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Designer, Artist, Intersectional Feminist, Spiritual, Nerdy. #art #portraits
Masks are visible expressions of solidarity, truth, & love.
Mottos: Love all, take shit from none.
Don't become what you hate.

She/Her #ActuallyAutistic #cPTSD #MeToo #Whistleblower

No racists, misogynists, TERFS, AI, Blockchain #nobot

Header: #Painting of a white woman, blue hair, reclining on sofa. Head leaning on hand.
Profile pic: self portrait painting (red headed white woman looking straight on.)

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CindyWeinstein, (edited ) to random
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Superb sign posted by @wigbert. Love this line: "As Librarians, we're not here to judge, we're here to help." Amen.

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@CindyWeinstein @wigbert librarians are the best. This is such a compassionate and trauma-informed idea.

JoBlakely, to art
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A better brighter pic of my latest painting.

Queen (after Hope Gangloff)
12 x 16” Oil on Arches Oil Paper

JoBlakely, to Palestine
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The powerful and clear presentation by Ralph Wilde to the ICJ of the actual history the Palestinians have suffered all this time from Israel and complicit nations and the necessary demands the ICJ must enforce to be a credible body and fulfill its mandate. It’s a must watch. Starts at 57:20


mondoweiss, to Palestine
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World Court hearing on legality of Israeli occupation ends following week of testimony

Over 50 nations presented testimony to the ICJ on the legality of the Israeli occupation, with the majority offering stirring arguments for Israeli accountability and justice for the Palestinians. An Advisory Opinion is expected sometime this summer.


@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel this summer?? How will that stop any genocide in time? Ugh. 😩

dangillmor, to random
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Extremists and book burners have allies in law enforcement, as this story from @404mediaco shows in frightening detail. https://www.404media.co/email/b3d9cb53-c0fa-43fc-b824-a302be50bb95/?ref=daily-stories-newsletter

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@dangillmor police showing up with no crime reported with a lawyer is a serious red flag. The lawyer should be disbarred for trying to create a crime where there is none, and the sheriff should be fired. They have too much time on their hands. They are looking for trouble to make, not stopping it.

chargrille, to random
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If anyone needs his mental health evaluated, it's a) the cop who did nothing but point a gun at Aaron's head while he was in flames & b) the people making excuses for bombing over 10,000 children to pieces in Gaza.

The people who want to see Aaron's protest buried, & the slaughter of children in Gaza continue, will talk about only one person's mental health today.

People who protest in this way are not presumptively mentally ill.

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@chargrille @violetmadder there was a climate activist Wynn Bruce in 2022 who self-immolated in front of the US Supreme Court.

It barely made any news at all anywhere. That’s the most tragic. No one seemed to care about him or his reasons.


mondoweiss, to Palestine
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Extraordinary charges of bias emerge against NYTimes reporter Anat Schwartz

New doubts are emerging about the New York Times’s coverage of sexual violence in the October 7 attack. The paper must explain why it broke its own rules by hiring a clearly biased writer who endorsed racist and violent rhetoric toward Palestinians.


@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel she should be charged with stochastic terrorism.

StillIRise1963, to random
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Let's stop mincing words and playing fucking games. Call things what they are. Use precise language. Traitors, fascists, nazis, confederates, terrorism, dictator, authoritarianism, racists are some of the proper descriptors.

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@StillIRise1963 Genocide. Siege Warfare.

JoBlakely, to random
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So the racist woman in my art group keeps saying racist shit, checking to see if anyone else will be on her side. (She clearly thinks they will).
Today she moaned that a gallery she wanted to submit her work to was ‘only accepting Black & underrepresented people this year. And it was a step too far for her. She now disliked the gallery. Why not 50%?!’

I said ‘ white people have had over 100 years to show exclusively. I think we can spare at least one year for those we excluded 100%.’

StillIRise1963, to random
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"Slaveowners sexually assaulted and abused their women slaves—and demanded reproduction from them. Rape was used as a tool to both force the women into submission and increase the profit of slaveholders through breeding. The slaves did their best to resist and rebel against such violence, while white women failed to oppose the gruesome behavior perpetrated by their husbands."


@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 slaves throughout history were often taken for their remarkable skills.
And because the enslavers depended on THEM for their livelihood, also resented and feared them, did whatever they could to devalue them in community, in their spirit, to make everyone believe the lie that white people were superior because they did violence.

ferngirl, to actuallyautistic
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Dear fellow neurodivergent peeps / @actuallyautistic , I'd like to look deeper into #autisticculture - I'd love your input.

If you can recommend any books / art / music by Autistic people, I'd love to hear about it.

If there already is a resource for Autistic culture, I'd love to know about it. If there isn't one, I'll consolidate what I find here & elsewhere on my website / blog.

Please share, comment, link - I want to learn! #ActuallyAutistc

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@ferngirl @actuallyautistic

Wonderful fun and quirky with goth humor children’s picture books from Kaz Windness. A modern day Edward Gorey. They are also queer.

