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Küstengestrüpp, #Metalhead, #Wrestling-Hassliebe, Amateur-Verknoter, minimum wage scum. Capitalism, conservatism & institutionalized religions need to die. Trans rights are human rights. Nazi/fascist scum -> FOAD. He/Him, Er/Ihm, #queer

Avatar: Schwarz-Weiß-Selfie des Autors. Er trägt Brille, ein schwarzes Shirt, hat kurz geschorene Haare, ein Plüschtukan belagert ihn von seiner linken Schulter

Header: der Unterarm und die Hand des Autors, in ein regenbogenfarbenes, gedrehtes Seil gewickelt

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RickiTarr, to random
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Silly Story Time:

My husband has always been scared of spiders. If a spider needed removed I would be the one to deal with it, as I've always admired their work. For whatever reason, spiders love our Bathroom, and there always seems to be one or two in there no matter what hubs has tried to keep them out. So, I started naming them, I called one Henry, and I told hubs that he was really social, because every time you'd sit down on the toliet, he would pop out of his hole and just sit by your feet until you were done, then he'd crawl back. Another one would crawl out by the wall when you'd shower, and I told him that was Henry's wife Helena, and she was kind of a pervert, because she liked seeing people naked, but Henry didn't mind, because he liked them freaky. Whenever we would come out of the bathroom, we started giving updates about what Henry and Helena were up to. One day they disappeared, and we were both kind of sad, but last night hubs comes out of the bathroom, and says, Come look! He points to the wall by the toliet, and there is a little spider, and he says, Henry, he had a son! We are very excited about this development!

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@RickiTarr ☺️ That made me smile. Thanks for that!

Eisentukan, to Metal German
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Well, it's , right? Right 😐... another week to go through, hopefully with very little grief and annoyances. The sky outside's grey and overcast, so I'm a little worried when it comes to that...

...anyway. It's also ! And I'm in the mood for some raw, primitive, very primordial soup (with all the UGH!s one could possibly want). Have a , cvties! 🌤️🌈🌻 ->

Bandcamp link to the Hellhammer album/collection "Demon Entrails" -> https://centurymedia.bandcamp.com/album/demon-entrails

ryanhoulihan, to random
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@ryanhoulihan happywomensday! ☺️

Eisentukan, to random German
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For this I'm building a nasty Hammer Horror torture dungeon in my mind to imprison each and every vile piece of shhhhhure-that's-from-a-cow's-butt and then 🐀🍽️... ->

YouTube link to the Serpent Corpse song "Let The Rats Feed" -> https://youtube.com/watch?v=qCGfI1e9EUo&si=zCYh1m2ma7iQp7K1

Eisentukan, to random German
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Ah, yes! The first single or album I bought aka - that's @Nicolaa's prompt for this edition of @Kitty's much beloved ...

...the first CDs I got by myself were Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son..." and the following. I bought them at a local second hand store. Even though I snatched both at the same time I consider this one as my first ever music purchase ->

YouTube link to part VII of Iron Maiden's "The First Ten Years" singles collection -> https://youtube.com/watch?v=5vHRcNHb4-g&si=yTGFic0B_ruJXyvG

Eisentukan, to Metal German
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So... here's yet another , starting off a new week of all the usual bullshit grind. I kinda want to bitch and complain (and in a way I'm doing it now, I guess) but it's not gonna really improve things, so what the hell...

...to not bring the mood down too low: here some wonderful melancholic, atmospheric for all your Disappear-Into-The-Woods needs on this 🖤 ->

Bandcamp link to the Waldgeflüster album "Ruinen" -> https://blackmetalwaldgefluester.bandcamp.com/album/ruinen-2

Eisentukan, to Metal German
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So! , , , - good whatever your particular place in time may be. 🌞🌈🏵️💜

It's - "just" one more day to go (plus the remainder of today, of course) until the weekend will be upon us. To make the waiting game more palatable: !!!

A very enjoyable helping of classic, melodic from Maple Leaf Country 🇨🇦 will serve us well ->

Bandcamp link to the Slave Agent album "Alternate Histories" -> https://slaveagent.bandcamp.com/album/alternate-histories

Eisentukan, to SquaredCircle German
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Since 2024 is a leap year I'd like to remind everyone of the greatest promotion that never was: 1987's SOUTHPAW REGIONAL WRESTLING!!! On its way to their massive PPV extravaganza LETHAL LEAP YEAR 🤼🏆💪 ->

YouTube link to a playlist of Southpaw Regional Wrestling videos -> https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4AjyJhzpwcpYOJpAePQ6UKv_eC5ge3cW&si=XdujQXeImzSR679b

Eisentukan, to folk German
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This morning starts with some energetic and fiery , to put you all into a proper revolutionary yet positive mood! 😊🌹🌈 ->

Bandcamp link to the Apes Of The State/Sister Wife Sex Strike split "They Can't Kill Us All -> https://apesofthestate.bandcamp.com/album/they-cant-kill-us-all

Eisentukan, to random German
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Last night a little Mieze
Came purring to my door
Last night my little furball
Was rolling on the floor

She chirped "Come Toucan
I got a licence to snack
And don't give me no nonsense
I'll have the whole pack!"

In the midnight hour she meowed
"More, more, more!"
With a Miezen yell she meowed
"More, more, more!"

