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KingThrillgore, in Trolley Problem Rule
@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

I can get 2 burgers for 2.22 at dairy queen

KingThrillgore, in I need a vacation
@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

I keep a box of whippets in the filing cabinet

SpaceNoodle, in I need a vacation

Guess I’m headed to Kirkland this weekend

Toto, in Rule

Not true. Definitely 5


Says me!

Toto, in Rule

More like level 6




I know me are but what are me!


Me me are you but me you are me!


Came here to say this

Kofad, in it's fucking dubious rule

It’s fuwken clink clink clink clink-clink tododododooo!

The_Hideous_Orgalorg, in Rule
@vis4valentine@lemmy.ml avatar

Looks good.

GuyDudeman, in No meme, just a reminder that they actually said this Rule
@GuyDudeman@lemmy.ml avatar

Well yeah. You kind of have to do this if you use any animal labor.

Lizardon, in rule
@Lizardon@lemmy.ml avatar


KingCarrot, in Deciding on a 196 instance

What does it mean if I can't access the lemmy.world and blahaj.zone communities from the instance I'm on? I can't log in there either. This is confusing.


Turns out you have to enter !196@lemmy.blahaj.zone in the search bar of your instance first. Once that's happened it should all work seamlessly.


Oh dang, that worked, thanks! Now how do I gift you Lemmy Gold?

complicutie, in i'm home :)
@complicutie@possumpat.io avatar

welcome fren :3

minnieo, in hi rule
minnieo avatar


yeahtoast757, in rule

Woke up at 11. Don't get it. :/

zeerooth, in rulE gives you pupils

Beware of the pipeline

@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

Sayori daki > Ultrakill > Arch Linux > Gender swap

Got it, sounds about right

tebicat, in kity rule

when another trans girl infodumps at me about things beyond my comprehension

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