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. Stories in the British Fantasy Society, 2022 HWA Poetry Showcase, Flame Tree Press, Crystal Lake Publishing, others. Codex, HWA.

Chief architect. Co-founder of Rocky Linux and the RESF.

New England.


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What the hell was the point of Arsenal signing him? The ink was barely dry on the contract and they offloaded him already?

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Love and use them for Photo, Publisher, and Designer, but there’s no alternative for Lightroom. And honestly, I like Lightroom. It truly is the best at what it does. Simple, easy to use, great features, thoughtful design.

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350k? As in, 350,000 images? Holy shit, man. How do you have that many pictures? And how much storage space does that eat up? All of it?

What non-FOSS software are you using that you wish you could replace?

For me its honestly a ton of my work software (digital forensics), shit is too niche to be replaced by good FOSS options. Cellebrite, Magnet Axiom, etc. Autopsy is great and free and has a linux version but it simply cannot get the same level of data without a pretty nutty level of custom code....

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Yeah I’ve been seeing this reasoning for many years now, but as someone who lives in Word and Excel for office work, it’s actually been a really long time since I couldn’t use Pages/Numbers/LibreOffice in place of Office just as effectively.

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The personalized, colorful web pages became streamlined, conforming to modern design standards and sacrificing individuality for uniformity.

There are some pretty big advantages to ‘modern design standards.’ For one, they make the Internet a less hostile place to users with accessibility needs. I don’t have problems viewing clashing colors, flying gifs, jumbled pages with no sanity, etc, but a hell of a lot of people with various disabilities sure do. I don’t want to even think about how screen readers try to deal with pages like that. Web1.0 offered absolutely nothing for those users who needed accessibility.

Apple already shipped attestation on the web, and we barely noticed (httptoolkit.com)

Apple has deployed a system called Private Access Tokens that allows web servers to verify if a device is legitimate before granting access. This works by having the browser request a signed token from Apple proving the device is approved. While this currently has limited impact due to Safari’s market share, there are concerns...

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There’s no need to be so nasty, friend. I’m removing your comment because this isn’t the in line with our community value of ‘be(e) nice’

Goldman Sachs wants out from Apple Card partnership (appleinsider.com)

tldr: Apple prohibits bullshit fees on their Apple Card that predatory lenders like Goldman rely on. Goldman isn’t able profit because they can’t fuck over customers, therefore they want out of the deal they have with Apple as the servicer of the Apple Card....

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It’s not even enshittification. If it were that at least would be understandable through a capitalistic lens, a natural part of an investor-owned process. It’s the actions and thinking of a man-child with all the brilliance of a 40 watt bulb. No logic is to be had here.

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This is a particularly low effort comment, provides no value, and is therefore unwelcome here. It’s also demonstrably nonsense, as others have shown you.

Please consider engaging intelligently, and in good faith.

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LOL @ Star Wars kid comment. Gave me a good chuckle. But, that’s not fair to the real Star Wars kid, my brother was just enjoying being him, living his best life! You do him dirty by debasing him to Musk’s level 😂

Rudantu, to technology

If you like @technology you gotta check out Posy.


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I’m removing this post because I don’t think it really fits /c/technology, and it does seem rather low effort and somewhat spammy.

Corsair acquires mechanical keyboard specialist Drop (www.theverge.com)

Corsair has acquired Drop, an online retailer known for its mechanical keyboards and keyboard accessories. Drop will continue to operate independently under the leadership of CEO Jef Holove. Corsair hopes to expand Drops brand globally through its supply chain and distribution network. Drop intends to continue its enthusiast-led...

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Join the club. Everyone is struggling, not just the artists.

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I agree with this. I don’t have a problem with porn, but allowing it on your platform instantiates one HELL of a burden on you.

Let them go to places dedicated to it, like PornHub. PH now has verification requirements, I believe, to protect people. I can’t be bothered to find the article right now, but in the last few weeks I recall reading something about a ton of child porn being traded on Facebook.

Bear 2 is a terrific notes app — and it only took forever to build (www.theverge.com)

Bear 2 is a major update to the popular note-taking app Bear, which was an immediate hit when it launched in 2016. The new version has taken a long time to build, over 5 years, as the developers decided to completely rewrite the underlying text editor to enable features like tables, GIFs, and footnotes. The developer says...

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I really love Bear, and I’m immensely relieved they’re not trying to bake AI garbage into it.

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