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I'm a 🕹️ gamer, 💻 libre game dev, 🗨️ comic maker, ✊ freedom lover, 🐧 Parabola GNU/Linux-libre user and ♠️ aro-ace.

I make this:
🌳 Repixture <https://codeberg.org/Wuzzy/Repixture>
🕹️ Games+mods for Minetest <https://wiki.minetest.net/User:Wuzzy>
🗨️ Nose Ears <https://wuzzy.neocities.org>

I help with:
🌱 Minetest <https://minetest.net>
🦔 Hedgewars (co-dev) <https://hedgewars.org>
🔣 Translations
🌟 Other free software

💬 XMPP: Wuzzy2@jabber.ccc.de
✉️ E-mail: Wuzzy@disroot.org

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Wuzzy, to gaming
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#Repixture 3.16.0 released! 🎉 😃 🎉

Featuring new sky colors, a new "label and graphite" item, fence gates, upside-down stairs and slabs, a new explosion system, death messages, and more.

▶️ ContentDB page: https://content.minetest.net/packages/Wuzzy/repixture/
▶️ Changelog: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?p=436424#p436424

#gaming #Minetest #release

Wuzzy, to queer
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Reasons why I will again be part of this year:

  1. To show presence as an + person
  2. To show you don't have to be ashamed of these identities
  3. I support the overall goals of and
  4. Not everyone needs romance to live a life—I'm living proof
  5. I used to feel shame for me not being into and I deluded myself thinking I was
  6. To me, Pride symbolizes my own overcoming of .

Wuzzy, to web
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According to the #Neocities stats, it turns out my Nose Ears website recently has passed the 2,000,000 total views mark! Cool.

I hope all my readers enjoyed the work so far. 🙂

If really like Nose Ears, please share it far and wide and tell people about it. I want Nose Ears to be seen. 🙂

▶️ Nose Ears: https://wuzzy.neocities.org/
▶️ Website profile: https://neocities.org/site/wuzzy

#NoseEars #webcomic #stats #web

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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I changed the trading menu in #Repixture a little to use icons instead of text. Here's a before/after comparison.

#Minetest #GameDev

Screenshot of Repixture trading menu (new version). A graphical icon-based list shows the list of possible trades.

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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New item in #Repixture: With label and graphite, you can not only name creatures, but also chests and other containers.

#GameDev #Minetest

Wuzzy, to news
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I know this is slightly dated, but as a former contributor, this is .


OpenStreetMap is awesome. But vandalism to get an unfair advantage in a game () is not.

But I also blame Pokémon Go; the game should have never trusted a source data blindly in the first place; if you know the Internet, you should have predicted this.

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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GossiTheDog, to random
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For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


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@GossiTheDog AI will be remembered by historians as "the thing that generated memes". 🤠

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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Experimenting with a new tree in #Repixture: The fir.
Fir wood will be the darkest wood in the game, and will be notably darker in painted form.

I plan to eventually add some kind of mountain biome, where the firs grow.

#GameDev #Minetest

Wuzzy, to random
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A not very well-understood form of is .

An thread. 🧵

Aphobia is bigotry against () or () people (sometimes agender, too). And in the following posts I will do a little explainer.

(I won't talk about agender, because I'm not agender.)


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#Aphobia is #cringe and wrong. What's the point? #Asexual/#aromantic people just wanna vibe. 😉

It's fine to not be that into #sex or #romance. It's fine to not feel sexually or romantic attracted to anyone. It's fine if you do have sex, but only rarely.

Sex and romance are deeply personal things, so don't let society put you down.

But aphobia says the opposite. Aphobia says that it is NOT okay, thus forcing everyone into sex and romance, even if it doesn't work.


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Here are the most common examples of :

▶️ Denial of the existence of asexual (ace) or aromantic (aro) people
▶️ Claiming that everyone craves sexual/romantic relationships

Denying our existence or experiences is one of the most basic ways to be aphobic. It's aphobic because it's just wrong.

