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Bringing hope to the world through Speculative Fiction. Interviews with writers, gamers, creators, and activists. Co-hosts also include: Cat Rambo, Alan Bailey, and Diane Morrison.

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Just a reminder to check out our latest interview with Jamie Lackey Also, We are GIVING BOOKS AWAY! If you can tell me one author Jamie recommends during her episode, I will send you a book. Email: itgodontpanic@gmail.com https://itgodp.libsyn.com/kickstarting-short-fiction-with-jamie-lackey

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In our final Solarpunk column for 2023, Alan, @jankwrites , @susankayequinn and @bartznavarre discuss vibes, how to improve Solarpunk world building, and bringing Solarpunk to a wider community. https://itgodp.libsyn.com/solapunk-giving-off-vibes-2023-panel

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Hey all, we are STILL looking for BIPOC artists to help us create an alternate logo for our 5th anniversary. THIS WILL BE A PAYING GIG. We only have one artist who contacted us. We'd love to see more portfolios. Email me at itgodontpanic@gmail.com. Please RT

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