Author of the Galvanic Century and Shadow Decade series, retrogamer, leftist. Solo gameDev, game writer, narrative designer. Looking for work.

Sometimes I produce podcasts. See the links for my YouTube channel.

Big coffee drinker. If I toot a toot for which you root, you are more than welcome to buy me a coffee to show your appeciation:

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GrantMeStrength, to random avatar

Every wondered how nerds played computer games before computers? We used pocket calculators.


@GrantMeStrength We had a "calculator club" in grade school. For the kids not cool enough for chess club.

Kidding, I was in chess club, too.

mcoorlim, to gamedev

Thinking about a parser based game. Wondering what kind of rates to budget for 640x480 backgrounds.

grumpygamer, (edited ) to random avatar

When you first launch a game do you...


@vger @grumpygamer see i'd call that a narrative dark/light path choice

Craigp, to random avatar

One thing I love about kinetic novels is that really, really incompetent people can make them and they'll be playable.

This is pretty much the only kind of game that can easily be "so bad it's good".

Most other kinds of games, the incompetent devs have to build the systems and interfaces, so the whole thing tends to become unplayable rather than hilarious.


@Craigp I've thought about making a visual novel but I don't know where I'd source the art. Daz3D, maybe, but it seems chiefly for porn.


@Craigp what's my best option, considering I don't want to disappoint people who are expecting porn due to a lack of porn? (Do not say porn)

mcoorlim, to comicbooks

Hey if you like I wrote a blog post on the cosmic pre-history of the comics universe. How long will it be accurate? Only Marvel editorial knows for sure!

mcoorlim, to godot

At a loose end and not sure what kind of project to take up. Should I write another novel? Start a web serial? Write some ? An action RPG or sim game in ? Videos on video game history? A
campaign book?

I need a side project now that I have a day job, to keep me moving, keep me creative.


@lextenebris A while back I was planning a project where I'd play old 80s and 90s game modules solo using a simple d6 oracle, converted to GURPS (simply because that's the system I understood best), and then rewritten as a narrative serial interspersed with asides about the mechanics involved.


@lextenebris Can you recommend a good journal/blogging game that has some kind of community where journalers read and comment on each others blogs?


@isaackuo there was a Pathfinder game a few years back that had IF mini-scenarios for puzzles and some interactions.


@lextenebris I have been trying to come up with a blog-plan so this is an appealing idea on several levels.

ellisdex, to random

there are two wolves inside of you. one wants to make weird as fuck little ditherpunk itch games and the other wants to make a giant sprawling fantasy game with Lore and Worldbuilding


@ellisdex FUCK how did you know

mcoorlim, to pixelart

I think it'd be neat to go back and adapt some of my novels into point n' click adventure games, but no way I could do the visuals. I'm capable of low-res stick figures at best.

dgar, to random avatar

It’s that time again!
Show me some memes!!

mcoorlim, to random

New video game history video up: Attack of the Pong Clones


Well, I say NEW but I made it over a year ago for a now-defunct channel.

Craigp, (edited ) to random avatar

Hmm, I'm interested in a game, but the art feels a little creepy.

Normally I'd wave that off, but these days I assume that means it's AI.


@Craigp What game?


@Craigp I see what you mean

grumpygamer, to random avatar

I spent weeks building a flexible and expandable loot system only to now realize what I really needed is a simple loot system.



@grumpygamer the saddest cyberman

GregStolze, to Podcast

OK, listeners, help me out here... If I started a podcast of me reading some of my old ...

  1. Would that make you happy? Maybe happy enough to part with some coin?

  2. What would be a good title, do you think?



  1. Fuck yes.

  2. Same answer.


@GregStolze @wgahnagl Uncle Greg's House of the Recondite

PRINCESSINTERNETCAFe, to random avatar

@ApNudd @PRINCESSINTERNETCAFe my experience was pretty much the same.

What's the Cohost situation? (This is me bringing it up so you can talk about it more)


@PRINCESSINTERNETCAFe @ApNudd oh god I'm glad I got confused by Cohost and wandered off instead of going all in.

golgaloth, to ai avatar

AI writing bots are getting better, but still cannot spin a story around a theme. We should stop them before they improve.


@Langhamian @golgaloth EU just passed legislation restricting generative AI and forcing compliance with EU copyright laws.

Opens them up to international litigation.

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