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@Seven Cute!

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@JimPostier @Seven Thanks Jim! ☺️

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Time for a new hard-surface modeling project, using the trusty MagicaCSG 3D editor: a submarine.

As usual, I'll keep you posted of the progress.

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Submarine update…

I'm really starting to enjoy this. There's usually a stage where you need to bite the bullet, but once you get through that, there's often a "Yes, this is going to work out" moment. 🙂

More will follow. See other posts in this thread for more work-in-progress impressions.

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Does anyone here uses and plans to switch to , or has already made the switch?

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@kilian Unfortunately not parametric and no history.

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@phranck That's definitely unfortunate:/

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These are great and the first two look like they can fit into the Space Above and Beyond universe.

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@Karma_J @RJB_Mallacore SAAB was my own first thought as well.
B5 for the 3rd and 4th, or maybe the Honorverse (but those would be a lot more dual Hammer-head style)

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Future Changes In Global Atmospheric Rivers Projected By CMIP6 Models <-- shared paper

maps and charts - (a) Atmospheric river (AR) characteristics, including duration, interval, area, and intensity during the DJF globally. The central plot displays the increase in AR frequency between the far-future (SSP585; 2070–2099) and the historical (1980–2009) periods, with the climatological AR frequency in the historical period represented by the contours. Black dots indicate unanimous frequency changes among CMIP6 models. The red rectangles are the boundaries of the target regions and the black hatches are the selected land regions. The surrounding plots show 2D Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) maps for AR characteristics over the historical period and far-future under different scenarios displayed in the bottom right corner for eight regions. The univariate distributions of the characteristics are shown on the outer axes of each subplot. (b) The comparison of the KDE maps for three selected regions with ARs detected with GuanWaliser_v2 and Mundhenk_v3 AR detection tools (ARDTs). Note that only the SSP585 scenario is available for the far-future period in these two data sets. The legend is the same as in Panel (a). Note that the figures of PanLu ARDT are presented based on daily scale data sets, while the figures of GuanWaliser_v2 and Mundhenk_v3 ARDTs are presented on 6-hourly scale data sets due to data accessibility.
graphic - what is the science behind atmospheric rivers
maps and charts - Projected increase in panel (a) atmospheric river (AR) frequency and (b) AR-induced precipitation for DJF and JJA in Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere under the SSP585 scenarios. The shading represents the differences between the far-future (2070–2099) and historical (1980–2009) periods, with contours delineating the historical climatology. ARs detected with the PanLu, GuanWaliser_v2 and Mundhenk_v3 method are all shown. Note that the figures of PanLu ARDT are presented based on daily scale data sets, while the figures of GuanWaliser_v2 and Mundhenk_v3 ARDTs are presented on 6-hourly scale data sets due to data accessibility.

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RJB_Mallacore, avatar

Some of the Stargate Tau'ri and Goa'uld ships done up in a blueprint style.



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The rebuilt and re-imagined version of my Ares Class Stargate fan design.



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I learned technical drawing on paper in highschool (it was old knowledge even then) and now I want to sketch something up on the computer... how?

It's just some home renovations, I need to model how to cut the wood. I'm going to use paper in the meantime but some sort of CAD would be rad.

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@reconbot I used blender for this in a pinch – it can specify dimensions in terms of inches and feet, so I used it to make a 3d model of my house (and the supports etc)

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