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@ferngirl @actuallyautistic resources:
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
Neurodivergent Rebel

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@ferngirl @actuallyautistic I am also an artist and autistic.

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@ferngirl @actuallyautistic also…openly autistic comedians:
Fern Brady did a really funny dark humor podcast called Wheel of Misfortune taking about ‘trauma from a humorous lens). Still going, only she’s not on it anymore.

Hannah Gadsby has both her comedy specials and very interesting and 2 funny art history series. She studied art history.

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@ferngirl @actuallyautistic Erika Heidewald does a variety of things creatively. Has an podcast called Aliens Watching Reality TV from two autistics POV. Outspoken autistic.

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kcarruthers, (edited ) to random
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I’ve been re-reading all my history books about the Nazis. One thing that strikes me is how hard it was to fight back against Nazism from inside. The normative culture is so strong and everybody is just going along. Ordinary folks, with denouncing their neighbours to the Gestapo. The Gestapo was tiny only 32k. It was the ordinary people that were informing on their neighbours. Ordinary people enabled Nazism.

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@kcarruthers @K3V1NFLYNN @trending_bot the same methods were used by the Chinese in the Cultural Revolution. Just horrifying. family spied and reported on family. Neighbors on neighbours. You could trust no one. Everyone became isolated and afraid. A great book on that from a personal pov is Wild Swans by Jung Chang


andymoose, to random
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Bonnie H has Elon Musk’d her way into being thought of as some sort of saint by the mainstream media. She’s a fucking fraud and a psychopath.

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@thepoliticalcat @Juggler @andymoose A small few maybe. HCW have strong unions, have more power & privilege. I was assaulted at a Tim’s. I still wear respirator mask. They allowed themselves, colleagues, & patients to get disabled, helped overburden the system, confuse public, & destroy it from inside. The answer is not cave to violent fascists. The answer is stand stronger & more resolute knowing you stand in truth, in your rights as a worker, & respect your life, chosen purpose & education.

ned, (edited ) to random
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Ever heard of customer retention? Employee retention is far more important.

(sadly this exchange is purely imaginary)

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@swordgeek I agree 100% with this. HR are the worst and even if they know this, they also know that white male supremacy and profit taking and wage theft is above all reason.


Adam_Cadmon1, to random
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Why aren't voting days federal holidays or held on the weekends?

Passive voter suppression. It's been right there all along we just pretend not to see it.

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@Adam_Cadmon1 in Canada we have an abundance of polling stations in walking distance, plus you can easily register to vote upon arrival, as well as vote at any polling place convenient for you, and employers must allow us 3 consecutive paid hours time off to vote on voting day.

GottaLaff, to random
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1/… A New Orleans magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden robocall

>>Dean Phillips’ presidential campaign denounced the alleged actions of one of its consultants and said it may take legal action against him.

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@GottaLaff any arrests for election interference?

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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⚠️ Via @atrupar:

the loud part is getting louder

Republican Accountability:

Jack Posobiec at CPAC: “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.”



@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff @atrupar why doesn’t this get them all immediately in jail? How is this terrorism which is brazen and a legit potential not get them all charged with Treason? Amerikkka. This is treason. They should be charged treason. NOW.

“Treason refers to the betrayal of one's own country by attempting to overthrow the government through waging war against the state…”
Cornell University

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff people in power have abdicated their power to the capitalists and bigots and act as middlemen and trenches for fascism and oligarchy.
But the economy is doing great!
There is profit in enslaving people.

Melpomene, to random
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So, I need advice on and medical advice generally. Trying to get a DX when all your tests come back inconclusive is frustrating. Bout to drop $1400 on a file review. Maybe. When the last labs come back with nothing.

"It is tendonitis!" (Tests good)
"It is a repetitive stress injury!" (Nope)
"It is spine compression!" (Not likely based on MRI)
"It is neuropathy!" (Conduction etc fine)
"It is toxic metal!" (Nope)
"It is vitamin deficiency!" (Nope!)
"It is infectious!" (Not so far)
"It is an STI!" (I'm clean thanks)
"It is uh, long covid!" (Maybe)
"It is an allergy!" (Maybe)
"It is gut biome!" (Maybe)
"It might be MS but probably not!" (All clean MRI)
"You're too oversexed for your system!" (I mean, accurate prob)
"You've been cursed by eldritch forces!" (Fucking probably)
"You're developing magical powers!" (Worth the shit tbh)
"You're dying of something undetectable." (My late night fear)

@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@Melpomene the only advice I have are healing not diagnostic. Please see my pinned post thread on kefir (also bee propolis) and scientific studies on them for Covid, long COVID health.


@JoBlakely@mastodon.social avatar

@Melpomene it’s very yummy. I water mine down a bit and make a lassi.

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