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I like it outside...on a bike, on a trail, on a bike on a trail. Time off the grid. When connected, I work in tech to help our brains process the world a little better. #cycling, #cognitivetraining

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stux, to random
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She has a real good example of how algorithms on platforms like Instagram not only try to make you addicted but also divide us even more

I real LOVE the fact Mastodon and most of the Fediverse software avoids this all together

A girl explaining comments shown on an example Instagram posts. It looks at your age, gender, interests and serves comments based on that.

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@stux - Holy moly. I was watching this video and thought to myself, "yep, @stux and th OP are right, enough of this" and I scroll down further in my Mastodon feed and the video POPS UP on the right hand side and keeps going. Well, for this old guy, I found that ironic.

Nonilex, to vexillology
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Justice tells he will NOT from related cases

Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. announced Wed that he will not recuse himself from Jan. 6-related cases at after Democratic lawmakers questioned whether he could be impartial following reports that an upside-down flew at his home in the weeks after the… [].


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@Nonilex - Dear Sam - We take no joy in reading about your wife's deteriorating mental state. You should retire so you can be there to ease her path as she slips from reality into pure delusion. Thoughts & prayers.

Mrfunkedude, to random
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I’m still not convinced any of you are real.

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@Mrfunkedude Can confirm. I am a figment of my own imagination.

MattMerk, to random
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This latest from @pluralistic is yet another great peek behind the curtain.

"... this is exactly what the self-driving car bros did over the past decade to convince us all that the human driver was already obsolete. The playbook was nearly identical, right down to the shameless huckster insisting that 'full self-driving is one to two years away' every year for a decade ..."


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@MattMerk @pluralistic - I participated in an AI Strategy meeting today and I used this when my boss said, "we need a vision."

I said, "Yeah, like a premature truth about what we will do in the future." They all nodded in concurrence. Thanks, Cory.

TonyStark, to random
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Joe Biden has taken more than 322 pro-environment actions since become President and likely isn’t done.

I know everyone thinks they’re an expert on everything on the internet now, but I have 3 decades of experience in environmental remediation and coal is the filthiest, most destructive energy source one could imagine. It’s an environmental and biological wrecking ball. This is important.

Biden ending new leases in America's top coal region:

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@TonyStark - +1 on this. A good buddy is a career EPA guy. He's been very happy with their progress during this administration.

BonnettsBooks, to bookstodon
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5/16/24 — Open 6-9p Mask recommended. No open drinks, please.

I have a soft spot for books in matched sets. It's said these riffed on James Bond–An
American art historian/collector uses his job as cover, & pays for his hobby performing hits for a secret gov't org.

The Eiger Sanction was also a 1975 mountain-climbing action film produced, starring, & dir. by Clint Eastwood, who did most of his own stunts.


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@BonnettsBooks @bookstodon @mastodonbooks - I absolutely love these books. Shibumi is an all time favorite book. I was so sad when "Trevanian" stopped their writing.

ElleGray, to random
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so. in January I was in a bad car accident. fractured spine, ruptured discs, cracked pelvis, broken arm. last 4 months have been v hard. tonight though I'm going back to my adult dance class for the first time. I wasn't sure I'd ever even walk properly again so this is a moment for me. a good one

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@ElleGray - I sincerely wish you the best.

GrimmReality, to random
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Some jackhole in the bar played that Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet song on the jukebox and Sheryl Crow seems to be a fairly decent person so it probably has to suck that you are now emblazoned digitally through all time singing dulcet poetry to a greasy kitchen mop in a hat who went on to become one of America's most strident publicly-declared neo-Nazis.

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@GrimmReality @panamared27401 @dannotdaniel And don’t forget Lance Arrmstrong.

morgfair, to random
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@morgfair @thepoliticalcat He’s a survivalist so I believe that he is of the opinion that the whole world can burn as long as he can retreat to his off-the-grid compound.

pluralistic, to random
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For 20+ years, I've processed all the info that came over my transom by blogging - mulling on why something I saw in the world caught my attention and trying to summarize it for strangers. This turns out to be a very powerful way to do a lot of different kinds of mental work:


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on pluralistic.net, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:



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@pluralistic -As always, a great read. The Boeing situation blows my mind. They create machines that carry people 8 miles ABOVE the ground.

grivettcarnac, to cycling
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    @grivettcarnac - Did you leave it on the wheel? If so, how does it look from the back? Any tips for getting in from that side?

    the_etrain, to random
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    Got invited to Gwyneth Paltrow's for a yoni egg hunt this weekend.

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    @the_etrain - You've single handedly made "yoni egg" the #1 searched term today. Legend.

    the_etrain, to random
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    I don't like when iPhone people "like" my text messages. Knock that shit off. We ain't microblogging here.

