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Electronics engineer, but I mostly dabble in software. Actually I'm just doing too many things at the same time, all the time. Now I have started drawing comics again, as I did before I discovered computers. I mostly do this to keep myself sane, but I'm sharing the result—because why not.

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Any individuals out there that offer 3D printing in the UK? I'm looking for some tiny props, walls etc and wondered if anyone out there does anything like that. Happy to paint them myself.

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@robotwig Unfortunately I'm not in the UK, because my printer has become a lot more available since I'm past the “print all the useless but cool gadgets” phase.
I can give some advice though. For smaller detailed parts, a resin printer will be more suited than a filament printer. Especially when taking photographs where lighting matters, the typical layer lines could be annoying. They can be hidden through primer/filler and sanding, but resin prints will require much less preprocessing.

robotwig, to LV426
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One year ago today I posted this Alien Derelict photo I created using practical effects, figures and miniature sets.


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@robotwig You really got maximum result with minimal input on this one.

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@robotwig What I meant is that this display only consists of 4 pieces. 4 wery well-positioned and illuminated pieces of course!

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