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#WaitWait Stats Person, Release Manager, Background in IT/DevOps, #TBTL Ten, and sometimes a photographer. Pronouns: he/him/they/them

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qlp, to TeslaMotors
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The new Microlino is so cute! And, of course, it's forbidden fruit for us Muricans.

The Late Brake Show: Microlino - the New EV city Bubble Car that gets more attention than a Ferrari


gedeonm, to random
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Just used Find My to locate my AirPods here at home which had fallen out of my pocket while I was running errands this afternoon and had fallen down between the seats of our car. Never woulda found them without serious time and effort otherwise. Kudos, Apple! 👏

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@gedeonm I thought I lost mine at the store a couple of weeks ago; but, Find My showed that it was within the block of where I lived.

I walked outside and started to focus on my car. It fell between the car and the sill. Whew!

qlp, to NWSL
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Well.. that second yellow for Sophia Smith was... something.

qlp, to washington
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Unofficially officlal...

OPB: Vancouver 'gnome trail' gets unofficial nod of approval


#VancouverWA #Washington #GnomeTrail

qlp, to VideoGames
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RIP to my RG351MP.

And by RIP, I mean: rest in pieces.

Lately, the handheld has been crashing when playing simple NES games with just integer scaling, no filters or shaders. Now, it is crashing a lot more frequently to the point where it barely boots either ArkOS or AmberELEC.

I guess it's a good thing that recently I got an RG35XX H. I like the size and form factor of both, though the weight of the RG351MP meant it wasn't find to use for longer periods of time (same with my all-aluminium GBA).

#VideoGames #Emulation

qlp, to DoctorWho
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On another social site, someone commented in a happy birthday post for Colin Baker asking what Colin Baker would think about the outfits that Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor wears.

While the question may be a wee bit coded, but I would take Ncuti's outfits over the dreck that Colin had to wear.

qlp, to random
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The Parker Square brown paper was found, framed and was given to Matt Parker 💙

Numberphile: The Parker Paper (a lost treasure)


qlp, to tesla
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You know what? I really do hope that shareholders don't approve the hyper-inflated pay package. Tesla is too toxic with him and will need all that money to clean up after him.

The Verge: Tesla CEO Elon Musk could leave if $56 billion pay package not approved, shareholders warned


qlp, to Seattle
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Is KUOW, a Seattle-based public radio station, stanning Portland? 😂

All I can say is that the one night stay at a hotel near the Paramount Theatre was not cheap. I think I'll blame Microsoft Build 2024 for that 😑

KUOW: Seattle is the priciest tourist city in the U.S. Should you go to Portland instead?


#Seattle #Portland

qlp, to random
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Given the capacity and performance of this thing, I'm surprised they didn't call it the "Apex AI Rocket 5 Destroyer" given that there are things like "AI" thermal paste, "AI" RAM and MSI "AI" gaming consoles...

ServeTheHome: Sabrent Apex X16 Rocket 5 Destroyer 64TB PCIe Gen5 Card Shown


qlp, to random
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Quick blog post on the support and displaying of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! host, panelist and scorekeeper preferred pronouns on their details page.

I've only added ones that have been published on their respective socials. If they do not provide their preferred pronouns, I won't be entering any details into the database.

Wait Wait Stats Page: https://stats.wwdt.me


qlp, to random
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Well, of course it's getting worse 😡

Ars Technica: Vaccines don't cause autism, but the lie won't die. In fact, it's getting worse.


qlp, (edited ) to random
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Ignoring the reverse hot dog, but I think the new Wayland logo has dropped 😂

qlp, to Amd
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Not great, AMD... not great. Given how 💩-tastic Windows 11 is becoming, especially with AI and Recall, this is going to piss off some folks.

OSNews: AMD drops Windows 10 support for new chipsets and processors, while Microsoft expands testing efforts for new Windows 10 features


AlSweigart, to random
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What are the recommended ways to install Python on Windows, macOS, and Linux? Is it downloading from python.org for all of them? Or is it Microsoft Store, Homebrew, and apt-get?

@qlp@linh.social avatar

@AlSweigart I use pyenv on my development machines (macOS and Linux).

For servers (both non-prod and prod), I download the source tarball from Python.org and use "make altinstall" to install it along side the included version, if the included version is below the version I need.

qlp, to intel
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While I am a proponent of alternatives to x86, I think Intel has finally gotten to a point where they can compete head-on with Ampere Altra and AmpereOne processors.

I'm holding final thoughts until proper testing and benchmarks can be done to see how it compares with AMD's Zen 4c (and soon 5c)-based EPYC processors and Ampere processors.

ServeTheHome: Intel Xeon 6 6700E Sierra Forest Shatters Xeon Expectations


#Intel #Xeon #Servers #Datacenter

qlp, to random
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Rearranged the plush toy setup on my desk today.

@qlp@linh.social avatar

@richard I have several large and small Blåhaj, a large Courage the Cowardly Dog and a few others that help me stim.

I do have a small sloth that I keep next to my desk though. It's one that I got from StorageReview: https://store.storagereview.com/products/storage-review-sloth

qlp, to StarTrek
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I still love that they created a completely animated version of the Strange New Worlds title sequence for the "Those Old Scientists" crossover episode with Lower Decks.

qlp, to Toyota
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Huh... engines don't like having machining debris in them when in use. Who would've thunk it?

Toyota: Toyota Recalls Certain Model Year 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra and Lexus LX Vehicles


qlp, to oregon
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OPB: Superabundant: How Italian immigrant grocers helped make Portland a foodie paradise


qlp, to linux
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Current state of my Linux laptops:

ThinkPad T14 Gen 3: Fedora 40 (KDE spin)

I just did a fresh install in the past week-ish to migrate to KDE from GNOME, and wanted a fresh start.

ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 (AMD): Debian 12 with GNOME

Previously ran Pop!_OS with the development version of COSMIC DE. I wanted a Debian-based laptop to more closely reflect the Debian servers that I use to host my Wait Wait Stats stuff. I'm not going testing or unstable, since I don't run those on my servers.

Surface Pro 3: Fedora 40 (KDE spin)

I did a fresh install this week to clear out some of the lingering issues from an install of a pre-release version of the KDE spin of Fedora 40.

I initially wanted to see how FreeBSD would run on the Surface Pro 3, but I didn't want to tempt fate as I sometimes take the Surface with me on the go.

qlp, to random
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Looks like 45HomeLabs (a division of 45Drives) has two new systems that are now on pre-order.

A small form factor Intel N97-based computer: https://store.45homelab.com/presale/homeclient

A small form factor desktop: https://store.45homelab.com/presale/workstation

Interesting that the later is Intel based and I don't know if they'll sell the case alone like the 45HomeLab.

I'm not sure if the Home Client makes a lot of sense as a product for them, to be honest.

qlp, to random
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Me, trying a can of A' Siciliana Limonata soda for the first time: Mmm! 😊

Me, putting on a mask to head out: Oh, no. Now it smells like lemon Pine-Sol 🤢

CraftComputing, to random
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"Why are you building a temp sensor? Don't those already exist?"

Here's my APC Environmental Monitor 2 vs Axe. Same 60s polling rate, and the probes are 1-inch apart from each other on the front of the rack. See if you can spot the difference.


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@Flop_Ysh @CraftComputing At least with the APC sensors that I used to work with, they returned temperatures as whole numbers.

IIRC, while volts and amps are returned as integers, you would divide the number by 10 for the actual value with a value for the tenths digit.

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