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Hopelessly melomaniac and left handed. Concert Animal. Photo amateur. Miniature painter. Nerd.

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Among the public of last Saturday's mini festival in Düsseldorf, there was a girl that I would swear it was Sylvaine! But both, I was to shy to ask and it would have been weird if I would have done. Or maybe I was just too drunk? Why she would have been in such an underground random place?

But ahh... the doubt! 😂

Sylvaine "Abeyance"

(by @HailsandAles)

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Talking of the always amazing Chelsea Wolfe, I just want to remind you that she has a song with another amazing artist, probably my most favourite as of now and for whom I also have tickets this summer, Emma. 🖤🖤

Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle "Anhedonia"

#MusicWomenWednesday by @loewe

#darkwave #darkfolk

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Gonna keep it simple, so...

It's 16 days to:

Chelsea Wolfe "House of Self Undoing"

#MusicWomenWednesday (by @loewe)


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This sounded on Saturday during my painting session, only to remind me how much I liked this song, its story and the amazing voice of Victor García.

Sadly the lyrics are in spanish, but this is metal made beauty.

Avalanch "Xana"


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Music lovers with extensive private offline music libraries, I need your insights!

How do you manage your music genres?

Do you take care of them? Or just rely on some dataase autotagging? If you take care, do you go for umbrella genres (metal, rock, etc) or do you go more detailed subgenres (melodic death metal, progressive rock, etc)? or a mixture of both?

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I buy or have bought a lot of physical media in my life, so there is a lot of on my shelves: PF's "Meddle", Eluveitie's "Slania", ERR's "Marked for death", etc. But the hashtag calls for something more special and there is only one album, on CD, that I have scratched only due to extended overuse. It was my first CD ever, and therefore is my treasure.

Garbage "Special" (from Version 2.0)

@Kitty @satsuma

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Somewhere in Dresden.

lautmaler, to Shoegaze
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Good morning music fellas and welcome to a new (by @loewe)!!!

Yesterday (to no one's surprise) I got tickets for three amazing women. Let me bring you them today.

First, you know her, probably my most favourite artist of the past years. I bring you today the song that made me fell in love with her music.

Emma Ruth Rundle "Protection"


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A year ago I knew nothing about her. RYM tagged her as "pop" (among others) yet... she was in the program for Wacken '23! Whatever she would make, I could not miss it. If she was in Wacken, she must be worth of it. And oh my she was.

And she is releasing a new album in a month and I am curious to see what she will come up with. For now, a new single.

Eivør "Hugsi Bert Um Teg"



lautmaler, to random
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Guess which other song was released less than a month after I was born!

Can we agree already that Summer '85 was the best summer of the 80s? 😂

Kate Bush "Running up that Hill"

@Kitty @The_KamikaZEN

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For years I tried to find a song that was released exactly the day I was born. At some point I saw the date on this song, but different sources disagree on the exact date. At least I can say more or less sure that this song was first ever released in a time frame of +/- 5 days around the day I was born.

The Cure "In Between Days"

@Kitty @The_KamikaZEN

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You know it, you feel it, you can even smell it, ...it's in the air! it's Friday!!!

...but not a simple one, it's !!

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We need in Mastodon the possibility of cite, share or button-like-super-easy way of linking toots.

I keep seeing LBs in here without context, and when I go the profiles to check what the source post was, I find nothing. Most probably cause I am not allowed to see the original, which is fair, but at least I would like to know and, maybe, have the chance of following the original poster.

Otherwise, this is the next level of the old birdshite issue of "seeing the smoke but never the fire".

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I have to say that this all women band, which is plan to open for Chelsea Wolfe, are definitely winning me over. Dark, cold, somehow minimal, but so melodic too. I am loving their music.

Kaelan Mikla "Stormurinn"

HailsandAles, to fediverse
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@HailsandAles not exactly new music, but new live release. From 2 days ago:


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, (by @neurothing) or another excuse to share something from Emma 😉

Emma Ruth Rundle "Razor's edge"

Amaranthe "Razorblade" https://songwhip.com/amaranthe/razorblade

Trivium "Poison, the Knife or the Noose"

Be'lakor "From Scythe to Spectre"

Noctule "Elven Sword"

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Ok, whatevs. I surrender. Here it goes...

Chelsea Wolfe "The Culling"


(sorrynotsorry 🙈)

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Every topic is a good excuse to share a bit Chelsea Wolfe, don't you think so? Or maybe not, and it is just "Crazy Love" from my side ;P

Chelsea Wolfe

Van Morrison

@Kitty @SimoRavens19

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A very random question, have any of you #MetalheadConcerts fans, even get an e-book reader into a concert venue in Germany? Is there any regulation on that front or each venue does what they want?

I always tend to go very extremely light to concerts, fearing the security control at the entrance. But those 2+ hrs (one go, one back) of trains weight a lot, and a book feels like a perfect solution. But stupidly in Germany lockers at venues are AFTER the control... 😒

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With today's and its theme , @neurothing just gave me another excuse to share something from the amazing Emma 🙈

ERR "Arms I know so well"

GGGOLDDD "And I know now"

Sir Chloe "Know better"

Sharon Van Etten "You know me well"

Epica "Kingdom of Heaven Pt.5 - A new age dawns"

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Good morning dear music lovers!

Today is again my favourite hashtag, today It's (by @loewe )!!

Yesterday night, in a kind of last minute impulse, I got a ticket for next Monday and, guess what? It will be all women fronting on stage! So here is my menu for today.

Let's go! 👇 (1/4)

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Now, to atone myself from the previous, a song I must have shared already 3 o 4 times but... well deserved, it is masterpiece.

Dark Tranquillity "Lethe"

@Kitty @HailsandAles

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You know what day it is, but I do not know what to share so... I am just gonna drop a bit more of this artists cause of yes.

Chelsea Wolfe "Everything Turns Blue"

cc/ @loewe

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According to Last.fm it is my most listened to song ever. There must be something about never getting sick of it... 😅

Placebo "The Bitter End"

(Some of) the others...

Arch Enemy "My Apocalypse"

Eluveitie "Primordial Breath"

Iron Maiden "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

Dark Tranquillity "Lethe"

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Tomorrow I will be back to routine. 😔

Routine includes live music and tons of headbanging. 😈


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