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GrandPaw, Geek, Software Development Coach, Writer, Ass Pain. Continuously startled by people and people-stuff. Pronouns: Don't care, will respect yours. https://geepawhill.org

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GottaLaff, to random
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'Night all.

Still enduring the cold that apparently has become very attached to me.

I'll post alerts if they come my way.

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@GottaLaff Geez, still? That's ridiculous.

Beaming you the healing warm.


Lizette603_23, to random
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I gasped with surprise today (hard to do, I'm pushing 75).......my tomatoes, which have been through the hard method of germination and growth, long story, are COVERED WITH TINY GREEN BALLS WHERE YELLOW FLOWERS WERE TWO DAYS AGO. I can't describe the glee I feel each time I return to look at them and talk to them. Yes, I'm "that" old lady on her back deck whispering to someone. 🌱

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@Lizette603_23 NumNumSoon!

impactology, (edited ) to random
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Manifesto on the Teaching of Mathematics – Intellectual Mathematics by Viktor Blåsjö @viktorblasjo

Intellectual Mathematics is written for the intellectual fulfilment of the reader.

Gosh this was the most relatable rant of math education, specifically math textbooks I've come across

He maintains a blog, has a podcast and also has written free textbook on calculus (that follows his unique pedagogy) and history of math


@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@impactology Possibly a weird thing for me to say: this is almost exactly how I feel about computer geek pedagogy, too.

So much didactics, so little feel for the joy of free association, exploration, curiosity, experiment.

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@impactology When I'm teaching in code, some of the phrases I use:

"Mad sexy, yeah?"

"How fucking cool is that?!"

"Can you believe some bozo just thought of this?"

"Lemme just fuck with it for a minute."

Sometimes I tweak code, and I sound like an optometrist: "This lens, click-clack, or this lens? A, click-clack, or B?"

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@impactology Cool! I will check it out.

GeePawHill, to random
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Content, the truth is, prolly never was king. Or if it was, it was a short-lived reign.

You're about as likely to make it rich off of content creation as a talented actor is to make it rich off Hollywood, or a talented basketball player is to make it rich off the NBA.

It does happen, for sure. But it doesn't happen very often.

skinnylatte, to food
@skinnylatte@hachyderm.io avatar

15 years ago I was making travel / food videos for fun. I want to do it again, but I’m scared of becoming a ‘YouTube creator’


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@skinnylatte I certainly enjoy your food threads, TILs by the dozen, and also your photography threads, TILs by the dozen.

As a content creator myself, I have to say, I have come to believe there is almost no way to do it that doesn't imperil right livelihood.

I have seen some people do it, but they are very rare, and very gifted, and very lucky. I once thought I could, and now don't think I can.

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

99.9% of jobs do not require urgency of any kind, really they don't. We've all had a boss who acts like someone will die if we don't hit some made up deadline by people who don't even do the job. No one needs their meal 1 minute faster or the paperwork before tomorrow morning. Your time off actually doesn't need to wait. Sometimes I think about how legitimately bad most businesses are at time management and hiring, and I wonder how they manage to exist at all.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr I coach software development teams, am reasonably well-known for it, and have a certain record of success.

People ask me why I'm good at it.

I have certain knacks, to be sure, organic shit I don't really control.

But the key, usually, is just this: I am the only person in the room who doesn't give a shit about deadlines, or projects, or emergencies. The only thing that matters to me is the health of the team.

Software orgs rarely go out of business because of an "emergency".

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Alright, lots of heavy discussions today, so let's talk about something silly!

What is a movie that always makes you laugh?

Personal pick:

Anything Mel Brooks, but Robin Hood: Men in Tights, it's just funny every time I watch it.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr The Jerk. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A Fish Called Wanda.

Virginia's go-to is Time Bandits.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@Peternimmo @RickiTarr Local Hero is one of my best-all-time.

I recently started a dinner'n'a'movie with the gee-kids, I gave them three choices of film, they picked one (The King of Hearts).

But the second one was Local Hero. (Third was The Coca-Cola Kid).

All movies about what I think of as the second coming of age, not first love and charming dorkiness, but real adulthood, the transition from 25 to 35.

GeePawHill, to random
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Of all the things I miss from pre-COVID times, I think I mostly just miss American bar culture.

Strangers, on barstools, at the bar.

Watching a game, or Jeopardy, or a classic movie. Chatting with each other. Sometimes, in my case, just reading quietly, or maybe with my laptop playing a game.

But just, hangin' out, really.

Becoming, for a month here, a month there, once a whole year over there, a "regular".

