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Physics and generalist programmer. Father. He/Him.
Consulting via ZeroSlipConsult.com for Remedy Entertainment on Alan Wake 2.
Ex. Unity, Q-Games, IO-Interactive, Square-Enix, Reto-Moto and European Spallation Source

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alcinnz, to random
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Judging by previous instances of this exact hypecycle, I predict it'll last 3-6 years.

I'd be willing to bet that by 2029 (maybe 2030) investors will be disappointed in generative AI & will largely cease funding any AI research.

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@alcinnz didn't it start in 2018?

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@alcinnz good point. I was thinking from the start of the deep learning craze. But the GPT stuff shoots off that. Such moneys💸.

A more boring, but practical, real application of GPTs would be search. Like searching for stuff that you don't know the names of. Like documentation for a new software system, or a scientific journal that you're not familiar with. Quite boring though.

sos, to cpp
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Just looked up how to do callbacks in C++ and YOU CAN'T (unless you write a bunch of templates and wrappers yourself).

When you pass a pointer to non-static member function, yopu need to handle the class pointer yourself. This is like the simplest thing, why can't C++ have that?

Love how the ISO standard website just tells you "Don't". What a joke.

#cpp #programming

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@sos you can use std::function to pass callbacks around.

eniko, to random
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sorry for being angry on main but someone who should really know better than to slide into my mentions with "actually covid is no big deal" really threw off the start of my day

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@eniko being angry on main is a human right

lritter, to random
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if a novice programmer can code something that runs in a safe language, then an experienced programmer can translate this program to optimized, high-performance semantics.

i theorize that the experienced programmer's job can be sufficiently automated, provided that we control the novice's language, without requiring silly differentiable algorithms.

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@lritter the class of systems that are safe, but also slow, is very large. Safe and sloppy can also be at odds: What happens when the runtime runs out of memory. If it's a distributed system, what happens when execution time approaches network timeout?

If the safe language can put hard bounds on mem and cpu time, it seems you've taken a big step in optimizing.

mariyadelano, to actuallyadhd
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Question for fellow @actuallyautistic and @actuallyadhd neurodivergent folks:

How do you explain your ideas to neurotypicals?

I constantly struggle because my brain has made connections that are not obvious to others, and when I try to guide them through my thinking I confuse them with details or by skipping explanations that seem obvious to me but completely surprising to anyone else.

Frameworks, links, anything is appreciated!

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@mariyadelano @actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd you could keep summarising in half the text, until you get one sentence. That would be the center of your idea. Then you can start putting the rest of pieces back in, in decreasing importance.
I think it's key to communicate your core idea most clearly, even if it means a butchered simplification. People learn as you fix the broken pieces of the explanation.

pervognsen, (edited ) to random
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I'm cautiously in favor of further AI development when done responsibly (which isn't happening right now), but any generated value needs to be fully socialized and not restricted, captured or managed by capital, nonprofits or other private interests. Regardless of your view on maximalist socialism, the AI case should be a no-brainer or at least highly compelling given the risks and benefits and especially the source of the data they're using to train their models.

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@pervognsen a counter argument to that is the whole issue of central planning is there's no push for innovation. ML based stuff can only choose known solutions.

djlink, (edited ) to random
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Only one can exist!

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@djlink now now, no need to create a fuss

aeva, to random
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random brain wandering:

Suppose you have a cellular space like a grid or a quad tree or such. Each cell intersecting a shape (say, a triangle) records relative surface feature (say, a plane) that might be useful for recovering or extrapolating a nearest point on surface. Maybe a cell stores an authoritative surface feature, or maybe it can have several, doesn't really matter for this post.

Then, empty neighbors use that data to generate their own (non-overlapping) relative surface features.

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@aeva is it for a single mesh or many? Can the mesh be a triangle soup or need it be closed watertight?

Ilovechai, to Autism
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@Ilovechai @actuallyautistic is there a video summary? Or something like that.

hazelweakly, to random
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how adhd am i? very. very highly extremely levels of adhd

You want me to design extremely resilient distributed systems and teach people how to do that, design architecture, and level up an organization? Sure, no problem

Make one single solitary tiny lil phone call or fill out even the barest hint of paperwork? Absolutely not, it is so hard

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@hazelweakly FWIW, a small table top dishwasher can do wonders for people who have to put it off for days. Sincerely, me.

lisyarus, to random
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I was really confused that the original Veach 97 paper that introduced multiple importance sampling describes something not directly applicable to pathtracing, with some unclear-how-to-use heuristics

I ended up re-deriving MIS myself and verifying it in several other sources

Now it turns out the pathtracing-relevant part is in the very end of the section, and only needs the simplest heuristic, and is equivalent to what I've derived earlier

That's a relief :)

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@lisyarus yes please

mcc, to random
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Hmm… I would say… this is not a very good error message.

