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persagen, to ukteachers
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A different kind of youth activist: Meet the high schoolers who invented a microplastics solution
At this year's International Science and Engineering Fair, students showcased projects aimed at tackling some of the world's biggest challenges

  • our next generation(s): clever, innovative, engaged 👍️ 🙏 😀 🔬

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Mandate for Leadership Then/Now
Heritage Foundation’s 1980 manual to roll back gov., free markets
2025 vision is far more extreme/dangerous

  • de facto, long-standing conservative guide to GOP for U.S. federal governance

Project 2025: Guide to Subverting Democracy
2nd Trump admin. would weaponize existing government agencies to dismantle democracy

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This article is part of “Project 2025: The Plot Against America,” a Nation special issue devoted to unpacking the right’s vast and chilling program for a second Trump term.

The Nation: Print magazine,June 2024 Issue

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🎵 Morning ☮-in

Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child (Wild One)

Namaste 🙏 🕊

persagen, to twitter
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Tiny number of ‘supersharers’ spread the vast majority of fake news
Less than 1% of Twitter users posted 80% of misinformation about the 2020 U.S. presidential election

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[UC Berkeley] Scientific glassblower continues century-old campus tradition

I remember a master scientific glassblower at Dalhousie University (Halifax, N.S., Canada), also in the Chemistry Department. Astounding work, intricacy.

I did a summer undergraduate placement in an organic lab, shared with physical chemistry graduate students. A small explosion destroyed that apparatus (sim. to @2:20 in video); reconstructed thereafter ...

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Trump posted a video on Truth Social calling the country a 'unified reich' if he wins

Fascist Trump Winks at Nazis With Latest Video
The video promises a “unified reich” if Trump retakes the White House. You can probably take that threat seriously

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In Backing Trump, America’s Billionaires Are Digging Their Own Graves
The right-wing uber-rich think they’re stopping “communism.” What they’re abetting is an extremism that will one day come for them

The Governor of Texas Nods to White Supremacist Violence
Greg Abbott’s pardon is an attack on multiracial democracy

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🎵 Morning ☮-in

Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Official Video)

Namaste 🙏 🕊

persagen, to Israel
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Report Indicates Israel Uses WhatsApp Data in Targeted Killings of Palestinians
“By using WhatsApp, people are risking their lives,” one human rights advocate said

Palestinian digital rights group Sada Social accused Meta, which owns WhatsApp, of fueling "Lavender" artificial intelligence system used by the Israeli military to kill Palestinian individuals within the Gaza enclave

persagen, to Costco
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[Canada] Walmart, Costco refusing to sign grocery code of conduct 'untenable': industry minister

[USA] Walmart Is Still Putting Ebenezer Scrooge to Shame
Infamous for its starvation wages, Walmart just posted staggering first-quarter profits. The surge is a result of its strategic shift toward catering to affluent shoppers while its full-time workers continue to rely on Medicaid and food stamps

persagen, to Canada
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International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

May 17 annually
Posted a day late: apologies; busy yesterday (up at 5 am 😯 😉)

~400 walk backwards in Montreal to symbolize decline of 2SLGBTQIA+ rights

  • Anti-LGBTQ+ hatred spreading, leading to a significant increase in violence against LGBTQ+ people or those perceived as such
  • 2023 marked by numerous homicides targeting members of these communities


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🎵 Morning ☮-in

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Official Video)

Parodied here:
The Simpsons - Planet Of The Apes Musical - Dr. Zaius

Namaste 🙏 🕊

persagen, to Canada
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[Canada] Trudeau calls New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative government a disgrace on women's rights

  • re: provincial gov. position on abortion, LGBTQ youth, climate change
  • N.B. Premier Blaine Higgs doesn't respect woman's right to choose
  • N.B. regulation prohibits public funding for abortions admin. outside hospitals
  • criticized Higgs' policy on gender identity in schools

persagen, to Israel
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Biden Advances $1.2B Transfer of Ground-Based Weapons to Israel Amid Rafah Raid
The deal would reportedly provide tank ammunition and tactical vehicles — equipment Israel could use in an invasion

persagen, to Canada
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2SLGBTQIA+ Groups Plan Biggest Political Action in Decades to Combat Rising Hate in Canada
Rainbow Week of Action planned in cities across Canada

  • Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre started promoting anti-trans & anti-science policies ahead of next year’s federal election
  • Queer members & self-proclaimed queer allies within Conservative party tow party line

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  • Conservative politicians across Canada mainstreamed anti-2SLGBTQIA+ hate in response to pressure f. far-right hate groups * evolved f. 2022 Freedom Convoy occupations

  • Conservatives scapegoating marginalized communities for society’s troubles rather than addressing crumbling health care, housing affordability, stagnating wages, inflation

  • Several of Canada’s largest unions support Rainbow Week of Action: Unifor; CUPE; PSAC

  • Rainbow Week of Action: https://www.rainbowequality.ca/events

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Pierre Poilievre & Politics of Intimidation
Conservatives emboldening violent extremists & undermining democracy

  • began w. endorsement of Poilievre’s leadership by hate agitator Alex Jones
  • followed by blockade appearance where Poilievre posed w. trailer adorned w. defaced Canadian flags & extremist Diagolon symbol
  • politics of intimidation playing increasingly toxic role in Canadian politics

#Canada #hatred #populism #FarRight #conservativism #CultureWars #Poilievre

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Pg-RSS external news feeds: Saturday 2024-05-04
News/analytics re: abuses of wealth, power, influence

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Victoria, Persagen.com 🙏

#persagen #news #CurrentEvents #politics #wealth #power #influence #ideology #populism #CultureWars #discrimination #HumanRights #LGBTQ+ #justice #climate #environment #capitalism #inequality #SocialJustice

Image: Pg-RSS news feed

persagen, to Canada
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[Canada] Red dresses to make fashion statement about missing and murdered Indigenous women

  • Red Dress Day was inspired by Metis artist Jamie Black's installation project
  • red dresses hung in public spaces throughout Canada & U.S. as visual reminders of Indigenous women who have been killed/missing
  • movement grown to incl. local communities hosting walks, events, educational gatherings

persagen, to coffee
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Companies Use Poison to Make Your Decaf Coffee



persagen, to climate
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Experts predicted olive oil prices would skyrocket due to scorching temperatures. They were right 🫒
Olive oil trees are now “exceedingly” vulnerable to the climate crisis, many analysts warned

Image: grrr...... 🤬 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada grrr...

#EVOO #OliveOil #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #greedflation (Loblaws)

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Wild orangutan treats wound with pain-relieving plant
A wild orangutan was observed applying a plant with known medicinal properties to a wound, a first for a wild animal

Active self-treatment of a facial wound with a biologically active plant by a male Sumatran orangutan


persagen, to Germany
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persagen, to missouri
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Anti-Trans Missouri A.G. Can Access Trans People’s Medical Records

  • judge ruled Missouri A.G. Andrew Bailey entitled to Planned Parenthood’s transgender care records
  • orders nonprofit to turn over some most sensitive files to man who built his unelected political career on restricting health care access for trans people


#Missouri #transgender #transphobia #AndrewBailey #neofascism #HIPAA #GOP #RepublicanParty #Trumpism

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