naevaTheRat, avatar

Swift is evil, one of the most vile humans to ever exist. So is musk, buffet, bezos, rheinheart, Norman, whatever.

you have to be pure fucking filth, degenerate scum, hateful selfishness given ghoulish form to be a billionaire.


I mean we don’t need any more convincing to hate Elon. I don’t dislike Taylor, I just think the memes are funny lol


doing both


I’m fine with all the billionaire hate, although I’m getting a little tired of people beating the now unrecognizable, gooey pile of horse vicera that is photoshopping airplanes into pictures (or just having ai generate a picture) and posting it as “Taylor Swift doing x”

It’s like half my feed these days.


Why not both?


You honestly think I don’t have enough hate in my heart for 2 rich assholes flying around in private jets?

captain_aggravated, avatar

This is the second “meme” I’ve seen trying to make the point that Taylor Swift should be immune to criticism because she’s female in the span of two minutes.


That is because you’re not reading properly then. I don’t give two shits about this subject, but the meme states “popular with girls and women”, it says nothing about her being a woman.

snek, avatar

Ah yes we all dislike her not because she makes talentless repetitive music or because her farting makes the news on any day… no, we totally just dislike her because she has a mainly female fan base. ROFL. How blind can people be?

snek, avatar

Yeah fuck her. I’m a girl, and a feminist, and all the things, which is precisely why I dislike her even more. My marxist feminism kicks in. She’s rich, she’s a rich asshole like the rest of them, but if anything it seems that some fans don’t want her to be criticized because she’s an appealing woman… rather than a sack of tards like Trump.

Luckily enough I’m not that goddamn shallow. Eat the rich no matter how glamerous they are. Eat 'em up good.

zarkanian, avatar

But there are lots of rich people who fly private jets. Why her of all people?

captain_aggravated, avatar

Because she has recently been in the news for suing the plane tracker guy. She Streisanded herself.


The difference is, Elon Musk sometimes thinks that it would be pretty neat if his private jets were electric. When has Taylor Swift ever done that??


Yeah, but for every one time he thinks about making his private jet electric, he thinks 500 times about getting random women pregnant with his DNA.


That’s the difference?


they only meme on her because she might prevent trump


Instead of “hating” can’t we just universally agree that the ultra-wealthy using private jets as their primary means of transportation is horrible for the environment and hold them all accountable for their part, considering their emissions are much larger than the average person and is only enabled by the money made in part from the emissions of others?

It shouldn’t matter who they are or how many jets they have. Maybe they shouldn’t use private jets all the time if they don’t want the bad publicity.


You see, this is what I was telling some other lemmyer. All this T Swift jet stuff is distracting from the fact that private airplanes are not a major cause of green house emissions. It’s industry. They love all these memes pulling the heat off of them.



xantoxis, (edited )

Elon Musk is invulnerable to cricitism because he cares about nothing and listens to nothing.

Taylor Swift can have her mind changed, it has already happened in the past, and she cares about her image. Criticism of her has a chance to land.

Also, it has nothing to do with the teenage girls. We hate the jet. The jet isn’t even in the top 10 of things we hate about Elon.

flamingos, avatar

The idea we don’t hate on Musk is genuinely insane. His hate subreddit even got brought over (!enoughmuskspam).

You could’ve chosen literally any other billionaire and you would’ve had a point.


Man, do carbon credits work?


Very murky. Problems with even the best carbon credit companies.

Carbon recapture seems promising.

tb_, (edited ) avatar

Carbon capture is promising only when we no longer rely on fossil fuels for energy generation.


That’s called planting trees. We need a huge reforestation effort to go along with eliminating co2 emissions.


In my area, drought and heat have been so bad the last few years, a lot of native trees are dying. You could try reforesting with trees native to a dryer, nearby area, but that’s generally thought of as bad practice, and there’s no guarantee they would do well in that particular soil. It seems like the climate in my area is changing to be incapable of supporting forests.


Luckily, we live in a global biosphere.


Interesting how it worked before the whole shitstorm with all the memes started.

I wonder if those were not really about her flying but somehow related to her speaking out against trump and that was just the angle of the smear campaign to make her less credible for left people…

RoyaltyInTraining, avatar

Those carbon credits won’t do shit to save the planet, but at least flying less is a step in the right direction

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