xiffu, to javascript

Validation of javascript forms - name, password, password retype validation and Number Validation

It is critical to check the user-submitted form since it may include incor- rect information. As a result, validation is required to authenticate the user. Because JavaScript allows form validation on the client side, data processing is faster than server-side validation.15 JavaScript form validation is preferred by the majority of web developers. We can validate name, password, email, date, cell numbers, and other data using JavaScript. https://chat-to.dev/post?id=12

xiffu, to php

Even with a strong Captcha system in place, you will still find users trying to manually spam your web site. They tend to be people who discover your site through a very specific search engine query, for which they would like their own site to also rank well, and they hope that by adding a link back to their site from yours this will happen. Using this recipe, you can specify a set of keywords that will trigger spam detection, and then use the level of spam certainty returned by the function to decide whether to ignore a user post. https://www.chat-to.dev/post?id=11

xiffu, to programming

use any fonts you like on your web pages thanks to this recipe.

Although web browsers come with a reasonable range of default fonts, they don’t always provide the look you need for a particular web site. In such cases, you usually must resort to calling up a graphic editor and creating logos or headlines there. However, with this recipe all you have to do is upload the TrueType fonts you wish to use to your web site and you can then display text in these fonts by having the GD library convert it on the fly to GIF images.

kboyd, to php
@kboyd@phpc.social avatar

Rather than start a new hobby project last night, I resurrected an old one that was working but never launched. It was written for symfony 5.3, so I'm going to upgrade it to 7.0 before doing more work on it.

At least, that was what I thought.

I ended up needing to add a password reset feature, because I had forgotten/not saved my test passwords.

There's a bundle for that! https://github.com/SymfonyCasts/reset-password-bundle

I had to convert all my Doctrine entity annotations to PHP attributes for its setup to work.


@kboyd Hi 👋 if you want you can talk to me in this chat room https://chat-to.dev/chat?q=phpBeginners and I'll help you with small solutions. I'm posting many of them on this website

xiffu, to programming Portuguese

When accepting user input for redisplay, and particularly if it will be inserted into a database, it’s important that you sanitize the input to remove any malicious attempts at hijacking your server, or otherwise injecting unwanted MySQL commands, HTML, or JavaScript. https://chat-to.dev/post?id=6

xiffu, to internet

which 5 websites have you used and would you like to see them back?

xiffu, to webdev

which 5 websites have you used and would you like to see them back?

xiffu, to websiteTrends

this site https://playstationcouch.com is excellent for lovers of video games. you can participate in the site by leaving comments on each post

xiffu, to websiteTrends

Este https://talcanal.pt site é excelente para criar comunidades e falar sobre coisas de nosso interesse com pessoas falam portugues

xiffu, to webdev

help me evaluate please. how much should i pay for a blog like this https://playstationcouch.com ? but focused on economics

xiffu, to webdev

five alternatives to reddit, easy to use. does anyone know them?

xiffu, to macgaming

FANTASTICO! this site led me to learn more about the BOSSES ;) in video games
i've changed the appearance (layout) of the biggest video game site. do you know it? https://playstationcouch.com


wow it's fantastic! is this your site?

xiffu, to gaming

overwatch season 7 and the map SAMOA is one of my favorites. watch this exciting video.
if you like the video leave your comment on the site (y) https://playstationcouch.com/post?this=Overwatch-Season-7

xiffu, to webdev

i have a website that gets 120 visits a day. my niche is video games. how can i monetize it?

xiffu, to programming

why node.js makes me uncomfortable
I've always programmed with php for the web and during that time I've never needed to download packages (like npm) and update them. When I needed a specific function, like sending emails, uploading files or making my application drier, I just had to look at the documentation and implement it. But with node.js it doesn't work like that, and that bothers me. If I'm wrong, please correct me


my biggest fear in all this is the malware spreading around :/

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