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pivoinebleue, to Fashion

OMG! So she cannot stand for human rights and is not allowed to express her freedom of speech. She did nothing wrong.

Harper's Bazaar editor-in-chief Samira Nasr in jeapordy of losing her ... | Fashion Journalism | TikTok


> Harper's Bazaar editor-in-chief Samira Nasr in jeapordy of losing her job after her comments on Israel's move to cut power to Gaza.

pivoinebleue, to Israel

Lindsey Graham needs to resign!!

Qasim Rashid, Esq. on TikTok


> A sitting US Senator just called to commit war crimes against Palestinians 😳. This is horrific, illegal, and unacceptable. We need to protect all civilians with justice and rule of international human rights law, not enable more war crimes.

pivoinebleue, to random

Western nation math & its hypocrisy & lack or accountability & interse... | Math | TikTok


> Western nation math & its hypocrisy & lack or accountability & intersectionality

pivoinebleue, to Cat


with @Pubity Pets I need this love 😢 ... | kareemisland | TikTok


> with @Pubity Pets I need this love 😢

pivoinebleue, to random

The Israeli Government has Palestinians in Gaza potato chips. WTH

@ajplus • Israel and Gaza are not two countries at war. Gaza is a territory under siege, where every aspect... • Threads


> Israel and Gaza are not two countries at war. Gaza is a territory under siege, where every aspect of life is controlled by Israel.

pivoinebleue, to random


Leaked Emails Warn U.S. Diplomats Against Calling For Israeli ‘De-Escalation’ In Gaza


> As Israel escalates its offensive, U.S. diplomats are being discouraged from publicly using three phrases that would urge calm.

pivoinebleue, to random


Ecuadorian Diplomat Found Dead in Moscow Apartment, State Media Reports


> Nikolay Asmolovskiy/ReutersAn employee of the Ecuadorian embassy in Russia was found dead in a Moscow apartment, Russian state media reported Thursday. A source told RIA Novosti that preliminary information indicated that the death of Jorge Patricio Palacios Porras—who is listed on the embassy website as its plenipotentiary minister—“is not of a criminal nature.”


Russian diplomat Nikolay Kobrinets, found dead at Istanbul hotel – Cedar News


> Nikolay KobrinetsRussian diplomat Nikolay Kobrinets, head of the Department of European Cooperation, found dead at Istanbul hotel, foreign ministry says.

pivoinebleue, to random
pivoinebleue, to random

The people in Gaza have not had water for 6 days!! This is what apartheid looks like. This is cruel. Innocent people and especially children suffer from extremists attitudes. Sickening.

UN chief says situation in Gaza has reached ‘a dangerous new low’ | Al Arabiya English


> UN chief Antonio Guterres appealed Friday for the protection of basic human rights as the Israel-Hamas conflict spiraled, stressing that “even wars have rules

pivoinebleue, to random

I suppose :donaldtrump: Schlumpy Schlump doesn't want to be the alone in the impeached club. Although imo Netanyahu needs to go because he is just too corrupt.

Trump Says He Wants Netanyahu ‘Impeached’ Amid Israel-Hamas War – Rolling Stone


> The former president is using the crisis to plot revenge on the Israeli prime minister who refused to buy into the lie that the 2020 election was stolen

pivoinebleue, to random

is paralyzed because of the .
Republicans are fighting and behaving like petulant brats!
Remember this when you cast your vote. Do you want a functioning Government or do you want this chaos created by the Republicans?? Republicans cannot and do not govern.

pivoinebleue, to random

There is no way to evacuate 1 million people in 24 hours. How in the hell is this supposed to happen. OMG the cruelty of the Israeli government.

Israel tells UN to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip within 24 hours


> More than 1 million Palestinians live in this area.

pivoinebleue, to random

The War on Gaza Must Not Be Waged in Our Name | The Nation


> Being a Jew for a free Palestine is not easy. It’s also never been more necessary to stand in solidarity.

pivoinebleue, to news

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli troops are massing at Gaza’s border, ... | TikTok


> Hundreds of thousands of Israeli troops are massing at Gaza’s border, waiting for the go-ahead to invade. Some 1,300 people in Gaza have died in the last five days — and officials say they are running out of supplies: “They’ve bombed everything.”


Middle East Eye on TikTok


> Middle East Eye journalist in Gaza has a message to the world “Hello world, this might be my last video as my phone battery is dying.” Maha Hussaini, Middle East Eye correspondent in Gaza, has a message to the world.

pivoinebleue, to random

Putin’s fingerprints are all over the Hamas attack | The Hill


> The evidence for Russian involvement in this atrocity is circumstantial, but present.

pivoinebleue, to random

I thought so. This was a very stupid thing for Biden to do to trust Netanyahu as he is a liar like Schlump. SMH.

White House walks back Biden’s claims over Hamas baby beheadings


> Hamas has described the accusations of the brutality as “fabricated and baseless”.

>>A White House spokesman later clarified that Biden had not seen the photos and had based his comments on Israeli media reports and comments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman.



pivoinebleue, to random


The Supreme Court’s appear determined to save a GOP in South Carolina - Vox


> The Supreme Court’s Republicans appear determined to save a GOP gerrymander in South Carolina

pivoinebleue, to random

Via @MaryLTrump

pivoinebleue, to Israel

photographer Motaz Azaiza filmed the destruction in the #... | TikTok


> photographer Motaz Azaiza filmed the destruction in the caused by air attacks.

pivoinebleue, to random

Netanyahu bears responsibility | Editorial


The disaster that befell Israel on the holiday of Simchat Torah is the clear responsibility of one person: Benjamin Netanyahu.

pivoinebleue, to diy

How to patch a big hole in drywall ✨ Let me know what topic we should ... | How To Patch Holes In Walls | TikTok


> How to patch a big hole in drywall ✨ Let me know what topic we should cover in the next one ⬇️

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