and it did not cause any trouble yet. I heard that the Piped project also uses NewPipe Extractor under the hood (which basically scrapes YT website). So why would Piped break but not NewPipe ?

otl, to privacy

Finally deleted my LinkedIn account!

After putting my account into "hibernation" for the past few weeks, I finally closed it. But I'm still looking for work. Thankfully I can still find positions (SRE and software dev) by just going directly to the company's site and finding a Jobs page.

Good luck to everyone else out there looking for work!

#privacy @privacy

DeadNinja, (edited )
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Linkedin is Facebook with a necktie and a blazer on.

Agree? (Lol)

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“galactic balls” - I am so going to use this phrase…

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Don’t be surprised. Such quirks are unimpossible in English… /s

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Privacy is not binary, it is a spectrum.

You have no fucking idea what a beautiful thing you just wrote.

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And if you wsnt a FOSS option for unlimited email aliases - Duckduckgo is a good option.

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