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I like to live with my Japanese wife and teach English
Aske me about teach in Japan and ALT in Japan
I know all the score
I know how you can be successful teacher in Japan!

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Is working for scumbag Japs all it's cracked up to be? Most people who ALT with Nova, Joytalk, Heart, Gaba, don't say many good experiences were had things.

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The Joytalk company in Japan asked teachers to over stay over their visa?

[–]AgeofPhoenix 2 points 26 days ago

I didn’t have any problems until my visa was about to expire and I wasn’t staying and we still had like 3 weeks of work left and they suggested I jsut stay and I wouldn’t have to worry about the expired visa.

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Sounds like the biggest weab garbage ever. Hes so stupid he doesn't realize people around him probably hate him. Can't pick up the cues.

Doesn't realize that he has about 1/100 of the chances in Japan as he would in any normal country or that Japanese are astounded as how kind he and his country is to them when they don't return the rights or favours.

INTERAC LMI Link - is it still the same as it was? This is from a few day ago

_Kansai Interac had a terrible reputation and if it's still the same people managing things there, then you're in for a ride. If you keep to yourself and don't need too much help from them, you're dandy. But if you ever run into situations where you need assistance (housing, set up, etc), good luck getting a timely response....

Has Borderlink improved at all? This is from a few day ago

_Borderlink is a fucking shit hole. The management is so fucking incompetent. I don't want to be doxxed so I won't write specifics. But it baffles me how the Tokyo branches even stay afloat. Literal monkeys in the office. Some interesting memories. For sub days, they sent me to the wrong school twice. More than once, they would...

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>Roof? Bumper? The wanker is committing outright fraud and extortion if you ask me… Getting his power over gaijin rocks off too…

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