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syntaxseed, to wordpress
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Took over maintenance of a new client's site.... and a suspicious stack trace on an error message led me to finding DOZENS of randomly named files & core WP files with obfuscated code in them. 😵‍💫

I've never seen such a thoroughly compromised site before. Uuug.

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The server or some of the plugins must have been compromised too, so i'd check clean install the server and check if any plugins are outdated and have security exploits.

o_simardcasanova, to meta
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Another horrendous decision by about : they will test paying users for posts based on their "performance".

This creates a strong incentive to publish low quality content. This is exactly what happened on when the platform introduced its revenue sharing system: since then, the platform has been overwhelmed by grifters who publish the most horrendous posts to go viral.

Another sign that Meta is completely out of its depth when it comes to Threads.


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@o_simardcasanova these companies crave engagement more than quality. Controversy keeps people engaged, and means more data and eyes for ads.

Deykun, to kbinMeta
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No, it's not hot. It's fucking ridiculous.

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@Deykun @opensource is also the same. Kbin desperately needs a way to stop new accounts from posting threads.

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I think i'm going to stick with my 6a until they move to their own processor (that's not exynos)

New Beeper Android app - Open beta test! (blog.beeper.com)

Our new app is ready for you to try out! Our team has been working hard on this stunner of an app. Forget everything you thought you knew about Beeper on Android. This app is a complete rewrite, built from scratch to be fast, clean and beautiful. We can’t wait to hear what you think....

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I don't think it will be, as they are looking for a business model to stay afloat. And since the app has an in-app purchasing feature, they are likely going to include a subscription soon. But time will tell.

liaizon, (edited ) to lemmy
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I want a new account:

  • on a cool domain that is short and doesn't contain the word lemmy
  • has not been caught up in too much federation drama so is able to participate widely across the network
  • does not have open registrations
  • will stick around for a long time
  • does not end in .social or a domain owned by the taliban
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@liaizon I think the shortest domain on lemmy i've seen is probably r.nf. I haven't seen any drama around it. it has open registrations though and can't speak about the last point.

EU countries have already achieved some of their sustainable energy goals for 2030 (journals.plos.org)

In 2015, 193 UN members adopted the resolution “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. The aim of the study is to assess progress towards meeting SDG 7 “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy...

toran, to wordpress
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The installation on my , has received a critical error (see image below). I am, therefore, looking to ditch the platform for my professional website.

What would you recommend as a viable alternative (I'm not interested in the likes of Squarespace or Wix)? I'm particularly interested in static site generators.

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@toran hugo or astro

ascherbaum, to python
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My blog is running with , and I have a script which runs as pre-commit and checks all files.

Things like:

  • certain keywords are cursive
  • certain tags exist, based on content
  • invalid links
  • http links
  • code blocks are marked
  • preview image exists
  • preview text exists
  • ... some more

Is this something other people are interested in? Then I make the script configurable, and more formal.

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@ascherbaum yes, please

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I'm curious, If I delete my account periodically, are the profile and activity like comments/votes still out there in other instances? are votes deducted? I'm not sure if this is the right question but does deleting accounts federate?

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If this also affects other bacteria and germs, wouldn't that mean people would not build up immunity to anything around them. It's reasonable for places like airports, hotels, and public spaces and subways but not "everywhere"

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you could set up email accounts as forwarders to a single account. And on the email client add these accounts as aliases so you can reply with them. So you get a single unified view of emails as well as ability to reply with the one you want.

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Just the other day I was thinking if i could run a mini games server on a raspberry pi. All the flash games growing up in a local device would be pretty darn awesome for the kids. would this help accomplish that?

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thanks! checking it out

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for their latest gen phones. I got curious for my old galaxy phone but it was short lived

CybranM, to chrome

Does anyone know if there's a good extension for blocking websites during working hours that doesn't cost money?

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@CybranM not an extension but NextDNS allows you to set parental controls and recreation time So you can block websites on DNS level. Maybe that'll work out. And no extension, so no overhead.

And it's free for 300k requests, more than enough for personal needs.

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