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#GenX guy living in the #eastbay. I post / boost mostly about #music, mostly from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, but also new music. #indie #punk #surf #hiphop #newwave etc. I also post about #nba #wnba #collegeradio #cats #politics #media #journalism #hiking #outdoors #searchmarketing #voicesearch #chatgpt #digitaladvertising #weather #allyship and things going on in the #bayarea. #fedi22

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Various – "Gods Favorite Dog" (1986)

My work soundtrack for the next 45 min.

Another comp that turned me on to most of these bands. Tracks are still kinda rare, like the Big Black track. I first got this after hearing the Killdozer cover of "Sweet Home Alabama".


Defiance, to vinyl
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Pailhead – “Don't Stand In Line” EP (1988)
7", 45 RPM on Wax Trax! Records

One of the more interesting collaborations, featuring Ian MacKaye, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, Ministry bassist Paul Barker, and drummer Eric Spicer from Naked Raygun.

Back of album sleeve. Blue and black design with lyrics for each song printed in white. Black 7" vinyl disc below

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@stevenray Same. I mean, Ian? Totally unexpected.

But then Ministry kinda started sounding more like this, especially in their Lard albums with Jello. So this was also quite ahead of its time.

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@stevenray Did you like their first album, the synth-pop one? I was always a bit shocked to see them change their sound so much afterwards.

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@stevenray Totally forgot RevCo was a side project. Yeah, they were intense lol

Defiance, to vinyl
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Black Flag – "Six Pack" (1981)
7" 45 RPM
Original SST pressing with black & white cover

This class punk anthem reminds me of the initial appeal I found in punk rock and underground music in general. Savage mockery of the worst parts of popular American culture, as it was at the time anyway.

Angry outsiders. The innately anti-authoritarian. These are my people!

Released 43 years ago this month, as @historyofpunkrock noted recently 👊

Back of album jacket has black hand written lyrics for all three songs, on white paper background. Band members listed in upper right corner. Below is side two of black vinyl 7" disc, with red label.

Defiance, to GenX
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Deidre Hall was on the show Hacks. As a guy I had to say "Oh cool! Electra Woman!!"

No one knew what I was talking about. I feel so alone in this world sometimes 😏

stevenray, to ExperimentalMusic
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I found out over the weekend that I'll have a track on the next compilation put out by Difficult Art & Music, scheduled for release around June 8 on . If you're not familiar with them, check 'em out.

I'll share info on another upcoming release in a week or so. 🙂


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@stevenray Woohoo! 🎉

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@stevenray I'm happy for you. Sounds exciting!

BTW, is it subscription only, or can I dl your track and/or the entire comp as a one time purchase?

Defiance, to random
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Oh man, my Nextdoor is gonna go crazy over this huge backlog of wage theft. They HATE all the crime we have these days!


Defiance, to ElectronicMusic
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Crammed Global Soundclash, 1980 -1989

Been listening to this jam packed compilation of eclectic sounds from around the world.

57 tracks by artists from Congo, the UK, Iran, Japan, France, Iraq, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Ethiopia & the U.S.


Defiance, to random
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Defiance, to random
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Just heard they reached the verdict at 4:20pm niiiiiiice 🥴

StillIRise1963, to random
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I support the RNC attendees bringing guns.

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@StillIRise1963 It'll keep things "polite"

Defiance, to vinyl
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Beastie Boys – Paul's Boutique
First pressing on Beastie Boys Records, Jul 25, 1989
Gatefold album jacket

First purchased this on vinyl because I wanted the full vinyl packaging experience and didn’t have many gatefold jackets like this.

Then I got the CD for portability and eventually to digitize. These days, I listen to the remastered digital version. But this remains a top 5 album.

Unfolded gatefold showing the two inner panels. Another wide angle shot of 80s Brooklyn Below is album sleeve with a picture of the three band members as taken underwater and in oversaturated color effect

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@billyjoebowers What a nice surprise! What I've been posting here lately is records I've had stashed away for years and haven't seen in a long time. It's been fun seeing what remains, including the various inserts. Also, some have surprisingly good value per Discogs.

I'd love to see some of your albums. I'm sure there's some good stuff found via your role at a distributor (I worked at an independent record store in the late 80s - early 90s, did a lot of buying used and ordering imports for myself lol)

Defiance, to Cruise
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In case anyone is interested in being trapped on a boat with Handsome Dick and Exene for five days 😷

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@icastico @mrcompletely Right? Damn, someone should do it already. Tons of material to reference lol

Defiance, to random
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The link in the web interface doesn't work for me so I've been trying other free services. Although it takes way too much time for what I'm posting (album covers and discs), I think I'll just keep doing it myself.

This is typical of what I'm finding 👇

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@sll This one


Could be me. 🤷‍♂️ lmk what you find

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@sll I guess we get what we pay for 🤷‍♂️

Defiance, to vinyl
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Minor Threat – Salad Days
7" on Dischord Records, 1985

I love every track on this EP!

This came with a 7"x28" folded one-sided insert with photos and lyrics, but I seem to have lost that. Not surprised. Pretty much on brand for me.

#VinylRecords #vinyl #PunkRock #hardcore #music

Back of album jacket. Mostly a black and white picture of a person running with a dog. Right side is black with white text with track listing. Disc below

Defiance, to vinyl
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XTC – Mayor Of Simpleton (1989)
Limited Edition, 12” 45 RPM single on Virgin Records

Cool that they took a new single that I like and added 3 of my favorite XTC songs. Makes for a perfect 4 track album.

A rendition of the three band members in the middle of the back album cover. Below we see the black vinyl disc with gray center label and black text.

Defiance, to vinyl
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Various – More Coffee For The Politicians (Phoenix Underground Music Compilation #3)
Placebo Records, 1985

Regionally focused comps were super helpful back before the internet. Best way to focus on a specific scene.

This one has a nice variety of musical styles. It's #3 in a series from Placebo spotlighting the Phoenix Scene (e.g. "This Is Phoenix, Not The Circle Jerks" and "Amuck").

There's a white paper insert with some Placebo Records and their respective prices listed. It's an order form you'd mail in.

#VinylRecords #vinyl #IndieRock #Experimental #Phoenix #compilation #music

Back album with red filtered image of a coffee cup and saucer. Blue text overlaid listing each track. Below is a white paper insert with black text. This is an order form

jake4480, to random
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Cubone on his mom on

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@jake4480 😻

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