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Co-founder of Triplo web development.
Member of #BackdropCMS Project Management Committee (#FOSS).

Follow my drone photography journey here: #Drones4Fun

Hashtags I tend to use a lot:

#EDemocracy - #CivicTech
#TwinCities - #Minnesota
#Cuyuna - #CrosbyMN

I believe in talking to, listening to, and engaging with people I disagree with.

Anyone is welcome to engage with or respond to my content.

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stpaultim, to random
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I'm not done sharing drone photos, just taking a bit of a break while I deal with other things.

Keep droning!

stpaultim, to random
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I am not an NYT hater. I very much appreciate much of what they do, even when I disagree.

But, I think today's edition of The Daily, titled "AI's Original Sin" was very problematic. Over 50% of the way into the show, their coverage was very biased in favor of arguments that they are suing OpenAI for - without disclosing or mentioning their lawsuit.

In the second half of the show, they mentioned their lawsuit and brought a bit of balance to the story, but not much.


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Another podcast by the NYT, Hard Fork, covered the same story a few days ago with full disclosure at the start of the story and a more balanced, thoughtful, and funny approach.


Thanks #HardFork and @caseynewton

#AI #OpenAI

ultimike, (edited ) to drupal
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Episode 5 (of 9, I believe) of the drupal Skills Upgrade podcast miniseries is now available: https://talkingdrupal.com/skills-upgrade-5

Thanks to the folks at @talkingdrupal for making this happen!

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Who dies this week?


aleen, to random
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This kind of thing is why I'm incredibly wary of major tech companies' push to diversify more and more and more.

If we let Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft have their fingers in every pie, mainstream diversity of thought will become a casualty.

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I'm not on board with all the criticisms thrown at large tech companies today. But, this is a concern that I think is pretty important.

realsshrestha, to drupal
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I gotta get this off my chest but has the worst fucking representatives.

Want I mean is the people introducing Drupal to the people PAYING for the development are usually PMs without a freaking clue of how things work.

It just makes everyone hate the system. Including developers.

You know who doesn’t have this problem? Microsoft Sitecore or Adobe CQ5 because these companies actually spend resources for their marketing materials.

Damn it!

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Is it fair to compare to Drupal to Adobe or Microsoft?

Drupal isn't a company. Is it a suprise that individual companies with massive marketing budgets do better than a diverse collection of individuals and organizations at representing themselves and producing slick markting materials?

How does one fix this problem?

Should the DA be investing in markteting materials for use by PM's at various agencies?

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Are agencies even "selling" Drupal or are they selling their own ability to deliver a product or app that meets their clients needs - and is "selling" Drupal really that relevent?

keiserjb, to random
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Of course there is April Fool's GPT.

"Backdrop CMS is the equivalent of a time machine. Its primary function is to navigate the temporal web, allowing users to deploy websites in both the past and future simultaneously. It’s powered by the elusive Flux Capacitor Module, ensuring that your website remains operational even during the dinosaur era or the distant, robot-dominated future."

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Have you opened a repo yet?

stpaultim, to Minnesota
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About a year ago, I shared a photo of a playground with an old tank in it. Some folks commented on this. It's fairly common in this part of the country, in rural areas.

Here is another...


stpaultim, to UX
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I was trying to find the "cancel" option for my Peacock subscription and getting quite frustrated. It seemed that they did such a good job hiding the account settings.

After several attempts, I was ready to come to social media and vent this frustration, when I suddenly stumbled across it in a pretty logical and obvious location.

Sometimes, users like me just overlook the obvious.

sillygwailo, to random
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Something happened to me recently, and I think it might explain something else. Am I right?

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Probably. I vote "yes."

stpaultim, to random
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It was a great evening for taking Drone photos. Nice lighting and an interesting mix of snow, ice, and open water.

These are conditions that only come along once or twice a year, if that.

Tomorrow, we loose the sun and the by the time it get's back, the snow may be gone.

stpaultim, to random
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"Billing itself as “the only Bible endorsed by President Trump!” the new venture’s website calls it “Easy-to-read” with “large print” and a “slim design” that “invites you to explore God’s Word anywhere, any time.” "

You just couldn't have make this up 10 years ago and had it sound believable.


stpaultim, to photography
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A gravel pit in Crosby. Another example of the interesting things you find looking straight down.

I love taking photos of sand and gravel pits. They are ever changing.

robcottingham, to random
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Not to pit one sci-fi series against another, but Bodies had a FOUR-body problem.

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Nice one!

Anxious to watch the new one.

stpaultim, to Minnesota
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This isn't a great photo in general, but I'm fairly happy with what I got given the weather and lighting conditions at the time.

A week ago, it was in the 50's F and the snow was completely gone. We thought that spring was here.

How foolish.

#Drones4Fun #Minnesota #Blizzard #BayLake #MNastodon #Cuyuna

keiserjb, to random
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I used Dreamweaver today, yes Dreamweaver.

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I am sorry to hear this.

stpaultim, to random
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Can you point me at some material or ideas for helping introverts at the kind of interactive events and unconferences that you facilitate?

J12t, to random
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Reviewing session notes. One says "Making PR to Mastodon seems futile".

I don't know who made the comment or based on what experience, but Ouch!

/cc @Gargron @andypiper

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@J12t @Gargron @andypiper

At an open source conference this weekend and talking to folks about the different experiences that people report about the community. While some folks report a cliquish and closed core team that make it difficult to contribute, others are glowing in their praise about how welcoming and open the community is and supportive of new contributions.

Both of these experiences are probably accurate, but demonstrate how individual milage varies. So many factors.

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@J12t @Gargron @andypiper

The larger the project, the more likely that some folks are going to have bad experiences.

We should try to learn from those bad experiences without assuming they are the norm.

I have no personal experience contributing to Mastodon, so I don't know what the "average" new contributor experience is.

stpaultim, to random
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I find it interesting that folks can be both extremely concerned about the inaccuracies of AI tools and totally comfortable making up fictional or hyperbolic arguments about AI and post them on Social Media.

I understand that there are lots of legitimate concerns and criticisms of AI and AI industry. But, I am disillusioned at much of the nonsense that is posted here.

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@xela you are correct.

I am reminded that everyone should be as skeptical of "facts" they get from AI as the should be of the "facts" they get from humans, especially those on social media.

It seems that the technology of human expression is not yet mature and prone to hallucinating.


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In my opinion, both AI and humans are generally unreliable sources of information. Yet, with a mix of critical thinking skills and common sense, I find that both can be extremely useful and valuable resources.

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I agree with everything you just said. I am not really looking for a conversation on this topic as much as venting about some of the nonsense I read everyday on this topic.

You are correct that this phenomenon extends to most other topics on social media. But, an AI post was what triggered me yesterday and venting seems like the popular thing to do here.

Sometimes I indulge the urge to join in and vent in my own way. Thanks for being kind in your response! 😄

stpaultim, to drupal
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Day 2 of Midcamp is underway. It is so nice to be here at another Drupal / BackdropCMS event with old friends while meeting new people.

Grateful for the opportunity to facilitate the unconference portion of the program.

At a session on documentation this morning. Such a basic and important aspect of any project, that seldom gets the attention it deserves.

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