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Telegram: Ubuntujason

Snapchat: jasonsgambit11

Boost ≠ endorsement

During sports gms, I hashtag the team name & sport_name Mastadon (ie nfl mastadon as 1 word). I encourage others to use the hashtag scheme mentioned above also so we can grow sports here!

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sanjaromin, to random

Bitter Cold Weather tips:
Dress in layers
Try not to sweat if outside
Stay inside if possible
Bring pets inside
Leave cold water dripping (prevent frozen pipes)
Drive slow, leave extra car lengths, give way to plows
Check on ppl bcuz #KindnessMatters
Plz ReShare this!

sanjaromin, to seahawks

Ok, halftime & our #Seahawks trail by 3, 14-17
Need to wake up our anemic defense, need to get the ball more & obviously score more!
Plenty of game left. How we feeling #12s?

sanjaromin, to random

Almost time to Release the Kraken!
Our are on TNT tonight, facing off against those so called Kings of LA
Who's ready to ?

sanjaromin, to random

Ok my #Sounders friends, where you watching from?

I'm at home, outside Spokane, WA w/my sister & dogs!

sanjaromin, to rangers

Garver wants to keep the in the game, so he hits a towering dinger & cuts the lead in half
Texas 1

sanjaromin, to random

Moreno baby! 💪
strike 1st on Gabriel's longball!
GO Snakes 🐍

sanjaromin, to random

Tanev oof...
not looking super good here in the 1st. 2 weak PP, 2 goals surrendered (both in behind Gru)

sanjaromin, to random

@bedirthan yup, just saw that & was about to mention :)
Western WA that's KIRO 7
here where I am, in Eastern WA it's KREM 2


@bedirthan yeah, it is crazy, especially for a Friday (worse rush hour traffic on top of ppl just getting off work)

sanjaromin, to random

Ok, almost soccer time!
#Sounders v LA Galaxy starts soon. For free on apple tv's mls tv package
#ScarvesUp #VamosSounders 💪

sanjaromin, to random

#Sounders play tomorrow & guess what, our playoff hopes aren't gone yet.
Here's how it could work (image credit to House of Sounders on X)


@bedirthan fair, my wording could have/should have been different. Was more I was seeing some say all hope is lost for the playoffs so I wanted to counter it :)


@bedirthan yeah we are

sanjaromin, to Mariners

Ty France goes BOOM!
Rangers none

sanjaromin, to Mariners

To the 9th we go, in a game that looks like it's just out of reach, maybe not but seems it is.
Rangers 2

cwgrody, to braves avatar

How is it not reviewable to see if a pitch hit the bat? #Braves #Cubs #MLB #Baseball

sanjaromin, to Mariners

Remember friends, we need 5 out of our next 6 to lock up a WC, 4 means we need help by the D'backs (who the Stros play nxt)
I want a win tonite, but a loss tonite does NOT eliminate us, but it would hurt us & frustrate us.

sanjaromin, to random

You, yeah YOU, reading this post. I have something IMPORTANT to tell you:

You matter, you're amazing & I appreciate you!

😀 🫶


@j @baseball @baseball yeah, bummer


@j @baseball @baseball yes there has

sanjaromin, to random

Those adding me here, if you added me from X, for sports or whatever, please lemme know so I know who you are & can add you to my list if needed! Thanks 🙏

flexghost, to NFL avatar

I need your help.

I need people to take a game a week and do an thread.

Lots of support last season but doing all the games, stats and clips was a lot of work—and it got in the way of enjoying the season

But we are not going to give up. We are going to make a thing.

Please share and comment if you want to see

And please let me know if you would like to join our clique and do a game thread a week. Even better if it’s your team.

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