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

I have many cool bar stories. Most of them don't center on substance abuse, either.

I've loved bars since I was a kid in the local beer taverns of Parsons, KS. Though I drinks a bit -- channeling Mr. Bojangles here -- I haven't always, and my love for bars isn't my love for alcohol.

I spent many a night downin' diet cokes, reading my book, hangin' with strangers, talkin' about whatever came up.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

One night, I joined my boss at a gig he'd been at for a while. I'd arrived Sunday, worked Monday, and it was Monday night.

We go to the hotel bar, bartender says, "Hey, Mike, neat Scotch and a Diet Coke?" I nodded, then he took the boss's order.

Boss leans over to me: "How the fuck do you do that?!?" I've been here six fucking weeks, and he doesn't know my name or my drink."

The secret: servers are almost like real people, and if you interact with them that way, they notice.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

Another time, somewhere in the Valley, I think(?), I was at a bar watching a basketball game. And two stools away sat a beautiful young woman.

And she watched the game, too, and she talked to me about it, and she knew her b-ball.

She scooted next to me, and she was charmin' the fuck outta me.

So she goes to the bathroom.

Bartender leans over, he says, "Dude, uhhh, she's workin'."

I was so shocked. "No shit? I thought I was just really in the zone."

He said, "Yeah, I could tell."

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

I came home from a gig with a sad big toe. Sad enough that I asked Virginia to take a look at it. She cluck-clucks, and as she touches it, the toenail comes off in a nasty bloody mess.

No choice, I had to confess: "Bar fight."

I wasn't in the bar fight, mind you. I'm not that kinda girl. But when the fight started, I stood up to go, and the guy in front of me scooted his barstool back, and the leg landed on my big toe, just as he got knocked back onto it.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

I once had a hard-drinking acquaintance in a bar tell me that he was dying of untreatable cancer, and that he didn't want any of his friends or family to know. He said I had always seemed like a nice guy who could keep a secret.

I could, and did.

He died, walking down a country road in a blizzard, when his best friend, driving down that country road in a blizzard, ran him over.

I still don't know if it was an assisted suicide.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

One night, at a place where I was regular -- the worst year of my life, to be honest -- a patron started shit-talking the little 5' tall female bartender who had cut him off.

She told him to leave. He said, "Who's gonna make me, you?"

Musta been 20 of us, all got off our barstools, all just turned towards him.

He was wasted, but he wasn't too wasted to walk away. :)

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

Once, arriving in Detroit, on a Saturday, I grabbed my bag and caught a cab, and he took me to the hotel. I told him to wait. Came back out, and said, "Hey, take me to a nice quiet bar, where I can have a drink and read my book and it'll be okay. No clubs, just a bar."

He nodded.

(Detroit has business venues on alleys rather than main drags.)

He takes me to this place, the alley is dark, and he points me towards this fence. "There."

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

I'm, you know, I'm a country boy, and I read me some stories, and I'm like, "Wait, what? That's a bar? Are you sure?"

He nodded.

So I put one foot out of the cab, but not my full weight on it.

Just then, some guy opens the wooden gate and comes out clearly wasted.

I asked him if it was legit bar. "Sure," he said, right through there."

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

So I strapped on my genitalia, got out the cab, and went through the wooden gate.

It was a wonderful bar.

Gay bar, very quiet, homey, chatty. The bartender loved classic movies. I read my book, drank very slowly, and watched the movie.

An absolutely charming place, I stayed for like six hours, and would go there any time. But I was never able to find it again.

mekkaokereke, to random
@mekkaokereke@hachyderm.io avatar

315 lbs X 16 reps.

Strength of Ancestors.


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@mekkaokereke You're a badass, my friend. You got a spotter there?

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@mekkaokereke Cool, good.

I am not a person who knows much about these things, so I wasn't doing knowing shit.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@mekkaokereke Just, you know, you're my Mekka, and I care for you.

GeePawHill, to random
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Here is how unimportant your vote for Biden is:

Republican legislatures all over this country have already passed laws -- and are continuing, desperately to pass laws -- to make it impossible for you to vote.

Sugar, if your vote didn't matter, they wouldn't be trying so hard to keep you from voting, or convince you not to.

StillIRise1963, to random
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If Black people gave up, please know a lot of YOU Americans out there wouldn’t have the rights YOU have. So, you need to understand that giving up isn’t an option.

@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 If Black Americans had ever given up, America would not be all the things so many Americans, even white supremacist Americans, take for granted.

To pick just one, imagine American music -- you'll have to imagine it, because we have zero exemplars of it -- without Black Americans refusing to give up.

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