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Don't know how to build your green hydrogen plant; Danish Green Hydrogen Systems will sell you one in the 6 to 50MW range
-Colab with engineering firm BWSC to sell H2 plants, pre-engineered & optimized
-Based on GHS 6MW X-Series plant operating in Denmark


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New tech alert - Add Metal shavings and water, get hydrogen:
-Waste metal shavings have nano grooves that optimize catalyst coating
-Surface contact area with water increases, requiring less expensive catalyst use
-Industry produces millions of tons annually of metal shaving, allowing for quick & cheap upscaling of green H2 production


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Danish Topsoe goes Giga in the US after winning $136 million from IRA
-To build a 1GW plant in Chesterfield, Virginia
-Manufacturing electrolyzers with SOEC technology
-Total investment over $400 million


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Norway goes big: company orders world's largest hydrogen ships:
-Two ferries carrying 120 cars & 599 pax each on NO's longest route
-6.4MW fuel cells, running on locally produced H2
-Deliveries on 2026


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Chile's state-owned oil & gas company ENAP ordered a 1 MW hydrogen plant:
-German Neuman & Esser will supply PEM electrolyzer, compression, H2 storage & filling station, plus training
-Powered by ENAP's Vientos Patagonicos wind farm


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Scientists achieve one atom thick gold leaf - hydrogen production is one application
-Named Goldene, it transforms gold into a semi-conductor
-Adapted ancient metalwork technique to produce it
-May reduce gold use in the future


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Toyota to make new Lunar Rover for NASA:
-Named Luna Cruiser, powered by an H2 fuel cell with a 10,000 Km range
-Carries two astronauts for up to 30 days, pressurized cabin
-Deployed in 2031, in Artemis VII mission


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Polish bus maker Solaris gets orders for an additional 18 hydrogen buses from Frankfurt public transport operator:
-Frankfurt’s In-der-City-Bus had previously ordered 23 Urbino 12 Solaris buses between 2022 & 2024
-Solaris continues to grow its orders for H2 buses


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MOL Group inaugurates largest green hydrogen plant in Central & Eastern Europe
-€22m ($23.4m) investment, producing 1,600 tonnes H2/y
-Electrolyzers from Plug Power
-Located in Százhalombatta, Hungary


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

MadoquaPower2X, triples land area to 60 hectares to produce green hydrogen and ammonia in Sines, Portugal:
-Danish, Dutch & Portuguese consortium with a €2.8 billion investment
-560 MW electrolyzer capacity to produce 50K tons of green H2, 300K tons of ammonia in the first phase


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Scots turn to hydrogen to make Scotch whisky green:
-Scottish's Scotch producers pledge to go net-zero by 2040, 5 y before Scotland and 10 y before the UK's target
-Natural gas fuels the heating of stills, producers pivoting to H2


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Hysetco, a hydrogen mobility company, raises an extra €200 million from investor Hy24
-Hysetco supplies H2 and rents a turn-key fleet of H2 fuel cell vehicles
-Hy24 is an H2 investment fund, becomes the majority shareholder
-Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, Toyota France, & Kouros stay as minority shareholders


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Rotterdam Port to win a new hydrogen import hub:
-Hub will handle compressed H2 and ammonia
-Redeliveries via barges, rail, trucks & H2 grid
-Developed by Global Energy Storage & Provaris Energy


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

I'm excited to share my latest article on Onboard Hydrogen Storage! A deep dive into compressed, liquid, and cryo-compressed hydrogen! Read it here:

miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

The world record for the longest drone flight was hydrogen-powered: 12 hours, 7 min, and 22 sec:
-Korean Metavista drone with 6 Kg liquid H2 tank & Intelligent Energy 800W Fuel Cell Power Module
-Previous, battery powered, record: 2h 6m 7s
-Achieved in 2019


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

CAF hydrogen train, after making 500 miles without refueling in Spain, now tests in Portugal
-CAF H2 train is part FCH2Rail, a H2 train consortium
-Adapted CAF Civia 463 electric hybrid train with Toyota fuel cells
-In Spain's test tank still had fuel after arrival - range beyond 500 miles

Portugal test:
Spain test:

miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Canadian/UK First Hydrogen 1st Quarter update:
-Successful trials in cold weather of commercial vans with no performance loss
-Trials also proved the mobile green H2 refillers supplied by partners Protium Energy Solutions (Protium) and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions
-Interest from fleet operators in Quebec in H2 due to performance in cold


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Don't drill for white/geologic hydrogen - make it yourself:
-UT Austin gets DoE $1.7 million grant to make hydrogen from iron-rich rocks through serpentinization
-Serpentinization is one of the causes of H2 underground deposits


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Kid you not - Company unveils a Flux Capacitor:
-US NOVAdev goes back to the future, naming its adsorbed solid-state hydrogen tank Flux Capacitor
-Aims aviation sector
-30% more density than liquid H2
-15 to 30 Psi


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Japan gets its first hydrogen passenger vessel:
-33-metre long
-300 kW fuel cell
-Compressed H2
-Developed with Toyota, uses parts of Mirai


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Alaka'i's works on liquid hydrogen eVTOL:
-Lower weight than batteries allows longer 4 hours range
-1000 ponds payload
-10 m refuel time
-Certification planned for 2026



H2 is particularly suited for drones and evtol:
-longer range due to lower weight than batteries
-higher flight ceiling (no problem with lower temperatures)
-Liquid H2 will only increase this advantages


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I just published my Friday Pickups - Week's Renewable Energy Highlights.

Three World Firsts:
-Germany innovates big with €23 billion for Carbon Contracts for Difference
-Prototype offshore solar farm gets go-ahead
-Refueling ships that make H2 at sea with its renewable power


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

Farwind Energy works on a hydrogen energy ship concept:
-The ship will use offshore wind power to produce green hydrogen from seawater
-The ship then can sail to supply H2 to small island communities or refill ships at sea


miguel_pacheco, to Hydrogen Portuguese

🇬🇧 ⚡ 💧 🚧 🚜 ⛏️
UK gov wants hydrogen-powered farm and construction vehicles:
-Consultation opened today, 27 March
-Targets tractors, diggers & forklifts for use in the UK


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