Facebook suggested this for me:

Which given I never use Facebook, says more about the average user than it does about me. Could be the vintage clothes page I followed?

Image description: Facebook notification suggesting a group named ‘single divorced women girls looking for relatio… (new line) based on pages that you’ve interacted with, you …’


ITT: if it's not Arial it's basically moon runes


That is the least legible font I think I’ve ever seen

cupcakezealot, avatar

d’aww it’s called andpinkcheeks and i love it :') it’s got hearts over the i’s <3

SamXavia avatar

The Name is just as bad as the font, I can barely read it I'm just trying to imagine reading it in the font.


Trans girls who loves trans girls font

miss_brainfart, avatar

Which of the two pairs of cheeks does it describe though

TheCoolerMia, avatar

Mine is less legible loser >:) But it’s colorful and makes me happy and that’s all that matters :3

Image description in case it doesn't loadFirst font: ‘May I Love You’, the letters are colored in light blue, purple and redish pink instead of being all black or whatever your default font color is and some have a random little heart around them, an underline, both or none. Second font: ‘Simply Lovey 3’, the letters look cartoony and some are replaced with little drawings in the shape of the letter they replace, ‘i’ is a flower with a heart floating on top, ‘o’ is a big heart with a small heart above it, ‘e’ has two petals that look like bunny ears…

This two are my favorite illegible-but-pretty fonts :>

cupcakezealot, avatar

the e has bunny ears i love it.


I genuinely thought it wasn’t English for a bit.

TotallynotJessica, avatar

It’s not that bad, but I’m not a normal person so there’s that.

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