(from Billy Toucan's "Miezen Yell" 😸)

Eisentukan, to random German
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😃 rings bell ->

YouTube link to the Sif track "Kingseeker" -> https://youtube.com/watch?v=YAsud_QW0AY&si=LNnZhbiX18o84s4k

Binder, to random
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  • Eisentukan,
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    • any of the classic Star Wars spoof comics from Mad Magazine

    • "TOP SECRET!", starring Val Kilmer

    • Manilla Road's "Necropolis" ☝️

    Eisentukan, to funk German
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    A moody, frowny, kinda sad Toucan found his - nice, laid-back with sprinkles of and and organs and horns and all. Kewl shit. It seems to lift the mood...

    ... technically it's not my (because I started by being cat-cuddled 💜) but it could be yours. Plus it's also fitting for a ->

    Bandcamp link to the The Budos Band album "Burnt Offering" -> https://thebudosband.bandcamp.com/album/burnt-offering

    Eisentukan, to Metal German
    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    This is a special one :blobaww: : a mix of various styles of , blended together into something that feels old school and timeless and progressive. There's and and , old , Voivod, Vektor, Sepultura and dozens more. One can hear the influences clearly and at the same time the individual strands seamlessly flow into each other, forming its own. Wonderful! ->

    Edit: grammar

    Bandcamp link to the Sovereign album "Altered Realities" -> https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/altered-realities

    Carex, to random German
    @Carex@metalhead.club avatar

    Wieder einmal muss ich hiermit ankündigen, dass ich mich zurückziehe. Ich habe es versucht, aber meine Energie reicht nicht aus. Ich kann auch nicht nur ein bisschen und an guten Tagen etwas mehr teilhaben. Ich setzte mich selbst unter Druck. Außerdem lese ich trotz der ganzen Filter noch zu viel was mich negative beeinflusst. Mir tut es so leid um die schönen Dinge und um die netten Menschen, aber mein interner Filter scheint komplett kaputt zu sein.

    Alles Gute an euch!

    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    @Carex Sei umsichtig mit Dir, liebes Carex. ❤️‍🩹 Tu genau das, was Du brauchst wie es brauchst und so lange Du es brauchst.

    Und sei Dir gewiss, daß Du natürlich vermisst wirst - aber daß auch allen klar ist, daß Du es Dir so besser geht. Und das ist das Wichtige. ☺️

    Eisentukan, to Metal German
    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    Heute ist . "SCHON Donnerstag! 🥳", wie so manch Mitmensch sagen könnte. Und auch wenn es nicht mehr lang bis zum ist, so recht mag diese "Glas halb voll/leer"-Sichtweise mir nicht helfen...

    ...denn es ist seufz wieder zu früh und finster und eiskalt und außer schmutzigem Blei scheint da nicht viel zu sein. Naja. , die atmosphärische und -ige Variante, hilft evtl. ->

    Bandcamp-Link zum No Sun Rises-Album "Harmisod" -> https://no-sun-rises.bandcamp.com/album/harmisod

    Eisentukan, to random German
    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    So! Jetzt hab ich endlich erfolgreich Geburtstagsgeschenke eingepackt 🎁 (dauert doch immer länger als ich denke)...

    ...und jetzt geht's ans Barttrimmen und Rasieren (immer reichlich prekäre Vorhaben 😬) und dann wird geduscht. Hab nachher schließlich noch ein Date mit einer Katze!

    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    RE: Toucan's cat date 😻

    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    Smokey was very happy with me yesterday. ☺️

    Eisentukan, to random German
    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    Nachträgliches Geburtstagsgeschenk! Ui, ui! 😃

    Eisentukan, to random German
    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    morning. Darkness, freezing cold. A heavy and suffocating tomb of lead. Oof.

    Time for shanties. We're shipping out of here, me mateys ⚓🧭🌊 ->

    Bandcamp link to the The Dreadnoughts album "Into The North" -> https://thedreadnoughts.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-north

    Eisentukan, to random German
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    It is - and it's very cold and grey and damp'n'foggy around here. Luckily I get to stay away from work for the rest of the week and don't have to subject myself to the freezing elements for the time being...

    ... furthermore it's time for @neurothing's ! 😊 It's been a minute or two since I contributed to that, so I'm happy to add some hopefully fitting (and warming) tunes to this weeks prompt -> ...

    Eisentukan, to random German
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    Alright. 😓 It is once again time for the squats part of the Toucan's excercises *glares with dread...

    Radical_EgoCom, to random
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    People who dismiss solidarity as a myth undermine the potential for collective action and cooperation among humans. Such statements, as made below by @partnumber2, perpetuate a narrative that discourages social unity and reinforces hierarchical structures, which goes against the vision of a society built on mutual aid and shared resources.

    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    @Radical_EgoCom If history shows anything it is that things like cooperation, solidarity, communal living and organization, equity - simply caring for and helping one another - are THE most effective and benefical factors of human evolution.

    I'm always amazed when people try to sell this nonsense of humans being inherently unable to do those things, that they're somehow "unnatural". The effin' opposite is obviously true.

    @Eisentukan@mastodon.social avatar

    @Radical_EgoCom Humanity did not evolve because of hierarchies, egoism, "big" individuals and all that bullshit - it evolved DESPITE of them.

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