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BuddhistNoBody from Twitter
Just some Buddhist who happens to appreciate Pete Buttigieg
Software Systems Engineer(ret), Counselor, Dog dad, Sailor, RVer, Gay

#TeamPete #SeditionHunters #OSINT
Trained at HHDL's North American seat Drepung Loseling at Emory University

DharmaDog on Post.News and Spoutible

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DharmaDog, to instagramreality
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The Associated Press:
Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information

"As the presidential election draws nearer, the spread of bogus information online is getting a huge boost from social media accounts that have been created anonymously."

DharmaDog, to Idaho
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"Thousands of paper hearts rained down inside the Idaho capitol as state lawmakers considered several bills targeting the LGBTQ+ community."

Thousands of paper hearts flood Idaho capital as lawmakers pass anti-LGBTQ+ bills

"The 48,000 paper hearts represented the 48,000 LGBTQ+ people living in Idaho."

DharmaDog, to random
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"NBC News asked transgender people from across the country to share how their life satisfaction has changed after transition."

10 trans people share how their life satisfaction has changed after transition

"Of the two dozen transgender people who reached out to NBC News, all but one said they were more satisfied with their lives after transition."

DharmaDog, to random
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"Speaker Mike Johnson has named Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of the House managers for the possible impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas."

Johnson names Marjorie Taylor Greene as Mayorkas impeachment manager | The Independent

"Georgia firebrand gets nod despite filing motion to vacate against speaker following government funding deal with Democrats."

DharmaDog, to oklahoma
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BREAKING: Nex Benedict's autopsy report released

Full Nex Benedict autopsy report released

"The long-awaited report about the death of the LGBTQ+ Oklahoma teenager was released on Wednesday."

DharmaDog, to random
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Lev Parnas Rips Trump, GOP Allies in Bombshell Testimony

"Lev Parnas, the former Rudy Giuliani associate who was central to Donald Trump’s scheme to find dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine, testified before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday and pointed the finger at Trump and his GOP allies in Congress."

DharmaDog, to random
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"Lev Parnas slammed former President Donald Trump and his associates for pushing what he said were false allegations against the Biden family..."

Lev Parnas, ex-Giuliani associate, testified allegations against Bidens are false and 'spread by the Kremlin'

"In his opening statement, Parnas maintained there is no evidence showing that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were linked to corruption in Ukraine."

DharmaDog, to random
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"Parnas said the theories on which Republicans have based their impeachment inquiry into Mr Biden are actually 'predicated on a bunch of false information that is being spread by the Kremlin' and have no basis in fact."

Lev Parnas dishes dirt on Rudy Giuliani and escaping the ‘Trump cult’ in madcap Biden impeachment hearing

DharmaDog, to random
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The Top Threat To Americans’ Health Is Not A Virus. It’s Disinformation

"In the 20th century, the average life expectancy of Americans increased by 30 years; 25 of them were due to public health. Vaccines played a major role..."

DharmaDog, to random
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DharmaDog, to buddhism
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"I’m worried that many of today’s researchers may think they know what they’re doing."

Deconstructing Mindfulness: Embracing a Complex Simplicity

"There’s been a marked increase in studies of mindfulness and meditation in recent years."

DharmaDog, to Colorado
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"The majority had no reason to nullify the insurrection clause other than an obvious desire to ensure that no other federal candidates are nixed from the ballot because of their participation in Jan. 6."

The Supreme Court's unanimous Trump ballot ruling is actually a 5–4 disaster.

"The majority had no reason to nullify the insurrection clause."

DharmaDog, to AppleTVPlus
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Available to stream beginning March 1st on AppleTV+.

The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin review – Noel Fielding comedy feels like daylight robbery | Television & radio | The Guardian

"The Mighty Boosh star brings his usual chaotic whimsy to this show about a would-be highwayman – but even a cast packed with comic geniuses can’t remove the stench of ‘Will this do?’"

DharmaDog, to random
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"... half or nearly half of residents support the view that Christians should dominate all areas of American society..."

Christian nationalism's support is strongest in rural, conservative states

"A new survey maps out support for Christian nationalist views state by state. Those views found most favor in conservative rural states such as Alabama and West Virginia."

DharmaDog, to random
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*WATCH (2min)
*PHOTOS (19)
Nex Benedict supporters rally outside Owasso High School in walkout event

"About 100 people gathered at a rally Monday morning outside Owasso High School in support of an Owasso teen whose death has sparked widespread outrage."

DharmaDog, to oklahoma
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‘I am humiliated and embarrassed for everyone who showed up today,’ Sean Cummings tells Oklahoma state education after Nex Benedict’s death.

Lawmaker blasts education board and Libs of TikTok after Nex Benedict’s death: ‘Blood on your hands’ | The Independent

"Oklahoma lawmaker accuses education board and Libs of TikTok of having blood on their hands over Nex Benedict death."

DharmaDog, to internet
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We’re disappointed by this brief because law professors should know better. It’s one thing for crackpots like former professor John Eastman to make legal arguments grounded only in wishes & rainbows. It’s another thing entirely coming from respected legal scholars.

Social Media Isn’t A Shopping Mall | Techdirt

"Something strange is happening in the legal academy, and we’re worried about it. On January 23, 2024, the progressive polic..."

DharmaDog, to Russia
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The Independent US:
Navalny's death has shown one Republican up as a coward

"Navalny was willing to take on Vladimir Putin and risk his life. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson is so afraid of losing his speakership that he caves to Marjorie Taylor Greene."

DharmaDog, to Astronomy
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April 8, 2024

Here Are the Best Places to View the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse | Scientific American

"Weather predictions and population statistics show the best spots to see the total solar eclipse over North America this April."

DharmaDog, to internet
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"The silent majority of every successful text-based social media site is lurkers."

The Verge:
Toward a unified taxonomy of text-based social media use

"Most people don’t post. They are lurkers. Everyone else gets a classification: commenter, reply guy, influencer, or poster."

DharmaDog, to Seattle
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"In Seattle over the weekend, two gay bars were raided by a task force looking for 'lewd conduct' by patrons and staff."

Seattle cops raided two gay bars, finding an exposed nipple & a jock strap - LGBTQ Nation

"You’re allowed to be who you are in Seattle as long as you don’t go into a gay bar."

DharmaDog, to Texas
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Protest Convoy Headed to Southern Border Is Calling Itself an ‘Army of God’

"Experts say that the Christian nationalist rhetoric adds a dangerous dimension to the standoff between Texas and the Federal Government."

DharmaDog, to random
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"LGBTQ people escaping persecution will be denied safe haven at our very doorstep, and left to fight for their lives abroad—a fight many will lose."

Proposed funding deal is deadly for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers

"What is perhaps most absurd about the reported deal is that it won’t actually solve any of the problems plaguing the immigration system, and will actually make things worse, writes Bridget Crawford."

DharmaDog, to Ethics
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"The Gaetz investigation is among the most closely watched processes on Capitol Hill."

Ethics probe into GOP’s Matt Gaetz reportedly reaches a new level

"The expectation was that the ethics investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz was nearing its end. New reporting suggests the probe is actually intensifying."

DharmaDog, to random
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FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter whose photo was featured in a Biden campaign ad

"Andy Steven Oliva-Lopez, a Jan. 6 rioter identified by online sleuths more than two years ago, was arrested and charged with assaulting law enforcement officers with chemical spray."

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