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#Berklee School of Music | Business Division
Owner: https://mastodon.social/@ESPR - Innovative music management firm
Still remembers when the internet was fun
If someone wants to show me how to #python that would be nice
#Music is the only reason

Header: An intelligent person stands at the head of his class ready to present his paper entitled “KPOP IS NOT A MUSIC REAL GENRE.”

Avatar: My Halloween 2023 recreation of Maria Callas’ “Think Different” Apple Computer ad from 1997.

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ErickaSimone, to apple
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#Apple #MacBook nerds. Does anyone know how to take a screenshot of an entire site page? I want to take a full screenshot of this copyright class and keep it. But not bit by bit. The entire thing.

I know the #iPhone used to let us do that. Is this still a thing? Please send help, thank you.

ErickaSimone, to queer
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As someone who considers herself an ally, just wanna start off by clarifying:

•Fuck Chil-fil-a. Will never see a dime of my money.
•Fuck Harry Potter as a staff, book and as a motherfuckin' movie ©️Tupac
•Fuck a Bud Light, dark, medium brown or whatever
•…and if you with any of these shts, you’re a complicit btch.

….Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Anyone on here use task organization apps like motion, routine, etc to help them prioritize their workloads and life?

Please help an ADHDer find something to stop over thinking and just do the things. All of the things. In order. Consistently. Thank you in advance.

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@exchgr have not, will give it a run. Thanks for the suggestion. I need SOMETHING.

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@mjibrower @webbj okay winners. I’ve been eyeing this tablet for a while and was wondering if that was a feature of this… the ability to share between apps, devices, calendars…. So you’re telling me it can do this? Because if so… game changer.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Bitch, they did not commit suic*de.
Never will we believe this one. Ever. Ne.Ver.


ErickaSimone, to random
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So you guys. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with the legend @imtheq to talk about my career in music, and how a former pre-med student found her way into the foolery of the music industry. I definitely need you guys to give this a listen when you have the time.

Thank you Amanda, for thinking I’m important for some reason. 💜

From: @imtheq

ErickaSimone, to random
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Anyone else remember when America wasn’t absolute radioactive garbage juice?

…yeah neither do I that’s really weird

ErickaSimone, to random
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Everytime I’m ready to give up and cry in the corner, something comes along that reminds me why I’d give up my life for music.

No, for real. If me jumping off a bridge would guarantee the next D’Angelo album, then I guess that’s what we’re doing. lol.

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@mrcompletely okay wait a minute this is actually pretty spectacular.

ErickaSimone, to random
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You ever have very small but meaningful moments when you realize you really have to navigate this world by yourself, all alone?

Because I’m sitting here in the Costco parking lot with a sore knee trying to move large amounts of water by myself for the first time in years…. and I’m having a moment.

Send hugs.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Me promoting the new cool jazz album that just dropped:


ErickaSimone, to random
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When you get the light bill and that sucker is out of control so you just walk around unplugging every single unnecessary appliance in your house for 15 minutes

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@HauntedOwlbear I may need one of those power testers because OMG WHO ELSE IS USING MY ELECTRICITY

ErickaSimone, to random
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Ankle and knee surgery.

…..Adulting is bullshit.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Well isn’t that disappointing.
The end of mastodon for me.
Or at least a hard stop.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Hey #doctormastodon. #medicalmastodon.

Okay. It’s my knee. Just number 2. What did I break now. Sigh.

ErickaSimone, to HipHop
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Her, NoName, IllCamille and Brittney Carter are definitely giving me hope for the future of women in #hiphop.

From: @SallyStrange

ErickaSimone, to random
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Name a television theme song that is better than 1984 Night Court. I will patiently wait.

•Taxi does not count. That was a bop when Bob James originally dropped it.

ErickaSimone, to random
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Now accepting applications for “LA Concert Buddy & Bestie.”

Tasks will include being fking awesome, ready to roll at any time, and occasional rides to San Gabriel valley for a ride home.

Pay and benefits include access to my FIRE music collection and playlists, occasional VIP and backstage access to client and friends shows, and mandatory great times.

Sobriety and tee-tollers are always welcome. We can sip ginger beer and just enjoy the scents in the air. No pressure here.

Apply below.

atomicpoet, to random
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Mastodon culture is incredibly ugly right now. The relentless dogpiling and harassment is despicable. We were lead to believe that lack of quoted boosts would prevent this, but that hasn’t happened.

Nine months ago, I received death threats regarding a comment someone left on a post. Keep in mind, I didn’t say the offending remark—I was being punished because the offender replied to me.

Thankfully, I have thick skin and I’m not going to let certain entitled assholes rob me of my space on the Fediverse.


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@atomicpoet so I’m not the only one catching this. Good to know. Sad to hear, but good to know.

ErickaSimone, to mastodon
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Quick update.

From Deveonte: “Hi nice people on #mastodon. I’ve never heard of it but if Ericka likes it, then it must be cool. Thank you for remembering me. I am doing good, and school is going okay. I will be taking a break to help take care of my mom and her health, but I will still do work on my certifications and degree. Still focused on my dreams. Thank you for believing in me.”

Yeah ima big sister this boy and his family til the end.

From: @ErickaSimone

ErickaSimone, to random
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Shoutout to @Flipboard and all the variations of the instance. You’re doing amazing work sweetheart(s). Keep that up.

ErickaSimone, to random
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A good friend went into pharmaceutical work in DC after graduating from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

She tells me monthly, that some of the drugs that these “politicians” are prescribed, using…. and sometimes abusing is enough to have her move to Spain and never return.

Alzheimer’s meds. Dementia meds. Abuse of adderall. While these people attempt to run* — or ruin — the country.

It’s very scary.

From: @tristansnell

Daojoan, (edited ) to random
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Mozilla and Automattic really duking it out for who can lose decades of community goodwill the fastest

@ErickaSimone@mastodon.social avatar

@Daojoan seems like most tech management right now.

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