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I build things. Keeping jQuery alive as the maintainer of Select2. #homeassistant #esphome #python #django #factorio are probably my most common tags.

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ehmatthes, to random
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For anyone still at looking for dinner plans, I think I'm going to head over to Bridges & Bourbon around 6 or 7. I ate there once, and would love to try something else.

I'm happy to eat alone after all this social time, and just as happy to spend another dinner sharing stories.

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@ehmatthes Did you end up getting food already? Looking to get a group for Bakersfield.

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Got a group of 5 so far, are you still around in the conference center?

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@pyOpenSci Are you going to be sprinting tomorrow at PyCon US?

offby1, to random
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Is there a separate #PyConUS discord for the sprints?

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@offby1 Generally no, some individual projects have their own Discords or Matrix servers, but there isn't a unified one for all projects sprinting.

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Good morning, it's the first day of Sprints! Sprints are open to all attendees and you don't have to reserve a spot ahead of time, just walk into the room and join the others working on the project.

Room 308: RouteE
Room 309: @pyohio call for proposals, @pyOpenSci
Room 310: Robyn, @coveragepy, Cloud Custodian, @numpy Comics
Room 315: Packaging, commitizen-tools

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ucodery, to random
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If you’re still at tomorrow come sprint! Maybe with @pyOpenSci

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@ucodery Do you mind if I grab this picture and use it elsewhere for announcing sprint locations?

kevin, to random
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"The winning solution is not always the best one", @tonybaloney talking about different ways to do parallel processing in Python

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You know a talk is good when it ends with a list of terms and conditions.

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Terms and conditions shown at the end of the talk.

  1. Specializations are not enabled in free-threading (yet)
  2. GitHub Actions does not have a free-threaded build
  3. Packaging does not detect the ABI for free-threading correctly
  4. Some benchmarks are slower with free-threading.
  5. The datetime module is not thread safe
  6. C extensions need to support multi-phase-init to be supported with sub interpreters
  7. Most of your 3rd party C extensions aren't supported yet
  8. Cython is not supported
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  1. Django does not work in sub interpreters because of (5)
  2. Did I mention the datetime module is not thread safe
  3. Most PyPI C extensions are not thread safe
  4. Orjson, pydantic-core, httptools, and uvloop don't compile
  5. Nothing using PY03 compiles
kevin, to random
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Watching the talk "Unlocking the Parallel Universe: Subinterpreters and Free-Threading in Python 3.13" by @tonybaloney at

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"The ABI is like the API... but with a B."

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"All the other core devs have these wild environments in Vim and Emacs and I have a dog in my editor"

carlton, to random
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Starting to get warmer ☀️ hopefully the plants will stop breeding now, and my nose will stop running. I love spring and all, but months of mild hay-fever is really boring.

I’m sure I never had this when I was younger. (Maybe I just didn’t notice 🤔)

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@carlton In the US at least, they had a major shift in the past couple decades involving what kinds of trees were planted or replaced which has greatly exacerbated the problem.


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After the fantastic keynote by Kate Chapman, are you wondering what you can do during the break? Check out an open space starting at 10am.

Room 308: Self hosting
Room 309: @pyOpenSci
Room 310/311: Meetup of Meetup Organizers
Room 315: SQL might be good?
Room 316: Real World Python
Room 318: Starting your Python community
Room 319: Open Source Architect Community
Room 320: AI/LLMs
Roof terrace: Improv games and warmups

kevin, to random
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Does anyone have a listing of how much the various items went for at the auction at last night?

kevin, to random
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I enjoyed the diversity and inclusion panel at PyCon, and I especially appreciated the call for support at the end for the various groups they represented.

Berlin: https://berlin.pyladies.com
@pytexas: https://www.pytexas.org/sponsorship/friends/
APAC: https://pycon.asia/
: https://apyb.python.org.br/
Ghana: https://linktr.ee/pyladiesghana

quixoticgeek, to random
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Listening to @notjustbikes latest podcast episode, and he mentions the lack of a cap on the OV chipkaart system. This is a feature, not a bug. OV Chipkaart is so cheap you'd really have to try some to hit a cap the same as the day travel card products. By not having a cap it makes it all very simple. The further you go, the more you pay, and you can change between services as long as you do it within 35 mins. That's it. It's that simple. 1/n

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@quixoticgeek I haven't listened to the podcast yet but isn't the idea of fare capping to not penalize people who inadvertently do travel a lot in a single day who didn't realize or otherwise would have purchased a day pass? Essentially replacing what would otherwise be a dedicated pass product with fare capping that aligns with it.

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Yeah that's honestly the weird part here, why even have day passes? Fare caps essentially replace day passes (or weekly, or monthly), so there's gotta be enough people already making use of those passes or someone would've removed them by now.

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But they have to tap in and out anyway, no? I think it would make more sense if they just had it load $7 on the card (or whatever the day pass costs and daily cap is) and move on. Heck, you could even sell pre-loaded "visitor cards" with a certain amount already on them, somewhat like what you can do with Osyter cards already.

webology, to random
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Also, big mood: "# type: ignore" is not the solution I want to turn to to get mypy happy with a Django project.

I had to use it a few times because I refused to use cast() to as a workaround for an explicit "type" that mypy disagreed with.

For typing to work and be useful in Python, we shouldn't have to have workarounds that only serve to make mypy not complain.

FWIW, using mypy helped me clean up 5 or 6 small things that were 💯 worth fixing. Then I had four or five that were not.

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@mpirnat @webology I feel like the odd one out here, the only times I've hit weird stuff with MyPy was trying to adapt it to an existing project. For new projects it's been largely painless (with the occasional generic stub issue). But I'm also largely dealing with CRUD APIs, so maybe I'm not hitting the scale required for the issues?

xahteiwi, (edited ) to random
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Guess: which of these appliances consumes the greatest amount of energy (as in kWh/month) in my home?

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You may want to re-create this poll with a longer time limit (1-7 days) to give more people time to notice and respond to it.

steffo, to fediverse


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    @steffo If you haven't done it already, I'd highly recommend following hashtags that you're interested in. That has dual benefits of letting you discover new things about your topics of interest as well as find new interesting people to follow.

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