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daringfireball, to random
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@daringfireball maybe missing a “be” in this sentence? If all this pans out, it will indeed be news, but the news will that Apple has successfully gotten the entire Mac hardware lineup onto an annual upgrade cycle.

StillIRise1963, to random
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My kid and their girlfriend moved in together. Movers overcharged by $500.00. Girlfriend called, left a message and didn’t hear back. She said she didn’t want to be “mean.” This morning, it was my kid’s turn. They left a polite and precise message at 8am explaining that the behavior of the company would force them to file a complaint with the AG’s office, BBB, their rep and they would stop payment on their credit card. They got a message within 30 minutes and refunded the $500.00. BE “MEAN."


@StillIRise1963 You could always post the moving companys contact info

gedeonm, to random
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Just when I thought I couldn’t get more political spam text messages in a 24 hour period, I’m proven wrong.

I think I’ve gotten like 20 today. This problem is totally out of control and I have no idea what to do about it. It’s also bled over to my wife since even though she’s never donated, they… somehow got her phone number and have been spamming her phone as well.

There’s a reason why people hate politicians. 🤬


@gedeonm I was getting a lot of Nikki messages. Super annoying.

thejapantimes, to Japan
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Gummies allegedly containing substances derived from cannabis are under police investigation after people who ate them were taken to hospital in Tokyo recently. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2023/11/15/japan/crime-legal/cannabis-gummies-tokyo/?utm_content=buffer5cad9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=bffmstdn


@thejapantimes I would not say that the gummies were cannabis derived. They sound like they are some synthetic drug.

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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Via Victor Shi:

Holy shit. Univision, the nation's largest Spanish-language network, has decided to cancel ad-buys by the #Biden campaign in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, & Florida after #Trump met with their executives last week. Our media continues to fail us. This is how our democracy dies.

UPDATE: H/t: @LibraryofBabble


@GottaLaff @LibraryofBabble I like Telemundo better anyways. Univision sucks

Hawkmoon, (edited ) to random
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Day 31 - Downtempo

Nightmares on Wax - I Am You

Another purchase from the glorious days of buying CDs based on their album covers.

Put this on while traveling, and now you're starring in your own film.


@Hawkmoon my fave nightmares on wax track is


kevinrothrock, to random

We're still a year out in the miserable 2024 race, but take this in, nevertheless, folks.


@kevinrothrock Whats the best country to expatriate to considering the looming geopolitical landscape? ( Asking for a friend )


@kevinrothrock Well not the place for me. Just trying to consider the geopolitical risks of living in various countries.

evacide, to random
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Some of you don't come from a family where "Is the political situation bad enough for us to flee the country?" is a regular topic of dinner conversation and it shows.


@evacide I already fled. But now I had to repatriate / self deport due to covid after about 23 years abroad. Definitely thinking of leaving again but a bit wary of the geopolitical risks. Id consider the EU but with that Ukraine situation I feel a bit uncomfortable without a clear resolution. Got a year to see what happens ie next election but need to at least change states. All my siblings have plans to leave but theyve never actually lived abroad for long periods.

gruber, to random
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What kind of team lets the guy who owns the team throw out the first pitch? https://www.foxnews.com/sports/george-w-bush-throws-ceremonial-first-pitch-game-world-series


@gruber He doesnt own the Rangers still does he? Well when he threw the first pitch for the Yankees Dbacks series in 2001 Dbacks won. I think its a sign.

ActionRetro, to random
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Welp I bought something at VCF swap meet 😅


@ActionRetro wow. my childhood school computer 😅

TucsonSentinel, to Tucson
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Eerie similarities between 2001 & 2023 Arizona Diamondbacks provide extra layers of World Series intrigue https://www.tucsonsentinel.com/sports/report/102723_dbacks_series_similarities/eerie-similarities-between-2001-2023-arizona-diamondbacks-provide-extra-layers-world-series-intrigue/
Although two decades separate both remarkable seasons, there are uncanny similarities between the 2001 World Series champion Arizona Diamondbacks and the current, 2023 underdog Diamondbacks that might prove history does indeed repeat itself.


@TucsonSentinel G W Bush throwing first pitch

j, to MLB
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The #Dbacks were not up for this series.

#MLB @baseball @baseball


@MarvinFreeman @j @baseball @baseball Im sure the Dodgers would have really given them a run for their money 😂😂😂😂😂


@MarvinFreeman @j @baseball @baseball Dbacks led the division up until around the all star break. They were playing very well. Then had a bad streak and made it to the playoffs via wild card as did the Phillies. Phillies were not a first place team either. Astros yes were a first place team as were as were the Braves Dodgers Brewers and Orioles. Only first place team remaining are the Astros and theyre down 2 games.

underflo, (edited )

@MarvinFreeman @j @baseball @baseball well the Phillies wouldnt be playing then and regardless they look like the best team


@MarvinFreeman @j @baseball @baseball Ticket prices in Phoenix are plummeting the news says. 😂 The hype is over.


@MarvinFreeman @j @baseball @baseball Im tempted to go to the game today. Watching ticket prices even if the Dbacks lose it would be good to watch the Phillies. I admit the Dbacks won me over this season. Im mostly a Hanshin Tigers / Yakult Swallows / Hiroshima Carp fan. Hanshin my fave but I have had access to cheap DBacks tix all season and Im not in Japan this season. Maybe Dbacks can win now that the attention/ hype is off them. 😅

georgetakei, to random

Vivek Ramaswamy’s statement during the debate that climate change is a hoax is disqualifying in the extreme. But this is the same fool who wants to give parts of Ukraine to Russia. And this is the future of the GOP? How damning. Who would ever support such a man for the highest office in the land?


@georgetakei Ramascammy

gedeonm, to random
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Caught and released 🐭 No. 3 earlier today. Just saw 🐭 No. 4 on the garage cam 😳


@gedeonm at least they are only in the garage and not in your living area


@gedeonm I had terrible experiences living in tiny Tokyo apartments with big rats. Very traumatic.

mikehaynes, to internet


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  • underflo,

    @mikehaynes When I got my invite code they said I could share it with someone I think. Invite another friend with the same invite code! Each invite code is good for two users. —If you want to try my code I can share it.


    @mikehaynes ok. or i could post it here? i hope it still works. i didnt share it with anyone.

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