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kristiedegaris, to Fortnite avatar

Getting your game on the Fortnite Homebar is no small thing. And you get there by building a game that people enjoy and consistently play. Also, number 2 in 'People Love' this morning.

I know how hard my daughter worked, and it's amazing to see that work paying off.

Very proud mum.

Their game is Slime Tycoon and it's rated for ages 10 and up if you or your kids would like to play.

A screenshot of the fortnite 'people love' tab featuring lots of colourful thumbnails representing games you can play.

cedricdes, avatar

@kristiedegaris I wasn't familiar with Fortnite. Looks good. Gona try it this weekend

denzilferreira, to mentalhealth avatar

I’ve been journaling my daily work using Logseq for the past year or so. It has transformed how I work. It’s a log of the little wins I’ve tackled, notes on what was the route to success, and links to where the solution is, whether that is a Confluence doc, a PR on GitHub.

It is also a “memorium pool”, I no longer have to stress about remembering things. It has a powerful note linking mechanism that is automatic, I can find related notes easily and visualise how they are related to each other.

If something comes up during the day, I can tag it as /TODO and it will add that note on a calendar view so I can quickly glance if I have things I need to take care next week.

Give it a go. Remind yourself you win every day. Remind yourself that things do take time. Remind yourself that what you do today matters.

This post is not sponsored. It’s just me grateful for open-source. Want start your journaling today? Go here:

cedricdes, avatar

@denzilferreira where can I learn more about this automatic linking mechanism you mention please?

cedricdes, avatar

@denzilferreira the Data Overview plugin?

cedricdes, avatar

@denzilferreira does it search the words in your other notes' titles?

msquebanh, to Birds avatar

People who complain about wild singing so hard in the morning - are not my friends. I'm DELIGHTED about early morning bird songs!

Their bird calls YellTell me - We are happy in our habitat here! It's another day we are alive!

Their early morning bird songs, remind me of the importance of feeling of being able to enjoy another morning, another day, to relish in the fact I'm still alive & able to receive many opportunities that the dead no longer have.

cedricdes, avatar

@msquebanh Camping next to waterfalls is no different than camping next to a motorway, when it comes to sound. sorry this is my critical thinking. I know we're not on twitter here. Your message is about gratitude and I like it! 🙂

MIfoodie, (edited ) to random avatar

I'm curious, how many languages do you know and where do you reside? (I maxed out the amount of choices so Africa/Asia/Oceania stops at 2+

*Not programming languages

cedricdes, avatar

@MIfoodie I believe all Africans know at least two languages. I'm curious what your survey says but I think bilingualism is the norm, not the exception, in most parts of the world

ciredutempsEsme, to random French avatar

Les Ouigo c'est ouinul

cedricdes, avatar

@ciredutempsEsme pas sûr de comprendre la blague 🤔

jon, to Vivaldi avatar

Do people want AI in their browsers?

If the survey I did on Mastodon is anything to go by, most people do not.

2% Want AI in their browser.
25% Want AI in their browser, if their data is not used for other purposes, such as ads and profiling.
73% Do not want AI in their browser at all.

575 entered the poll.

A lot of browser companies are now pushing AI in their browsers.

I guess the 2% have a lot of browsers to choose between.

#browser #Vivaldi #Android #Windows #macos #Linux #Ios #Computer

cedricdes, avatar

@jon stay as you are Vivaldi!

Vivaldi, (edited ) to random avatar

You asked for it and we delivered!

Vivaldi Social just got updated with your highly-requested Translation and fresh themes.

To help you cross language barriers, Vivaldi Social now uses the freshly updated translation service powered by Lingvanex, a service you might be familiar with if you use our .

We’re excited to bring you these new experiences and look forward to bringing you more updates in the future. Check out the blog to learn more and how to can enable the changes:

cedricdes, avatar

@Vivaldi oh this will help liaising with the japanese community here!

magnusmanske, to random avatar

I made a thing:

Over >1300 public domain movies, tracked in and hosted by Commons, (and even YouTube), watchable from a bespoke interface.

Early days, even the name is not final yet. Suggestions welcome!

CC @nightrose

cedricdes, avatar

@magnusmanske thanks. Any recommendation on how to access it on a TV? My set top box has android

Vivaldi, to Oslo avatar

Wishing everyone a wonderful ! It’s -15ºC in , so our plan is to stay home all day. 🥶

Yours too? Then how about you sit down with a ☕️ and finally customise the ?

Choose a theme, rearrange icons, organise your tabs, create keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures…The possibilities are endless!

cedricdes, avatar

@mike @Vivaldi migration of your notes from Joplin to Vivaldi Notes? You don't use notes on mobile? (I do, therefore Joplin is currently better for my use case)

cedricdes, avatar

@mike yes the free cloud backup is superb (on Joplin I'm paying for that). If only they could make it mobile-friendly for example like this that was requested years ago, so I don't have much hope anymore @Vivaldi

RickiTarr, to random avatar

What do you think is a subject that most people misunderstand, and if they were more educated in the topic it would probably change their mind?

cedricdes, avatar

@RickiTarr the CO2 emissions of video streaming. What it takes to get electricity 24/7 in our homes. What it takes to run trains on schedule

cedricdes, avatar

@RickiTarr oh I have another one: what Google knows about us

cedricdes, avatar

@passenger @RickiTarr That's a good one! I've heard we consumers are the link that wastes the most

deborahh, to Evernote

Ahhhh. All my evenotes are imported into notesnook. Phew!

I'll spend a week making sure I like it and then... goodbye, ! \o/

cedricdes, avatar

@deborahh Joplin + Joplin Cloud is the one I recently started using. On Obsidian I had the same assumptions as you

partim, to random avatar

1998 called. They want their disruption notices back.

cedricdes, avatar

@partim what happened in 1998?

partim, (edited ) to random avatar

If you can only think of night trains in terms if economics and profit, then – I’m sorry – we can’t be friends.

cedricdes, avatar

@partim if the quality of services on board is good and if there is a market for travelling the route by night, I don't see why the operator wouldn't make profit

cedricdes, avatar

@partim But think of business customers for example. rather than a magical experience, they seek comfort and convenience, don't you think?

cedricdes, avatar

@partim we're on the same line ;-) totally agree. The sense of wonder! also applies to life in general. I like it.

partim, to random avatar

The next time a Dutch person tries to annoy me with the whole “schmetterling” thing, I’ll point out that it’s goldbeeren in German, oursons d’or in French and GOUDBEREN in Dutch.

cedricdes, avatar

@partim what about Goudberen in Dutch? I didn't get it. But yes, we've heard the Schmetterling comment too often

cedricdes, avatar

@partim ahah :-)

kristiedegaris, to random avatar

As a woman within the incredibly male dominated world of drystone walling, I have unfortunately experienced a lot of negative things that have really affected my mental health.

After taking a lot of time out, this week was a turning point. Working in beautiful rural Scotland & building this garden feature, I've been so enjoying drystone again. Working away happily in the sun, I realised that I can love and be involved in the craft without loving and being involved in the community.

cedricdes, avatar

@kristiedegaris beautiful work! What a pitty that the community sucks

dmanls, to random

Has Mastodon blocked mp3 uploads now? I was going to share some .

cedricdes, avatar

@gcrkrause Very clear! Indeed the Bundesländer in Germany don't necessarily "follow" each other.

cedricdes, avatar

@gcrkrause I didn't know that it wasn't part of the ActivityPub package, but I see a use case in being able to follow within Mastodon people who share things on other Fediverse services. like I'm following a Peertube account without owning a Peertube account myself. that's pretty cool

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