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    @the_etrain @Stoned_Deva_ a little thumb emoji appears in the corner of the text bubble.

    mrcompletely, to Women
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    Joni Mitchell - Coyote (live)

    Joni is one of the greatest to ever do it. My favorite lyricist of her or any generation and a uniquely sophisticated composer & creative vocalist. Joni is an artist of the first rank historically, second to no one, massively influential on the form and content of popular song. She's long been well loved and respected but recent years have brought more public recognition of her real status. All hail.

    #women #music #jazz #rock


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    @mrcompletely I completely agree. And man, in this video, that there “backing” band had some chops.

    Mrfunkedude, to random
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    Crap. It's laundry day again.

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @Mrfunkedude Thanks for the reminder. Laundry day was yesterday here and I forgot to get the last load out of the dryer. “A Wrinkle in Tee”

    mattsheffield, (edited ) to random
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    🧵 Reactionaries evaluate moral choices through identities rather than principles.

    What others may see as hypocrisy is actually consistent commitment to the power dynamic they obsessively follow.

    The rightfulness of an act is not determined by moral principles but by identity of the person or group committing it. #philosophy

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @mattsheffield I’m curious why you chose the moniker “Reactionaries” to describe this group.

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @mattsheffield -Thanks for responding. I don’t have a better word but I’m trying to form a clear picture in my mind as to what they are reacting.

    GottaLaff, to Ukraine
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    GOP can go straight to hell.

    Via Natasha Bertrand:

    New: "We're basically taking it out of hide."

    Without a confirmed budget or supplemental, Army officials say US Army Europe and Africa—which provides training & logistics support to Ukraine—will run out of operations $$ by May.


    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @GottaLaff - The GOP is controlled by a weak man that somehow convinced them that he has the gravitas of a mob boss. He will burn the world down and kill uncounted numbers of our fellow citizens to keep his corrupt ass out of jail. Are the lemmings crazy, weak, or evil?

    sharonecathcart, to random
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    Been in a bit of a dark space, and to top it all off we had to let our 17-year-old cat go last week. I promise I'll be back, sharing news articles and doing book promo ... but I thought you should all know.

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @sharonecathcart Sorry to read that. My condolences. Please take care.

    mike, to random
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    Can somebody tell me, was gun culture in the USA even a thing in the 50s and 60s? This seems like a newish phenomenon to me, yet it's passed off as "traditional values" I'm sensing a cultural con job here.

    However, I can't comment authoritatively as I'm on the outside looking in.

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @jekratz @mike Exactly. There was a takeover of the NRA in the 70s from an organization that promoted responsible gun ownership to an organization selling fear that your ‘unalienable’ gun rights are in jeopardy and we are here to protect your rights. It’s well documented. I’ll try and find the link to a summary by the historian Heather Cox Richardson.

    mekkaokereke, to random
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    NBA basketball player Michael Porter Jr says that women's basketball players shouldn't get paid nearly what men make, because they don't have as many fans, and aren't "packing out arenas" like men are.

    Look. I'm not even mad. I don't think he's wrong about player pay should be tied to league revenue, which is tied to in person attendance, online, and TV viewership.

    I'm not mad. I just know that he hasn't looked at his NBA champ Denver Nugget average game viewership, compared to Caitlin Clark.😬

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @mekkaokereke @reesecommabill Volleyball is an exciting sport that is very TV friendly.

    the_etrain, to random
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    I'm beginning to suspect none of us is Mark Ruffalo, and at least one of us is George Santos.

    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @the_etrain -Has anyone seen Mark Ruffalo and John Mastodon together in the same room? I have questions.

    drahardja, (edited ) to random
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    But senator, it would be impossible for my startup, Dave’s Deep Discount Bicycle Parts Emporium, to exist if I weren’t allowed to steal massive numbers of bicycles!

    “‘Impossible’ to create AI tools like ChatGPT without copyrighted material, OpenAI says”

    PS: THIS IS A JOKE. Copyright infringement is not directly comparable to stealing bicycles.


    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @drahardja - I’m convinced that OpenAI et al. will do this regardless and chalk any fines up to the cost of doing business. Just take a look at the toots from Proton this AM and any doubts are vanquished.

    pinskal, to Artist
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    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @pinskal - Powerful

    18+ Frances_Larina, to random
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    "Ex-police officer sentenced to 14 months in jail for killing Elijah McClain in 2019"

    "Judge Mark Warner gave Roedema a sentence of probation and no state prison time for the homicide conviction and the 14-month jail sentence for the assault, with authorized work release."

    Quick question: Does this mean he'll find it harder to find another job as a cop, or easier?


    @patmikemid@sfba.social avatar

    @Frances_Larina I predict zero problems finding a job. The paramedics will have a much harder time.

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