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@mcc maybe this is not what you're looking for, but Samsung has a "Smart Switch" app that copies the whole phone to another phone. I think you're still able to use the original phone (no guarantee).

bruces, to random
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*Hmm. This is a pre-refutation of the Vinge Singularity that I hadn't seen before


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@bruces hmm, I'd love a refutation of The Singularity, I just don't it on the wiki page? Am I blind? If so, can you provide a gist of the argument?

cstross, to random
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New Brexit border tax ‘will cause chaos and food shortages' in weeks

Importers will have to pay up to £145 to bring small amounts of food products into the UK from the end of April.


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@cstross but this is per truck, right? And is much smaller for homogeneous cargo. So £20 / 1000 apples = £0.02 / apple.
Sure, not all trucks transport 1000 units, but stores could do cross-boarder transport together.

So big importers won't be hit, but small ones (with heterogeneous cargo) will.

glassbottommeg, to Unreal
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Well that's the, fourth?, complete source-control collapse I've navigated, so that's neat.

BTW, Perforce does NOT behave well when it runs out of space. It just stops. Literally. You can't even connect with the Administration interface to back out the changelist that ran you out of space. I fixed it with a reversion to backup + Reconcile Offline Work to pick up the lost work, and I think that's probably the cleanest option? Since you can likely assume the repo is corrupt if it train-wrecks into storage limits.

This will be of particular relevance to types, because yeeaaah sometimes a commit that you think is "well just a few asset packs and a small level chunk" randomly eats 8gb oops.

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@glassbottommeg does perforce have a minimum available disk space threshold? To be "fair" Linux systems usually behave badly when they run entirely out of disk space.

aeva, to random
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I forget what, but something reminded me of how in elementary school they put me in a speech therapy class where they essentially just taught me to talk slower. I never really thought much about that, but while I was thinking about it now I was reminded of how over the years I've had so many friends where we would just have long deep non-linear mile-a-minute conversations about stuff we're excited about and, well, most of them also have been diagnosed with ADHD at some point lol

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@rygorous wow, hospitalised? 😬 Do you mind me asking what went wrong there?

lisyarus, to random
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Trying some more interesting shapes other than cubes in my physics engine :)


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@lisyarus 👏👏

b0rk, to random
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i uh spend a lot of time thinking about whether various surprising software design choices are

a) intrinsic to the problem domain ("it turns out it DOES make sense!”)
b) made sense historically ("this made sense in 1992, but it didn't age well”)
c) just a typo/mistake (the "Referer" header)
d) related to budget/time constraints (“well, prototyping with shell scripts is fast!”)
e) cultural/organizational (“well, Google is the main funder for this project, and…”)
f) something else

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@b0rk do you have a stance on Git vs Mercurial?

vga256, (edited ) to bbs
@vga256@dialup.cafe avatar

the first rule of making games (and programming in general) is to downscope your ambitions by a factor of five, make a prototype, then divide that design again by a factor of three, and you'll have a project that's manageable and can be done in a reasonable time frame

and then there's projects like these, which began with "i wanna make an adventure game/art experience where a player connects to a bbs in a distant land". i called it Shima no Shima.

which meant, of course, that i had to simulate a BBS. and then simulate a software modem so the player could connect to it. and then design a filesystem so the player could download files. and then .. naturally design an operating system to manage the files.... 😬

two years later... i ended up with... a macintosh with a simplified macpaint and its own graphical terminal client 🤣

as of today, pretty much anything can be dragged and dropped, and it even has its own resource fork-like data so it understands which applications can run which data files.

edit: a few people have asked - this is made in Adventure Game Studio/AGS Script. 😅

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@vga256 so, how much game did you find there? It's not an impossible genre after all...

Nonilex, to Law
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“There comes a point,” Justice Felix Frankfurter wrote in 1949, “where this court should not be ignorant as judges of what we know as men.”

The #SupremeCourt’s decision on Wed to schedule arguments in April to consider #Trump’s argument that he is #immune from prosecution seemed colored by the lack of that #perspective.

By Adam Liptak

#criminal #law #SCOTUS #ActivistCourt #Jan6 #ElectionInterference

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@Nonilex if Trump is immune can't Biden just overrule the court? After all, he's immune...

mcc, to random
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Every time I watch a video of Mario Wonder speedrunning I am like "this looks so fun, I should start doing it" and then I do not.

I dunno. Getting to the point I can do it regularly sounds like a lot of work!! * _ *

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@mcc it's pretty good casual and not too long 👍

@morten_skaaning@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

@mcc is it good in casual play? 😅

ErikJonker, to Ukraine Dutch
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Another A-50 downed apparently, if confirmed really impressive, these planes and crews are scarce. Russia is not in control of the airspace, that's clear.

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@ErikJonker great news. Do you have a link to an English press release? 👍

dgar, (edited ) to random
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One Two Three Four!
I declare a meme war!
Do NOT neglect your !!

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