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Atheist, Inquisitive and a reticent being

Planning on moving to Nuremberg (lemmy.world)

Hello! I am currently living in Stockholm, and I have received a job offer in Nuremberg. I am almost decided to move again, but I would like to hear opinions about the city from other people. My main interest is mountain biking, and it is very nice in Sweden, but I think that around Nuremberg is pretty good as well, so if anyone...

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So techies out there, what does this mean? “Unlike Twitter's restriction on sharing links from rival platforms like Mastodon and Instagram, is expected to be interoperable with Mastodon, utilizing the ActivityPub protocol. This move enables more connectivity between different platforms.” Does it mean we can follow people and see their posts here?

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Ahh thanks

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iPhone 14. iPhone because it’s simple with no bloatware

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The rebellion ended before we could even find a hashtag.

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Liked what Kasparov said “it’s a mafia not a state”

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Ssshhh. He is a double agent. We have planted him there.

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Whether the data is with Reddit or the hackers, what difference does it make lol

Jared White (@jaredwhite@indieweb.social) (indieweb.social)

"Reddit represents one of the largest data sets of just human beings talking about interesting things," Huffman said. "We are not in the business of giving that away for free." You and me, we're just data sets. Years of interaction with fellow human beings, building community, sharing insight and creativity…it’s all just...

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He just needs to stop his blabber and stay the fuck in his bunker.

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Why so much porn stuff is populating on the timeline. Not keeping a check on this can backfire on the the growth of @kbin.social

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The show adult content is turned off.

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Firstly, after consuming meat, they were not sitting in an AC room glued to their smartphones or laptops. They had natural cardio. Second, animal meat that we consume today, those are bred by us specifically for meat production. It ain’t healthy.

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Well, at least Reddit has admitted their "we're not trying to be like Twitter/Elon" stuff was false

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@christianselig Not surprised

OC How do I add/follow people from different Mastodon instances to read in the "Microblog" section of kbin?

Additionally does anyone have any recommendations of cool people and organizations to follow on Mastodon? I am literally open to any and all ideas and representations (I wish to expand my understanding as well as open my mind to views that oppose my own proclivities).

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