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Anyone know how this would work? Is this during the transfer or after the transfer? The article isn't clear and there isn't any other source.

If it is after, couldn't Apple just remove any traces of the origin?


LibreWolf is a privacy hardened fork. Floorp does remove some annoyances like pocket and telemetry, but probably not strict as LibreWolf. It adds to firefox in the customization section with native vertical tabs, sidebars, moving the navigation bar to the bottom, etc.

I used LibreWolf a long time ago, so probably not up-to-date on it, though.


I'm glad you like it. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and I thought it was pretty solid too. I can have Firefox just the way I like it.

Terrapin Attack - Attack Discovered Against SSH (terrapin-attack.com)

Terrapin is a prefix truncation attack targeting the SSH protocol. More precisely, Terrapin breaks the integrity of SSH's secure channel. By carefully adjusting the sequence numbers during the handshake, an attacker can remove an arbitrary amount of messages sent by the client or server at the beginning of the secure channel...

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