There are more aces and aros than you think! Here are two very large online communities with people sharing their experiences:



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I had internalized .

For years I've bought into society's notions of being "important" in life.

There's the "sad " trope from TV that screwed me up. The idea is, if you're adult, and never had sex, you FAILED. 🙁

I never had sex, and I thought I was failing. But then I realized, I never truly needed sex to begin with. 🤯

prevented me from finding my true self. 😡

I am forever grateful for the community for their support. 😃


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More common examples of #aphobia:

> Showing "pity" towards aces and aros for "missing out" (we're fine, actually 🙄)
> Pretending the definitions are complex (did u read Wikipedia? 😛)
> Claiming that sexual and romantic attraction are equal for all (it suggests only cuz someone loves you they also want sex with you 😬)
> Framing aros/aces as yet another "invented" identities (my identity is very real, thank you 🙄)
> Calling aces/aros narcissistic for some reason 🤷


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may come even from the + community: There's this idea that and people do not belong to the LGBTQ+. A common excuse is we're not "oppressed enough". 🤡

Here's the thing: ALL and violate . No matter how you twist and turn it, it's impossible to be ace/aro AND fully comply with heteronormativity.

Excluding people who violate heteronormtivity is patently absurd.

I'm aro-ace, and therefore LGBTQIA+.


Wuzzy, to trans
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I have a theory why #transphobes like #ElonMusk HATE the word "#cisgender" so much.

Because this word implies that there isn't anything truly special or weird about #trans people. It helps to put things into perspective, and normalize trans people a bit.

Accepting the word "#cisgender" implies that trans people have a point (and they do). But if you're a transphobe blinded by hate, you can't have that. Even a simple word would be too much of a concession.

#IDAHOBIT #transphobia #hate

Wuzzy, to random
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What they do to #intersex children should HORRIFY everyone.

"Removal of gonads can end options for fertility and will lead to lifelong need for hormone #therapy. The genital surgeries done on intersex children can result in loss of sexual sensation and ongoing #pain. The procedures are #irreversible, in that tissue or organs that are removed cannot be replaced, nerves that are severed cannot be regrown, and scar tissue can limit options for future surgery."



Wuzzy, to science
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As long society accepts genital "surgeries" on babies so they conform to some bullshit norms, we cannot call ourselves enlightened.


"Two common goals of these cosmetic 'normalizing' surgeries on children’s genitals are to enable penetrative intercourse, and to help the child to and sexual norms"

It's based on , not .
It MUST be condemned like <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation>.

Wuzzy, to Meme
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Wuzzy, to exile
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is one of my favourite games in , even if it is still incomplete. It's all about survival in a strange land.

Here's a Let's Play:


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Oh no! It turned out I accidentally left the playlist on private, so the link didn't work. It is public now, please try the link again. I apologize for the inconvenience. 🤷‍♂️

Wuzzy, to politics
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Friends do not let friends vote fashists into power.

#fashism #power #politics #antifa #resistance #election

Wuzzy, to Germany
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I don't need a judge to know the #AfD party in #Germany is a #fashist threat. This party upholds an ideology of "ethnopluralism" which is basically the #nazi race ideology for the modern era. Also, many of its members are also deeply hostile to the #LGBTQIA+.

What the politicians say in public is already bad, but journalists keep uncovering dirty secrets.

@Volksverpetzer keeps exposing their lies. (Use a machine translator of your choice to understand German.)

Wuzzy, to news
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A German court just decided the Federal Office for the Protection of the #Constitution (#Verfassungsschutz) can continue to classify the #AfD party as a "rechtsextremer Verdachtsfall" ("suspected case of #right-wing #extremism"). This is the 2nd-worst classification. The worst is "gesichert rechtsextrem" ("assured right-wing extremism").

The judge said "The smoke alarm of the constitution goes off.".


#Germany #fashism #politics

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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Testing TNT blast resistance in #Repixture. Some blocks will resist explosions more than others.

#GameDev #Minetest

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